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Fourth year running (with partners) my law firm!

Lots of fun travel this year:
--MJ2015 in Boston was absolutely wonderful
--Visited my sister in Manhattan feat. some chemical-enhanced Magic Mike XXL viewing
--Saw TSwift in Jersey with her and @eloiserummaging \o/
--Visited Daufuskie Island with my bff, her husband, and some of their friends
--Lots of time with my parents and my sisters in my hometown

Great concerts, too:
--TSwift in Toronto with @eloiserummaging as well as the Jersey one
--One Direction in Toronto with @cantarina and in Buffalo with my sisters
--Tove Lo in Toronto with my friend A.
--Years & Years in Toronto with @cantarina, where I actually got to meet and chat with the band and be front and centre for the show :D

Lost Reggie, who was my first "adult" pet--I moved in 2008 so I could get a cat. He was a really good cat, y'all
Lucy, my dog, keeps getting better and better with time and work <333
Grimmy, the kitten (now probably to be referred to as "the cat") gets fuzzier and calmer every day

Knit less than in many prior years, but still a round half-dozen pairs of socks and some accessories
Managed one of my smoothest Christmas seasons ever, early gift-buying and all
Still on and off with guitar but still motivated to learn

Started a tumblr about Clean Bandit's violinist, because no one else had and that was a tragedy ;)
Wrote 150K of fic, including my longest one ever (54k)
Generally an up-and-down fandom year, but Star Wars (TFA) and Hamilton are new and exciting to watch develop

Intentionally slowed down my reading but still read 112 new books (and a lot of rereads)--found four new all-time favourites, my best year ever. Quality over quantity worked!
83 of them were library books (BLESS OVERDRIVE) and my year-on-year book spending dropped by 87%!
In fact, my year-on-year "shopping" spending dropped 71%, and I managed to save 56% of my take-home income. :D

Biked to work at least three or four days a week all through the warm season, which was awesome and had a remarkable and immediate impact on my gas consumption

Finally starting to get competent at some cooking in a way that lets me put together actual meals \o/ and sometimes even do mildly fancy things
Started writing down (in June) three "nice things" from each day ("took the dog to the park twice, had dinner with M., practiced guitar"), which has been lovely
In many ways felt like this was the year of establishing better habits and just inhabiting them: a half-hour dog walk first thing in the morning and first thing after work, bringing lunches to the office, making coffee, getting up at 5:30 on Sunday mornings to do laundry, etc

This is ridiculously long, considering I thought it was sort of a status-quo year! My status quo is getting better and better as I age <333333
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1) I did not need to arrive 90 minutes early. Boy did I not. That said, I ended up with a fantastic seat.

2) There appeared, briefly, a very cute ferret.

3) There turns out to still be a poster of Gerard Way at 14th St station, at the 7th Ave&14th St entrance.

4) When the credits rolled, the twentysomething next to me turned to her friends and said, "my childhood is over!"

5) While waiting for the movie, I finished the audiobook of His Majesty's Dragon. On my way back from the movie, I finished reading Holding Still As Long As Possible. Combined with the movie, that was quite the emotional rollercoaster and I think I am going to drink some bourbon and watch sitcoms now.
ETA: instead I finished Soldiers of God (wrenching graphic novel) and am probably going to read all of Snow Queen's Shadow (the emotional rollercoaster started on page three). At least I'm drinking the bourbon?
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So once upon a time when I was twelve, I went off to three weeks of camp in Ireland. Which, btw, was awesome--I took an archaeology course with a bunch of other kids and we had field trips pretty much every weekday. Also, first boyfriend, so just a winner of a time all around.

Because a lot of kids came to the camp from not-Ireland, the camp provided bedding. As long as you brought your own clothes and toiletries, you were good to go.

I arrived mid-afternoon Dublin time, and was allowed to go back to my room and nap because I was exhausted from the travel. My roommate hadn't arrived yet, so I just picked a bed, dumped my stuff next to it, turned the lights back off, and slid under the covers.

... only to feel something very cold and very not-right against my bare leg.

Now, okay, I was twelve and in a foreign country alone and had in my short life read a lot of very scary books, so the very first thing I think is "SNAKE," which admittedly proves I hadn't read enough books about Ireland's wildlife.

(It was not a snake, don't worry.) )
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I had a ridiculously idyllic childhood. And all the spring and flowers and happiness everywhere today reminded me vividly of one of the best parts, which was playing in the buttercup fields that grew up around one of the elementary schools I attended in Pennsylvania.

I suppose the groundskeeper or whoever probably wasn't a fan of them, but the kids all were. They'd just arrive, right near the end of the school year, blanketing all the green spaces. There were thousands and thousands and thousands of them, an inexhaustible number.

We'd carry them and hold them under our chins and make chains out of them--mostly the last, because buttercups work terribly well for chains if you have patience and sharp fingernails. Slit the tiny stem and feed the next one through it. Sparse chains that went on for yards, tight chains that made wreaths of yellow with almost no green showing, chains that interlinked to make nets. I spent hours and hours on buttercup chains; they're probably responsible for a good chunk of my fine-motor-control development.

I haven't lived in anyplace since that had buttercups in that proportion, but I can still vividly remember how it feels to put a perfect slit in a buttercup stem and know it's strong enough to hold.

Did anyone else have a buttercup-filled youth? Or anyone else feeling a little nostalgic for the springs of your childhood?
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When the Lion King came out, I was younger (obviously). During the scene in which Scar has Zazoo locked up and singing, I didn't realize he stopped him singing "It's a Small World" because the song is universally considered annoying; I thought is was because Scar, with his desire to rule and to take over everything, would hate the idea that there wasn't much to conquer and little worth ruling.

I think I prefer that interpretation.