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1) I did not need to arrive 90 minutes early. Boy did I not. That said, I ended up with a fantastic seat.

2) There appeared, briefly, a very cute ferret.

3) There turns out to still be a poster of Gerard Way at 14th St station, at the 7th Ave&14th St entrance.

4) When the credits rolled, the twentysomething next to me turned to her friends and said, "my childhood is over!"

5) While waiting for the movie, I finished the audiobook of His Majesty's Dragon. On my way back from the movie, I finished reading Holding Still As Long As Possible. Combined with the movie, that was quite the emotional rollercoaster and I think I am going to drink some bourbon and watch sitcoms now.
ETA: instead I finished Soldiers of God (wrenching graphic novel) and am probably going to read all of Snow Queen's Shadow (the emotional rollercoaster started on page three). At least I'm drinking the bourbon?
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Television: In my basement apartment in Toronto, my cat amuses himself by sitting on the windowsills, at sidewalk level, watching other cats and various small animals pass by.

Radio: Here in Manhattan, where the window points to a fire escape and an alley, my cat amuses himself by sitting in front of the door, listening to people moving around in the halls.

Reggie playing with his scratching post
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So my kid sister has a cool work event tomorrow, and for that event she's baking delicious things at my apartment. Only I don't so much have baking things (of any kind), so we went to Gristedes.

And then this happened.

Cut for fat shaming and general WTF-ery )
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Lol, so. I went and saw David Cook perform at a Best Buy today. I don't think I would have gone to this if I'd known what it would be like? But then again people say that about childbirth.

... yes, I just compared a "Live @ Best Buy" performance to the creation of life. WHAT OF IT, INTERNETS. COME AT ME.

Here's the short version: I stood in a line for two hours to get a wristband for the performance; I stood in a crush of people for two hours in advance of the performance; and I stood in the same crush of people for another hour for autographs.

The actual performance ... was fifteen minutes long.

No but really )

Anyway, had a great view, like the new songs, he's quite an attractive man, generally pretty fun.

Couple of very poor photos )
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So I have managed to be traveling or otherwise tied up (er ... not like that. Maybe next year!) for every single Pride in every city I've lived in since I've been an adult.

Last year I was in North Carolina, ffs, at the straightest wedding on the planet. The year before that I was in a car all day, and the year before that my parents were in town (and I accidentally ended up sitting with my mother inside a pub with the dyke march almost visible through the windows, which was ... slightly awkward. #nudity #andmymother #justsaying).


And I got to go with [personal profile] amazonziti and [personal profile] mistresscurvy, who are basically the best possible people to do anything at all with. This also meant that, yk, I was basically attending this gay event in the most lesbian way possible: with my ex-girlfriend. ::bows:: Oh, and she ran into an ex-girlfriend from college, because THAT IS HOW THE QUEER COMMUNITY ROLLS, MOTHERFUCKER. \o/

Okay, pictures! Just imagine 90% of these with "Born this Way" playing in the background, because holy shit did that terrible fucking song get played over. And over. And over. One of the times I did a little dance of joy because I thought they were playing Madonna, but, of course, it was not.



In conclusion:
BEST SIGN: "NY said Yes." Simple and lovely!
BEST T-SHIRTS: "Our next march is down the aisle"--there were a million of these, and they all said "Marriage Equality June 2011" on the back. Those were either printed in hope or very, very fast.
BEST FLOAT: Definitely the one for The Door, which had a phenomenal DJ and got the crowd dancing and going wild
BEST GROUP NAME: The Flaggots, an awesome flag-dancing troupe
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So, uh. It actually turned out not to be all that hard to find a nice woman (or in point of fact, two) to consensually hit me a little (lot) bit.

Bit weird, definitely--not sure play parties are really my thing? But for now, it hit the spot. Pun intended.


Jun. 24th, 2011 11:32 pm
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The last time a marriage equality bill came before the New York State Senate, the result made me cry.

They just made me cry again but this time I'm really, really fucking happy.

I even found out in a wonderful way: coming out of a 9pm movie, dropped my sister at her subway entrance and, just outside my own, overheard a couple of gay men saying it.
Me: "They passed it?!"
Them: "Yes!"
Me: ::incoherent squeal of joy:: ::worst attempt at a high-five ever::

I just. You guys. I know I don't live here anymore, but--but if I want to, I can get married in my parents' back yard some day. And that means so much to me.


And Pride is going to be fucking AMAZING now, holy shit.
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Thursday: Waited on two techs from Time Warner; one was to fix the internet (down, along with the phone and TV, but I care not at all about those), and the other to install wireless because this apartment is living in the 90s.

Wireless tech arrives first, because Time Warner is not the smartest operation on the planet. HOWEVER, he proceeds to spend ninety minutes finding and fixing the source of the outage (a clipped wire way up in the ceiling, out in the hall), such that I can go ahead and cancel the other tech appointment. I've never tipped someone that much in my life, and it still felt like too little. &tech guy;

(Random: in the course of cancelling the appointment, the customer-service rep asked some technical questions I couldn't answer, so I handed the phone to the tech. She mistakenly thought he was my father for a minute. Upon getting the phone back, she said, "I heard you say father, but with your last name, I was kind of surprised that your dad would have a Jamaican accent." Trufax.)

Friday: (anyone else have the song stuck in your head now? Okay.) Dinner with my kid sister! We're both in NYC all summer, which is awesome because we've really never had that much time together as adults (or when we have it's been TOO MUCH time, like 24/7 during the holidays). Being able to hang out once or twice a week as adult women? I am really really happy about it.

We went for tapas (delicious--on 95th juuuust west of Broadway, great little red-painted place, hip but not exclusive) and then walked to where the Pinkberry website swore we would find one of their stores. Actually in that location: Morningside Park, on one side, and huge, fantastic cathedrals on the other. Definitely no Pinkberry in either. We got Ben&Jerry's and called it good.

Sister with one of the cathedrals! Not a Pinkberry )

Saturday: Yummy lunch with my [personal profile] mistresscurvy, the new X-Men movie with her and eight other fangirls, drinks with same, and then an awesome Jay Brannan concert.

The X-Men movie is very entertaining, which is not to say that it's good. But it KNOWS it isn't good, and doesn't take itself seriously, and that's plenty good enough for me for a franchise flick. On the scale of reboots, it's definitely not Star Trek 11*, but it's cute and fun and engaging and definitely worth going to see with a big group of fangirls, because I really am not a slashgoggles person as a general rule? But they were really painting it on thick.
*Speaking of which, when is the next Star Trek coming out, ffs? It's been WAY too long. I need some Pine and Quinto and Saldana in my life.

Jay Brannan is awesome; video evidence below )

And tomorrow I am seeing Super 8 with my kid sister, catching up on my Bar class, and reading some more BBB (best so far, highly recommended: the rugby AU sequel; the girl!Mikey fic; the trans Jon fic; the elf AU sequel. Possibly others but those one jump to mind first).
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I have arrived in Manhattan! \o/

... and the internet in my apartment is down. /o\

So I took a long nap with my cat and now I am out at a Starbucks, listening to a woman give the worst relationship advice ever to some other women who seem to be strangers to her. I'm definitely in New York now.

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