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Third year of running (with partners) my law firm
Hired a fantastic law clerk--we're about to make her full-time
Expanding to a much larger office where we can add up to three new associates
Managed the office when Partner S took a three-week trip
Got all my shit DONE for our holiday closure despite trial pressures

Argued two and a half trials totalling 15 days
Won the two complete ones
Won an order that still makes other family lawyers say "wait, WHAT?" from one trial
Innumerable motions and conferences as ever
Took on my first Hague Convention case
Filled in as staff family lawyer at my old clinic for most of the summer
Improved my efforts to bond with local lawyers--even got a holiday-party invite from one

Took a three-month part-time course in Dispute Resolution
Took a two-week course in Family Mediation
(Spent a goddamn fortune on the above)

Spent some fantastic time with my wonderful kid sister
Great family time in general: long weekend in a cottage near Kingston, Saturday in a hammock in my parents' backyard, wonderful Christmas break

Started seriously saving for retirement
Got serious disability insurance
Changed car insurance companies
Bought a dining table and chairs
Generally did a bunch of "aw shit I'm a real adult" things

Made another attempt at learning guitar (well, two more attempts) (I think it might stick this time)
Had a burst of sweater-finishing energy and can now wear several former WIPs
Managed the awards and trophies for the dog club
Volunteered with the literacy program for a spring and a fall session
Assisted a few dog classes

Read 175 new-to-me books and reread a few favourites
Attended my best friend's wedding
Spent a lovely weekend with her and her new husband in DC
Dated a dude for a while O_O that was a strange interlude in my life
Saw a Nine Inch Nails concert (did I mention the strange interlude?)

Saw One Direction two nights in a row ... again
Stayed obsessed with Nick
And with Harry and Zayn
Kiiinda dropped the other three
Developed a truly glorious love for Taylor Swift and her harem of pretty, pretty ladyfriends

Best day

Jan. 24th, 2012 10:07 pm
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Today I had the initial interview with my first real new client--not brought over from Evil Old Firm, but just mine. And apparently the referral to me, from a lawyer I know a little, was INCREDIBLY glowing; her exact phrase was "he went on for ten minutes about you!" which I'm certain is an exaggeration, but STILL. And then I got another call, ANOTHER new client--two in two days!--saying a different source had recommended me highly. You guys, I think this "owning my own firm" business is ... actually going to work.

On top of that, our landlord FINALLY came through with all the stuff he's been promising; he got the lights, electricity, and heat working in our fourth office, replaced all the office carpets with lovely new ones, and otherwise spruced up the place (or, okay, brought in workers to do those things). AND Bell and our phone guys came, and now we have phones and a fax line and internet that isn't stolen!

And even more than that, I had a wonderful last date with M., who again managed to make me smile even while she was telling me she's too busy to keep dating me. It's not my best break-up ever ([personal profile] mistresscurvy holds that title forever), but it was definitely the loveliest dumping I've ever had. And she's keeping me in her phone book--maybe someday!

And THEN I went on OKC and messaged a couple of cute girls, and one got right back to me and is a fangirl and totally spotted my ~subtle bandom references, and all my partners called me from our brand-new phone line and left an adorable message on my phone, and basically: life is wonderful.


Oct. 26th, 2011 09:14 pm
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So I have never had a car before, nor did I grow up in this province, and those two things combined to mean that I completely failed to update my registration when it expired on my birthday.

I was pulled over for that ... and then I didn't have my most recent proof of insurance in the car.

Obviously I'll be getting the registration and my proof of insurance and going to traffic court with them, but I still feel like an absolute idiot.

The good news is, I have a burrito, rum, and ice cream. The better news is, the woman I went on a lovely second date with on Monday called just as I was coming in the door, and we had a fun, funny 20-minute conversation which went a long way towards improving my mood. I really very much like this woman, I must say.

So! If you have some fluffy bandom you would like to rec, I would love to read it. Old stuff is especially appreciated; other than the very very well-known fics, I haven't read much that wasn't produced this (calendar) year.


Sep. 18th, 2011 06:35 pm
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You guys YOU GUYS Brendon and Sarah are engaged!

SO EXCITING. There is something about bandom marriages that just makes my little heart flutter. I love me some MCR wives, and I am very very excited for a Urie/Orzechowski wedding. I hope we get to see at least a couple of photos from it, whenever it happens. (I even more hope that the photos we get to see will be photos they wanted to release.)

I think we should celebrate this in a classically fannish way: by reading porn about them. So here's the Brendon/Sarah tag on AO3, and the tag for Brendon in general and Sarah in general (all organized by most-recent-first; you can of course view by other criteria).
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So for those of you who know we were dating, [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I broke up; it's totally amicable and a good decision, and--not that any of y'all would do this--I absolutely won't countenance any disparaging talk about her, now or in the future.

Emotions and stuff )


Mar. 14th, 2011 06:41 pm
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I was in NYC this weekend, like I do, and the weather touched 14C. And now I'm back in Toronto where my weather widget is completely lying by saying it hit 5C today (I'd bet on 2C tops), so I think I shall write about how nice it was to get a taste of spring.

[personal profile] mistresscurvy and I did a lot of walking, because I'll look for excuses to walk at the best of times but it's a million-billion times better when I get to do it arm-in-arm with my girl.

We walked up to Central Park on Saturday afternoon and wandered the trails idly, me talking incessantly about dogs and horses and sometimes dolphins (I am a woman of many mammalian interests). We took a turn around the Jackie O. reservoir, which I think would be gorgeous to ride a horse around, but they're officially banned from that particular roundabout.

We eventually popped out of the park to look for a cafe with an open patio, but neither of us actually really wanted food or drink, so we ended up just sort of walking until we were 40-odd blocks from the apartment and then coming back up. We talked, the way we always do, about absolutely everything, and we loosened our scarves in the sunlight.

On Sunday we walked from a movie in much the same place, forty or so blocks from home base, back. It was early evening and DST meant it was still light, only dimming towards dark as we stepped over the lobby threshold. I don't spend enough time in Manhattan to know what normal Sunday crowds look like, but it felt as though the masses on the street represented the whole body of city-dwellers, stepping outside to take a deep breath and admire the green shoots in their planters.

There are really no seasons and no weather phenomena that I can't find a way to enjoy, but it's nice when it's easy.


Feb. 21st, 2011 10:05 pm
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Sometimes--lots of the time, the last few years--I am so happy and fulfilled and overflowing with love that I can't stop smiling.
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Can I just say that having a girlfriend who insists that I be MORE of a pillow queen, else suffer the (awesome, consensual) consequences? Is awesome.

There's my happy goat-carcass day thought.

(Also she liked the flowers. \o/)
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Sweetheart: you live your life so fully, and you've put so much experience into your years.
You rock the fuck out of both vitality and wisdom; you've got the best of the whole spectrum.

I'm sometimes awed by the richness of your day-to-day existence: your million amazing friends, and your crazy-awesome analytical meanderings, and your drive to create. This next year is going to be spectacular, because you won't let it be anything less.

And, on a more serious note, this.

Happy birthday, love. I'll see you at the airport.
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Graduated from law school

Studied for, took, and passed the Ontario Barrister and Solicitor examinations

Transitioned from my student permit to a brand-new work permit, gaining an entirely new status in Canada

Worked the first five months of my ten-month articling contract

Appeared in courts for four cities, including both Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice levels in one of those cities

Handled approximately 200 files in said courts, meaning dealing with about 160 individuals and about 40 "no-shows"

Drafted some cool affidavits, including one that resulted in a single mother receiving a cheque for more than $25,000 in back child support

Took a two-week driving trip across the Atlantic Provinces

Me in Cape Breton

Met and ensnared the delightful [personal profile] mistresscurvy, and am coming up on six months of wonderful long-distance romance with her

Made radical changes to my sexual self-image, holy fucking shit \o/

Saw Adam Lambert in concert three times, in three different cities: Toronto, Montreal (St-Jean), and New Orleans

Saw My Chemical Romance twice, in New York and Toronto

Saw Miike Snow in Toronto, Janelle Monae in Buffalo, and Catherine Russell in Rochester

Spent eight weekends in New York City

Attended an orgy, participated in a booty call, and got my nipples pierced

Volunteered for eight Saturdays filling out tax returns for low-income individuals

Appeared on the CBC, albeit as a background voice/audience member

Leased a car, and acquired car, renter's, and life insurance

Was stupendously happy
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Is anyone else starting to notice EVERYONE on their flist talking about how awesome Danger Days is? Like, my Google Reader has zero bandom people--it's all SGA, ST Reboot, Merlin, Inception, etc--but I KEEP seeing people raving about Danger Days.

As they should be, to be fair! I get to see MCR for the second time in two weeks this Saturday and I am hella excited, even though it's going to be kind of a crazy weekend. [personal profile] mistresscurvy is in LA seeing the last Glam Nation show tonight and some other thing tomorrow, then spends Saturday flying to Toronto, where I pick her up from the airport and drive us straight to the MCR venue, then the next morning we get up and drive to my parents' house in the States so she can meet my family, and then the NEXT morning we get up at 4am, I drop her at the airport and keep driving so I can go to court in Oshawa and she flies to NYC and goes to her job. Basically, WE ARE NOT SMART PEOPLE.
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So [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I went to the ballet this weekend (and I totes made her dress up so that I could, hells yes*).

*My dress was awesome. Her dress, however, wins on so many levels. Mostly the level where it has a keyhole on the front. Like I don't have enough trouble keeping my eyes above her neck in public. Basically, my girlfriend is hot. BE JEALOUS. ;)
It was fab--Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (not to be confused with Jason Bourne's Swan Lake, in which all the swans are played by Italian sports cars), and we had AMAZING seats, like super super amazing.

We juuuust made it in time (thank you, Manhattan traffic and subway closures!) and slid past these two dudes into our seats before the lights went down. Then, naturally, we cuddled.

At intermission the guys turned to us and were all, "You are such a lovely couple! We were so pleased! When you came in we were wondering, and then she put her arm around you, and then we thought, 'awwww.'"

Then they asked how long we've been together, and we told them, and then one (Joe) said they were here for the other's (Frank's) 65th birthday. AND THAT THEY'VE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 42 YEARS. 42 YEARS YOU GUYS. THAT'S LIKE TWICE AS OLD AS MY KID SISTER.

And--I mean, 42 years ago? When they were a fresh, infatuated, hyper-cuddly couple? Their reality would have been really fucking different from ours, even in NYC. No wonder they're happy to see us out and about (and out and proud).

Good guys, Frank and Joe. I'm glad we got to meet them.


Nov. 8th, 2010 08:18 pm
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One of my sisters always says that being an adult means you can have ice cream for breakfast, but you have to buy toilet paper.

Corollary: being an adult means you get to have sex, but then you have to refrain from telling the funniest-because-they're-the-most-specific sex stories to almost everyone you know.

Or possibly I just hang with prudes. But I suspect my non-fandom friends are closer to my culture's norm than I am. As far as I'm concerned, they can go ahead and talk about their sex lives way more. As far as they're concerned, I can PLEASE STOP LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

Ah, maturity.


Oct. 28th, 2010 09:09 pm
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So my fangirlfriend* has totes dragged me into bandom, in the sense of reading the fic and listening to the music and mostly knowing who some of the guys are.

*term totally stolen from [personal profile] no_detective. And yes: it means my girlfriend who is a fangirl. BEST TERM EVER.

So random thoughts, because I have A Lot Of Feelings (or Alot Of Feelings, which would be a very emo Alot with eyeliner and unnecessary scarves and a moleskin).

1. Singing along to Panic's first album is about as good for lawyerly elocution as Pirates of Penzance. The first verse of But It's Better If You Do took me like 34 tries. WORTH IT. "Dignified sips of his dignified peach and lime daiquiri" is like the smuggest funniest line of anything ever.

1(a). No fucking way does Brendon say "best guesses at the shade of the sheets (and) before all the stains" the way says he does. That is way, way, way, way, way more syllables than actually happen in that section. I think this is either studio trickery or witchcraft. Or both. It's the exact opposite of the studio trickery/witchcraft used for the bridge of Pick U Up (yes, that's right, still a Lambertini. And Lambertini is going to catch on someday, dammit!).

2. Fic has totally made me into a Frank flail person. FRANK. FRANK YOU ARE ADORABLE. FRANK YOU CAN CLIMB ME IF YOU WANT. ... NOT LIKE THAT THO.

3. Gerard Way is clearly the product of a threesome between his parents and Paul Gross. Where, just to be clear, ONLY Paul Gross' genetic material ended up in the zygote. He is a natural clone of Paul Gross. Or unnatural, but I won't speculate as to what kind of illegal experiments the Ways may or may not have been doing in the 70s.

4. Panic's impression of the Beatles is so fucking spot on that I'm not entirely convinced they aren't actually just covering obscure Beatles tracks I haven't heard. This is, to be clear, entirely a compliment. BE JOHN LENNON MORE, BRENDON. And lol, Spencer is Ringo. My mother would have wanted to marry him in 7th grade, in other words.

5. Fuuuuck, can that Ryan Ross turn a phrase. An entire song of phrases, even.


7. Between the I'm Not Okay video and the Ghost of You video? The MCR boys should possibly be in charge of Hollywood. I might actually go to the theater and watch their movies.

8. Oooh, they should work with Christopher Nolan.

9. Why, why, why, does Gerard only sing "Tell me I'm a bad man, kick me like a stray" three times in that song? That is the catchiest line in the entire album (which is really fucking saying something). I end up having to play it over and over and totally interrupt my fangirlfriend when she's talking to sing along because I feel DEPRIVED. Three times! In the whole song! STOP MAKING ME INTERRUPT MY [personal profile] mistresscurvy, GERARD. SHE DESERVES MY FULL ATTENTION.

10. There should be a ten. Um--I like all four albums (two MCR, two Panic). You should try them. Or Wikipedia the singles and buy those first to try them. Or watch the music videos on Vevo and then buy the albums. Whatever. They're awesome. Etc.
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It was awesome, basically.

I mean, combining subtropical weather, Adam Lambert, and a minibreak with my [personal profile] mistresscurvy was never going to end any other way, but seriously, y'all: fabulous.

The lovely and fun [personal profile] no_detective was with us the whole weekend; she and [personal profile] mistresscurvy arrived together from their homeland, and I from mine, at about the same time, which was handy for getting to the B&B, and getting the whistle-stop tour from the owner, Dave (who runs it with his partner, Dale).

On his recommendation we went for late-night tapas and discovered that we were in a place where people can, and do, smoke indoors. CULTURE SHOCK AHOY.

The next morning (well ... afternoon. But it was a lovely morning indoors) we went walking around the French Quarter, which was pretty awesome. The plants down there are AWESOME, and the bugs! We saw a gorgeous butterfly, really cool huge cockroaches, tiny little geckos, and about a billion beautiful plants. [personal profile] mistresscurvy was terribly, terribly amused at my, shall we say, bubbly enjoyment of these things.


We also ate, like, everything in the city. And drank up a storm. That was all pretty marvelous, although my stomach's not super thrilled with me today.

Sunday also started late (I'm being subtle, right? Totes subtle), and we went out and did a little more shopping; [personal profile] mistresscurvy got some earrings and a really, really hot hat (I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT HOW HOT THE HAT IS, YOU GUYS), and we saw the Mississippi because that's important.


Oh, and we also were totally among the many people who walked over to Cafe du Monde after Adam tweeted about it. We had only been about a block away, so we were there within five minutes, but the glamtroupe was nowhere in evidence. So, we had some beignets, we took some photos (like the one above), and we left satisfied.

Back at the B&B I managed to lose a ball off of one of my nipple piercings, and intense searching did not turn it up. I have my own theory as to what might have happened. BUT ANYWAY, we got ready for the concert, had a quick dinner, and got to the venue, where we met up with several fangirls I'd been looking forward to meeting, yay! And we caught most of Alli's performance (SO SORRY, Alli--we misunderstood the time!); she was fantastic as always, and having fun with the crowd.

Also [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I long-distance danced. I can't really explain it adequately? But it was AWESOME.

Adam was, of course, spectacular. You could tell the whole group was having a great time; there was a lot of giggling and fun onstage, and a lot of ad-libbing, including Adam miming popping LSD during Down the Rabbit Hole and ecstasy during IIHY ("Life would be a party, it'd be ecstasy"), and sneaking up behind Tommy during his intro solo and then being all, "Wait where'd he go?" when Tommy didn't notice and retreated for Monte's intro, lol.

Cut for awesome but flashing gif of Adam getting ~down during the concert )

So, yes--fantastic. And then we all went dancing! (Well, OK, first we went to the barricades--weird bad setup, but we were close enough to shout encouragement at Adam. Well, I shouted "Great show, man!" and [personal profile] mistresscurvy shouted "Thanks for my girlfriend!" but encouragement is close enough, right?)

DANCING. So much fun! [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I clearly have to go dancing again. Often. And the guys at the club were all lovely; one did this hilarious campy number in a windowsill and cracked us all up. The DJ announced $3 Long Island Iced Teas and we all had one, which was great except I'm a total lightweight and the group (totally reasonably) assumed I knew JUST how alcoholic those things are. BOY DID I NOT. Oops.

We danced our way over to the club across the street when Adam turned up there, and that move means that now Drake (yes, Drake) has seen me making out with my girlfriend in a club. Now there's a trippy thought, since I've seen him making out with his then-boyfriend in a car. IT'S ALL A GIANT CIRCLE. WITH TONGUE. ... I should have a Lambry icon, clearly.

We didn't get in the group around the VIP door to see Adam, and we left before he came out into the crowd, but frankly, I don't really care--it was a fantastic, fantastic night and none of it required close contact with Adam, ykwim? There was dancing and kissing and ~dancing and singing and dancing and people and dancing and alcohol and dancing. It was pretty perfect.

... of course, if we HAD met Adam, I'd be singing a different tune. ;) But as is--perfect weekend. Wouldn't change a thing.
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This weekend I let a woman whose last name I didn't know drive me across state lines, to her parents' (empty) house, for sex.

And it was AWESOME.

So let that be a lesson to you: meeting people from the internet is both amazing and unlikely to result in your horrible serial-killer-style death.* Do try this at home.


/this has been a message from the Centers for Spreading Awesome Sex Internationally. Remember to drink responsibly and ask your partners about STDs, etc.
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(Warnings: strong language, sarcasm, terms I see as reclaiming but you may reasonably see as offensive (eg dyke), inebriation, nationalism, sexual content, innuendo, a general lack of filters or boundaries. And you should see the unedited version.)

Toronto, Ontario )

Montreal, Quebec )

En route to Miramishi )

Miramishi, New Brunswick )

En route to Moncton, New Brunswick )

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick )

From Maritimes Trip 2010

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island )

Other parts of Prince Edward Island )

Ferry to the mainland )

Driving the Nova Scotia coast )

Cabot Trail )

From Maritimes Trip 2010

East side of Cape Breton and mainland NS )


Fredericton, New Brunswick )

Maine )

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut )


Rochester, NY )
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Good: lovely day of reading (mostly meta about that Haiti fic, but still, reading) in the sun, really light cramps, and a fabulous second date with a beautiful woman who really seems to like me. That last one in particular pleases me. It's only the second date, but we've already spent nine hours together, and I've enjoyed the heck out of all of them.

It's basically been a great week for, like, human interaction: jazz fest with my mother, replica ships with my best friend, lunch with two of my favorite law school friends, dinner with Y., date tonight, crafts with Y. tomorrow, Adam Lambert with Y. on Saturday.

Bad: apparently competing in some kind of karmic race to the bottom with the Haiti-fic author, someone else decided to turn a Jewish musician into a Catholic priest. (No, not Adam Lambert. Though I've seen some real fuck-ups with him, too.) [personal profile] sohotrightnow explains it very, very well here.

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I have dates booked for tomorrow and Thursday. They both seem lovely; I'm looking forward to Thursday's in particular, but tomorrow's has more superficial markers of possible compatibility (closer to me in age, for instance).

Apparently I've picked my go-to first-date venue, as I'm taking them both there (and previously took Y-from-the-internet, who, by the way, is becoming a good friend. Yay for that!). Less good is that the cider I like that they have turns out to be just as appropriative as I'd suspected it might be; the website makes it clear it's produced by Whitey McWhiterson, and there's no explanation provided for the stereotypical First Nations man pictured on the label. Sigh. Maybe I'll learn to like Strongbow eventually.

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