Oct. 26th, 2011 09:14 pm
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So I have never had a car before, nor did I grow up in this province, and those two things combined to mean that I completely failed to update my registration when it expired on my birthday.

I was pulled over for that ... and then I didn't have my most recent proof of insurance in the car.

Obviously I'll be getting the registration and my proof of insurance and going to traffic court with them, but I still feel like an absolute idiot.

The good news is, I have a burrito, rum, and ice cream. The better news is, the woman I went on a lovely second date with on Monday called just as I was coming in the door, and we had a fun, funny 20-minute conversation which went a long way towards improving my mood. I really very much like this woman, I must say.

So! If you have some fluffy bandom you would like to rec, I would love to read it. Old stuff is especially appreciated; other than the very very well-known fics, I haven't read much that wasn't produced this (calendar) year.

What even

Aug. 22nd, 2011 02:34 am
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Behind this cut is a gif of Dallon whipping Brendon's ass while Brendon humps Ian's guitar. No, but really. )


I just. I can't even. Let's just assume that my TL;DR on this subject is expressed in the form of every dirty Panic fic I have ever written.


MOVING ON, it is 2:36am and I have just settled in, and I am going to be SORE tomorrow. Had a lovely lunch with a friend I've been missing and her new wife, then did half an hour on the rowing machine and baked banana bread to bring to the home of another friend. I biked to the friend's house--so nice to be back on my bike!--and then we all worked in shifts on a wool-cotton baby blanket for a friend who's due very, very soon. The last four of us stayed up until 2:00 to get it just about done (casting off is a one-person job, so we left it at that point), having a riotous good time.

Between the rowing, the biking, the walking, and especially the cotton-blend yarn on metal needles, let's hope I feel up to getting out of bed tomorrow!
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So I was doing a little survey of my own porny fic, for, uh, no reason at all, and I realized that somehow I don't seem to have ever seriously written bruise-pressing as a featured kink. This Gabe/Travie has a reasonable bit of it, but not enough.

Seriously, this would be like [personal profile] cherrybina suddenly discovering she's never actually posted a story with jailbait kink. I am just saying, this is the kink that makes me glad I'm clumsy.

So yeah. Putting THAT on the to-write list.

In other news! Here, go leave a disparaging comment on this blog post about an incredibly racist wedding. Just please don't be the ones in the comments being all "how come we can call this racist but it's okay to say things about white people!" plz.

I am reading a fabulous book called Holding Still For As Long As Possible, which is VERY Toronto and very riveting and the main characters are a trans guy and three queer women, but it's not about that, it's about being in your mid-twenties and dealing with friendships and relationships and your career and money and neighborhood changes and roommates and mental illness and coffee and cigarettes and puppies. It's just fantastic.
(Non-genre lit, entwined-stories-style novel, 300pp, female author, Canadian, and I just now found out it won the Lambda Literary Foundation Award for Transgender Fiction, so.)

Finally, if you like Cascade yarns (and you know you do), their prices are going up on Friday due to rising costs. If you're thinking of stocking up ahead of that, I really can't over-recommend Cascade Heritage Silk (which is a ridiculously affordable 85% wool/15% silk 4-ply fingering-weight gorgeousness in a range of solids).
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Television: In my basement apartment in Toronto, my cat amuses himself by sitting on the windowsills, at sidewalk level, watching other cats and various small animals pass by.

Radio: Here in Manhattan, where the window points to a fire escape and an alley, my cat amuses himself by sitting in front of the door, listening to people moving around in the halls.

Reggie playing with his scratching post
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So after three years of law school, two months of Bar studying, two days of testing, ten months of articling, and two hours of brain-melting ceremony, I became a lawyer in the Province of Ontario at about 10:28 this morning.

Emotions: mixed (one part "awesome," two parts "I basically already was, c'mon"). However, I put in an order after the ceremony for custom-tailored wool litigation robes, which only lawyers are allowed to wear at court, and about those I feel 100% positive and excited. So, on the whole, I'll take it.

ETA: omg awwwww. )

ETA 2: ALSO! Just remembered. I had to swear allegiance to the Queen, AGAIN. That's twice, Canada. I'm keeping track. #stupid #notourqueen #revolutiontime #iwillhappilysweartotheflag #orthenation #orbeaver #imeanbeavers


Jun. 1st, 2011 09:13 pm
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So just about every day for the past ten months, I've driven past a construction site, where day by day, the workers have been adding a shiny new wing to a beautiful old school. It's been fascinating to watch it develop; every day it looks different, even though I can rarely pick out the changes. (The day they planted dozens of saplings in the front, though--that was easy to identify!)

Every day I have to sit at a light and I stare at this school, and its new glass and old brick, and I picture the overcrowding that will be reduced when it opens (and it looks like that's coming very soon, maybe in time for the upcoming school year), and the kids running around, and how their presence will change this struggling neighborhood.

Today, the sign went up outside the building )

I feel like there's a metaphor about my articling term hidden in there, but I'm not sure I actually want to tease it out.
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SO! Today was this irritating emo day, where nothing was actually bad or different from any other day--if anything, things were kind of extra-nice (low workload, bunch of happy coworkers, chocolate-covered raisins--but I was still kinda bummed. (I am blaming the crappy, crappy, NOT SPRING-Y weather, and now I am in my apartment with the blinds closed and lots of bright lights on, huzzah!)

BUT ANYWAY, then this happened and it became basically impossible to be emo anymore. Because people are awesome. )

So! It's dark and gloomy outside, but I am very happy for her right now.

ETA: Additional yays! I called my bff, who lives in DC, and she'll be in our hometown for Memorial Day and with some additional effort, I can be too, which, WORTH IT. And a fun acquaintance recommended a summer knit-night to me, which means I'll get to see her AND hang out with cool people.


May. 4th, 2011 10:16 pm
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I am a terrible bike owner and left mine out all winter, but this evening I put air in the tires and a shit ton of spinning-wheel oil on the everything and rode it out to knit night and back, and nothing bad happened! I'm calling that a win.

And: damn, I missed biking. It's SO WONDERFUL YOU GUYS. And I am totally not in as terrible shape as I thought I was, so \o/ for that!
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Ahoy, a post that is incomprehensible to ... probably almost everyone who follows me. SORRY. I WILL INCLUDE A PRETTY PICTURE AT THE END.

My spinning mojo is back, thank fuck.

'Tis the season--that helps. It's soon going to be too warm to want half-knit sweaters on my lap, and just the right weather to sit on patios with a spindle and a can of cider.

More importantly, a friend of mine who is always an inspiration came to knit night yesterday with A) her brand-new custom-made Great Wheel, which will be living at Lettuce Knit for a while, and B) some gorgeous gorgeous chain-plied laceweight spun for her by the lovely Ms. Abby Franquemont (who turns out to be teaching at Rhinebeck this year--I am totally in, I haven't seen her since Sock Summit).

The latter was the main inspiration; it was just my speed, fine and strong and soft. I usually don't like chain-plying much, but she'd used it to make looooooooooong color transitions, purple-green-brown-green-purple. Now I find myself spinning two apes of that yarn (one in Sweet Georgia BFL with the same looooong, singles ongoing; one in Into the Whirlde Falklands, ply on the fly) plus two or three projects that had stalled out.

Basically: my mojo is in full spin! Woot. And good thing it's spindles I'm feeling the love for, as my production wheel is sure as hell not coming to New York with me in June.

Okay, now the pretty picture. (If you don't like yarn ... you are missing out, I guess. You probably wouldn't like the photo of the finished socks, either, you philistine!)
3-ply sock yarn
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So! I went to Toronto's sixth annual Feminist Porn Awards on Friday night, with a friend who loved last year's (she very much enjoys mingling with porn stars).

The crowd was awesome--it boasted the most queer women, and definitely the most genderqueer people, that I've seen in a long time. Most everyone had dressed for the event, one way or another, and it was basically a big feast for the eyes.

The awards ceremony, though, was ... weird.

Preface and description part. )

The weirdness part. )

Anyway. Those are my best theories, but I am kind of fascinated by my reaction, now. Anyone else have the experience of being seriously turned off by porn featuring things they love in fic and/or real life? What do you think makes the difference?

(PS I also find the production values a huge distraction and omfg do I ever wish they'd shoot on film instead of video. This is also why I can't watch Doctor Who. So there you go: the intersection of Doctor Who and porn. You're welcome. ;)

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So I'm in this cab coming home (drunk) from knit night, and the cabbie and I are talking about differences between American and Canadian culture, infrastructure, and laws, with an emphasis on New York and Toronto.

I, like I do*, make it clear in the course of this conversation that the person I'm always traveling to NYC to see is my girlfriend, yes like that.
*All the time. I make no bones about it, I totally DO rub my sexuality in people's faces, and I will continue to do so as long as straight is the automatic assumption.

I don't, of course, know how the cabbie will react. I know he's a very recent immigrant (September 2008) from Pakistan; I know that we've been talking about the feeling of community and about public transit, not about social politics.

Then he says, hesitantly: "The laws here in Canada are very good for--for people like us."

That's why I come out to everyone. Because I don't always know that other people are like us, and they don't always know I'm like us, and we need that us.
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You guys. I really, really, really love the fuck out of Vices & Virtues. Like. I expected to enjoy it? But I feel like a heroin addict. I NEVER WANT IT OFF REPEAT YOU GUYS.

Semi-related whining )

Seriously, though. SUCH a good album. And one of the few I enjoy more in order than shuffled; the songs fade into each other so well that I keep thinking "I know I just heard the track switch, why is that song starting again--OH!" It's faboo. BRENDON AND SPENCER YOU LITTLE MUSICAL GENIUSES, YOU. ::squishes them::


Feb. 21st, 2011 10:05 pm
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Sometimes--lots of the time, the last few years--I am so happy and fulfilled and overflowing with love that I can't stop smiling.
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I really hated law school. Like, a lot. I liked my life during law school, and I liked my clinic work, and my friends, and Toronto, and biking everywhere, but law school itself just absolutely blew. I mean, it sucked. The people were mostly assholes, almost everything we did was designed to train law professors rather than lawyers, and the stuff that was easy made me feel guilty (not smart) while the stuff that wasn't easy made me feel stupid (not challenged). For three years I organized my life around the concept of spending as little time in those two buildings as I could get away with.

So perhaps you will understand when I say I had some niggling concerns about The Law, as this thing I was planning to be in for the rest of my life.

I don't really have those anymore. At all. I had kind of a boring weekend--the kind of weekend that makes me go, "Oh, shit, I am a boring person, DO SOMETHING AWESOME ASAP" (knitting a Bohus is awesome, right? ... right? ::crickets::)--and I just kept thinking, Can it be Monday now? I get to go to court on Monday. I get to be in court all day on Monday. I don't know who the judge will be, that's exciting. Maybe it'll be one I like. Maybe it'll be someone new and I can try to impress them. Maybe it'll be one I don't like and I'll have to strategize to get the results I want.

And then Monday came and it was awesome and I drove home smiling, like I drive home smiling every Monday, and most Tuesdays, and some Thursdays--because those are my court days, and court makes me smile. I am *good* at court. I *win* at court. And I probably can't get hired back at this job because Dalton McGuinty thinks it sounds good to say you're not hiring any more government lawyers, but I am good at this and I am enthusiastic about this and I will get another job that will make me smile on my Monday commute.
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Is anyone else starting to notice EVERYONE on their flist talking about how awesome Danger Days is? Like, my Google Reader has zero bandom people--it's all SGA, ST Reboot, Merlin, Inception, etc--but I KEEP seeing people raving about Danger Days.

As they should be, to be fair! I get to see MCR for the second time in two weeks this Saturday and I am hella excited, even though it's going to be kind of a crazy weekend. [personal profile] mistresscurvy is in LA seeing the last Glam Nation show tonight and some other thing tomorrow, then spends Saturday flying to Toronto, where I pick her up from the airport and drive us straight to the MCR venue, then the next morning we get up and drive to my parents' house in the States so she can meet my family, and then the NEXT morning we get up at 4am, I drop her at the airport and keep driving so I can go to court in Oshawa and she flies to NYC and goes to her job. Basically, WE ARE NOT SMART PEOPLE.
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Racialized police harassment at the G20. Of course. Newsflash: Canada is not actually perfect. Who knew, right?

It's a pretty classic kind of "Little Richard arrested getting his morning paper" kind of story (though this guy wasn't arrested--but we'll see what happens when all the attending world leaders arrive):

I can’t stand in front of the door to my own home because someone that “looks like me” can be considered suspicious. Sigh.

Full report is here.


Jun. 23rd, 2010 02:31 pm
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It was pretty weak here (epicenter near Gatineau and Ottawa), but it shook the chair I was in, and I basically twitter-yelled about it for ten minutes and then had some, ahem, private time to make use of the adrenaline.

Insert "aftershocks" jokes here.
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Lol, I should stop calling it an orgy. BUT ORGY IS FUNNIER.

Anyway! The facility was kind of meh. It's for dudes 364 days a year, complete with gloryholes EVERYWHERE (all shaped like penises, too, like: we get it, dudes, you love your cocks. We got that from the Washington Monument and like all of society, thanks). So I felt a little like an intruder. And it was really dark and dank and labyrinthine, which made it seem a little less happy-fun-sexytiems and a little more, IDK, illicit. Which, illicit is great some times, but I don't think it's the right vibe for this.

THAT SAID, everyone was so nice! We met a bunch of people in the hot tub, so that was a really great place to start; we kept running into them all night.

Lots and lots and lots of naked and almost-naked women. Like, if it weren't for the gloryhole-reminders of male-dominated sexual norms, and the dark dankness of it all, it would be, like, my idea of paradise. And the women dancing and grinding and making out, while, I remind you, naked or mostly naked? WIN.

They turned out to have booze after all (and no pool--the FAQs were out of date), but I didn't bother.

The misogynist I dated briefly was there, but we ended on reasonably good terms, so that wasn't too awkward.

And, weirdly, I ran into an undergrad acquaintance who remembered my full name--I didn't remember her at all, so I'm terribly impressed with her memory! She hung out with Y and I for the last hour or so we were there.

Basically, I'd go again, and knowing what to expect I might participate more. It was definitely interesting, and everyone was friendly, it just wasn't quite as, IDK, supportive/comforting an atmosphere as I might have liked.
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OK, this is kind of an I-told-(a handful of people)-so post, so I've cut it to spare y'all.

G20 authority fuckups begin )

Canada has plenty of human rights abuses under its belt. I love it here--I fucking moved here completely of my own free will--but it's not right to pretend it's not engaging in the same dangerous authoritarian-without-actual-authority actions just because you're talking to the American.

And I'll be first in line to say, "Please, please, please protect President Obama"--but that doesn't involve shutting down peaceful protests with methods that, if I used them on my neighbor, would be termed violent. It doesn't involve suspending civil liberties. It doesn't involve detaining journalists.

Do better, Canada. I didn't want to be right.

ETA: And on a lighter note, several LCBOs are being closed for the G20. Stock up on your booze now, people!

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