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This post contains a photo of me with America Ferrera. Steel yourselves against the unpreventable wave of lust before you click the cut-tag, is my advice.

Context )

First, despite my bzzzzing, the actual event was really wonderful; it was the culminating event of a summer-long mentoring program between established women in the area, working in nine different fields (business, entrepreneurship, arts/entertainment, science research, science teaching, medical/health, military, sports, and, uh, a ninth one). The mentees gave speeches introducing the mentor honorees, and it was a really beautiful evening featuring really delicious food.

BUT you guys don't care about that, so instead:

Seriously, a photo of me with America Ferrera. )

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Last night I saw Patrick Stump perform at the Mohawk in Buffalo, and it. Was. FABULOUS.

The Venue, Like the Man Himself, Is TINY. )

First Opener: Rocky Fresh )

Second Opener: Wynter Gordon )

PStump Performs! )

After they finished the encore he came through and HIGH-FIVED THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE. SERIOUSLY.

Post-show: Surprise Meet & Greet! )

Set List )

Seriously, y'all, if he's playing near you, GO. It will be AMAZING.
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My interpretation of the gif's meaning: Life is wonderful! Have fun with it! No fear!

Today, this gif represents: How great my day at an amusement park with my sisters was, even though there were no balloons filled with glitter (and indeed no Gerard Way).
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So I went to the Rochester Jazz Festival tonight (I always seem to be in town for it accidentally, which is awesome) and saw Regina Carter and her band. Now, they are ridiculously impressive musicians doing a very cool thing, but they're also, as I didn't know going in, an instrumental group--no vocals to speak of. So at various points my mind drifted off to other things, namely: how if this band were a TV show, I would watch it.

They're real characters )
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Yay awesome dreams!

I dreamed that my hometown was flooded (OK, yes, in reality that would be bad, but IT WAS NOT REALITY), and out the window I could see all these goldfish that had been swept out of people's backyard ponds, and there were tons of Bruce-sized fancy goldfish and foot-long comets, and they were all bright orange through the water. And then, rather less explicably, there were tons of awesome animals being "washed" into the yard, like a couple of bison.

Various other dream deets, of course (my mother rowing out in a bark canoe towards the bison, to the horrified nattering of the neighbors; inexplicable Very Large sturgeon in our flooded living room), but basically it was a me + fish = OTP dream. I APPROVE, BRAIN.


Feb. 21st, 2011 10:05 pm
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Sometimes--lots of the time, the last few years--I am so happy and fulfilled and overflowing with love that I can't stop smiling.
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Text to L: "If I had a compatibility checklist, I swear you'd be running a perfect score."

I mean, everyone looks rosy in the first infatuation-hazy weeks, but really, I think we've got a surfeit of compatibility. Her flaws are complementary to mine, even--things I'm good at not caring about on the one hand, and things I've been trying to be better at on the other (like accepting that my form of "enlightenment" or whatever on, say, social issues is not necessarily superior).

I think she's feeling the same. Glorious, glorious mutual interest with added dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline--who doesn't love infatuation? Answer: nobody. Because it's awesome.

Can't wait to get back to Toronto and see her again.
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Had a pre-wisdom-teeth-removal information session slash exam this morning. Good news is I only have two wisdom teeth and they're ripe for removal. Bad news is, well, surgery, ugh, but I knew that was coming.

Cut for insurance company logic and mildly graphic description of surgery )

Insurance company logic: definitely an oxymoron.


Jan. 21st, 2010 09:25 pm
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Very pleased with today! My mother won a big award she's been a continual nominee for--that's the really big thing.

And then a bunch of little things that add up to a really satisfying day: I got my fall grades back and they're great, got mad praise in my big Evidence lecture for catching on to tricky hearsay distinctions fast, wrote an affidavit I'm really happy with, cooked, came closer than ever to a 50 minute 10K on the rowing machine, got to play with some dogs while picking up Reggie's food at the vet, yada yada.

Good day. Great life. How's everyone else doing on this winter Thursday?
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Laurel is between Death Be Not Proud and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

Sommer is between The Kite Runner and "M. Butterfly."

Amanda is between The Silver Kiss (YA about vampires) and The Second Mrs. Giaconda (YA about Leonardo da Vinci).

The ESP kids' book is between Peace Like a River and a Euripides collection.
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You know you have a little fandom-obsession problem when you think the new Musicface song might just be about Stargate: Atlantis.
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Apparently Ralph Nader is not taking today off.

How do I know? Well, because I was woken up by a phone call - "Hi, I've got Ralph Nader on the line for Mr. Johnston."

The problem? Well, Dad's in New York. On vacation. With Mom.

I gave the woman his cell phone and good luck to her. Personally, I'm just glad it was a call from a secretary and not someone who dials for him or herself - I really, really can't keep myself from fangirling, say, Al Franken, first thing in the morning.

Now if only Jon Stewart would call. Sigh.
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I totally fangirled a band member today.

Despite the fact that it was a young woman of no more than 17, I feel silly. But hey, it's a great band. I think they're going places.
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Alley (cat) says:

56 gjnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnv bbbccccccccccccccccccccc\\\\ vc =0p------------------------------------nnnnnnnnnnnnnyuuuuuuuuuuuuu\

Which is practically a spam e-mail. Sentient, I tell you.

Interview went fine.
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Kate had a walk-on role (five lines) in a Geva play last night, it was very cool. But the play was interactive - yikes. We were in the front row, and I was petrified throughout! First, it being Geva, "front row" means "practically onstage," especially as the stage is about 8" high. In fact, there was a (working!) sink in front of my, and I got splashed a couple of times. It was set in a salon, and they did some shampooing.

Finished Dad's scarf in time, phew. It's packed - tonight's his birthday dinner.
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Who's back in Brighton by now?
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Ahhh! It's an Amanda and Molly (mostly Amanda) comic strip!
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Happy Birthday Amanda!

Thank goodness Laurel remembered. Go Laurel!
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Maxwell's no longer the principal and no one told me?!?!

This is worse than when my brother got remarried and no one said anything (I didn't even know he was divorced!).
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Another fantabulous day. Laurel and Daniel and I played mini golf (he'd never done so, nor any kind of golf) and then fooled about in the arcade (ditto for him), then we ate at Fridays (is it Friday's?), then went to Powers Farm Market (farm markets - ditto for him), then Starry Nights Cafe (ditto for him), then High Falls (ditto for him), then Laurel's to watch some X-Files (Drive and Triangle).

Oh, and I got a hole in one - but my ball bounced out of the little course, hit a fake rock, bounced back in, hit the little wall, and went in. It was ... insane, totally unplannable. A woman on a nearby hole thought it was incredibly cool, kept going on about it.

Sock is coming along well. Bit worried I may need a second skein; huge giant feet! I know someone who made two pairs out of a skein of this same brand once, which makes me feel gargatuan, feet-wise.

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