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May. 20th, 2012 11:30 am
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Every once in a while I read something that is just so fantastic I have to mention it on here.

Thanks to a short mention on Malinda Lo's blog, I impulse-bought the ebook of The Difference Between You and Me (Kindle, Nook) last night, and started reading it right away. I very nearly stayed up all night with it, but frankly I was overcome with feeeeelings and needed a break.

It's hilarious, for one thing; the main characters and the backing cast are all passionate (I'd say passion--sexual and otherwise--is a major theme), and of course, the excesses of passion can be pretty fucking funny. The intersection of the competing passions and ambitions is by turns poignant and humorous, and, of course, there's a certain amount of laughter inherent in reading any novel about teens from an adult perspective. They're so EARNEST, omg. It's adorable.

But it's more than just funny; it's got things to say about life, death, politics, and war, none of which is dealt with heavy-handedly. The characters are living their lives, interacting with all of this stuff, and where it intersects, they deal.

Warnings (some are spoilers) )

Oh, and here's the Malinda Lo line that made me go and buy it right away: "Madeleine George’s The Difference Between You and Me is about two girls, Jesse and Emily, who come from very different social circles and political beliefs, yet find time to make out together once a week in the library’s bathroom." I KNOW RIGHT. Surely you can see why I had to read it ASAP.

Speaking of which, I am as always very very open to recs of other good lesbian/queer-girls fiction. Always! \o/

Coming Out

Oct. 13th, 2011 01:05 pm
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Okay, I am late on National Coming Out Day, but I've been enjoying everyone else's posts so much I thought I'd drop a short one of my own.

My basic policy is that I come out to everyone. Obviously I can't literally achieve that--I don't stop strangers on the street to tell them (and I pass, these days, so I'm not passively telling them, either)--but I try not to get too far into any conversation without dropping some kind of lesbian signal.

Typically my methods are:
A) Why I Came To Canada: new people always want to know why I moved here. Saying "I can get married here" is more or less accurate, and instantly conveys my sexuality.
B) Girlfriend or ex-girlfriend mentions (depending on my relationship status at the time): This one's easy and usually folds naturally into some funny story.
C) Crush discussions: a lot of new knit-night attendants, especially, end up talking about hot actors, etc. Dropping a few hot actresses isn't foolproof, but it gets the conversation going.

And this story remains, by far, my favorite ever coming-out story. It still warms my heart just thinking about it, and it is definitely representative of the reason I think it's important that I come out to as many people I interact with as possible.

Oh, ffs

Oct. 7th, 2011 03:08 pm
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Because I keep seeing this, and it keeps pissing me off, here's what Maurice Sendak said about ebooks in a recent Guardian interview:

"I hate them. It's like making believe there's another kind of sex. There isn't another kind of sex. There isn't another kind of book! A book is a book is a book.

1. There isn't another kind of sex?
So ... what defines this singular kind of sex, then? Here's a guess: [redacted because [personal profile] sara pointed out in the comments that Sendak is openly gay--awesome, did not know that!]

Now that [personal profile] sara's pointed it out, however, I am about a thousand times more curious about what the actual fuck he thinks the "one kind of sex" is. Penetration? Two people having orgasms? Kissing and genital contact? No matter what, I'm still going with "uh, no, dude. Way more than one."

2. If there isn't another kind of book ... then ebooks are the same as paper books.
Logic fail much, dude? If there's only one kind of book, then ta-da, ebooks are that kind of book. Guess that was easy.

3. So what does he think about audiobooks? Books printed in Braille? Graphic novels?
Even leaving aside the enormous accessibility advantages ebooks can provide (ereader font size can be dialed up to "enormous"; the average ereader is much lighter than a hardcover and many are lighter than the average mmpb; they can be easily operated one-handed; etc), there have been lots of kinds of books for a very long time. His own most famous work isn't what most of us think of when we think about paper books: it's an oversized format, and notable for its images as much as for its words. So why exactly is he throwing stones, here?

4. Seriously, though, about that sex thing.
Just--no. No. No. No. No. No. As a dyke and a BDSM enthusiast and just as a person who likes experimenting with sex or even knowing that other people experiment with sex--there are unlimited kinds of sex, actually. Sorry about your life, Sendak, if you've only ever experienced one.
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The only thing I have penis envy for is tit-fucking.
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Getting there )


Matt & Kim )


We. Met. Ray. And he remembered us from the audience! )

And then we all waited long enough to see Mikey and Frank go by in golf carts, and then went back to our various digs. [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I ended up staying up for another hour or two just repeating the phrase "oh my God, that was so fucking amazing" over and over and over (technically there was more conversation than that, but I swear we must have each said that, like, a KABILLION times. Approximately). Because it WAS.

ALL THE FUZZY MCR FEELINGS. And now I'm going to go reread [livejournal.com profile] brooklinegirl's Wave Two BBB and then, like, everything [livejournal.com profile] desfinado has ever written. ALL THE MCR FIC SHALL BE BELONG TO ME.

(Also. Feel free to rec Ray porn and Ray fic in general to me. NOW IS THE TIME.)


BTW--today is the anniversary of the Art is the Weapon trailer, which also means it's the anniversary of [personal profile] mistresscurvy getting into bandom. As she was the one who dragged me in along with her (for which I am extremely grateful!), this is also a fairly great This Day in History for me, too. Yay bandom; I love all y'all. Let's keep doing this thing we do.
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It's my own fault for hanging out on tumblr, where the average age is about 14. But.

The tumblr branch of bandom? Is full of people who think that it's A) okay, and B) hilarious to call each other (and everyone else) "faggot." They see absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, a number of them have decided that people in Panic fandom should be referred to collectively as "faggots." Because ... well, their logic isn't exactly sound, but take stage gay and add teenage idiocy and you come up with that basic result, apparently.

One particular individual created a really quite lovely set of gifs of Spencer Smith drumming ... and then titled it something like "here's a bunch of Spencer drumming gifs, so now you can calm down, fags!" Someone told her off; a bunch of other people agreed with that person (though I can't say the numbers were with the side of good, here); and then she started talking about it on her blog. And a group of us were horrified together on Twitter and then tried to talk some sense into her and, to be honest, miserably failed. She was absolutely unwilling to consider changing her ways.

Anyway. I know she's a teenager and she'll be less stupid eventually; I know I can take myself off tumblr; I know it's--actually, fuck this whole list. We know that whatever her age, she's contributing to an atmosphere of casual homophobia. We know that hate speech shouldn't be allowed to drive people away from public spaces (and yes, I and several others reported her to tumblr for said hate speech--especially after she laughed at a number of "asks" that used the n word). It's wrong, and I don't really care if we failed to have an effect on her, because it still all needed to be said, and I know that there were other people out there, watching, who weren't so resistant to change.

I don't really have a conclusion. It didn't conclude. Probably she'll get shut down but all the other ones will keep calling everyone "faggots" and thinking that's just normal and acceptable behaviour, because in most places it is, because in most places we actually really haven't won. I wish that weren't the case.
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Being relatively new to bandom (thank you, Danger Days, for improving my life so immeasurably), there is always stuff that is new to me, even though it's old news to the world.

Yesterday I hit a real treasure trove of new-to-me old stuff (and I don't mean [livejournal.com profile] bexless putting all her fic up at AO3, although THAT TOO).

If you already knew that Spencer and Jon, and Spencer by himself, have given interviews to Out Magazine, then you can skip this cut tag. If not, AWESOMENESS AWAITS. )

In conclusion, ugh, I love them. They don't always say everything exactly right, but I very much like the way that Spencer tries to convey "men should be allowed to do things like what we do without being assumed to be gay," and at the same time, "SO WHAT IF WE ARE." Because yes, to both of those things.

Spencer Smith appreciation life, y'all.
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So I was doing a little survey of my own porny fic, for, uh, no reason at all, and I realized that somehow I don't seem to have ever seriously written bruise-pressing as a featured kink. This Gabe/Travie has a reasonable bit of it, but not enough.

Seriously, this would be like [personal profile] cherrybina suddenly discovering she's never actually posted a story with jailbait kink. I am just saying, this is the kink that makes me glad I'm clumsy.

So yeah. Putting THAT on the to-write list.

In other news! Here, go leave a disparaging comment on this blog post about an incredibly racist wedding. Just please don't be the ones in the comments being all "how come we can call this racist but it's okay to say things about white people!" plz.

I am reading a fabulous book called Holding Still For As Long As Possible, which is VERY Toronto and very riveting and the main characters are a trans guy and three queer women, but it's not about that, it's about being in your mid-twenties and dealing with friendships and relationships and your career and money and neighborhood changes and roommates and mental illness and coffee and cigarettes and puppies. It's just fantastic.
(Non-genre lit, entwined-stories-style novel, 300pp, female author, Canadian, and I just now found out it won the Lambda Literary Foundation Award for Transgender Fiction, so.)

Finally, if you like Cascade yarns (and you know you do), their prices are going up on Friday due to rising costs. If you're thinking of stocking up ahead of that, I really can't over-recommend Cascade Heritage Silk (which is a ridiculously affordable 85% wool/15% silk 4-ply fingering-weight gorgeousness in a range of solids).

Just saying

Jul. 2nd, 2011 09:09 pm
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So I imagine everyone saw that Brendon Urie got nearly naked on stage night before last?

And it was glorious )

But here is the part I've been wondering since it happened, and that photo is HQ enough for me to verify: he is, indeed, wearing 2Xist boxer briefs.

In other words, he is wearing, like, the official boxer briefs of Pride, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Just. This makes me ridiculously happy. From now on bi Brendon is totally my new canon, and I shall not be swayed. (I'm thinking that Shane introduced him to them, yes? Yes? Good, we are all in agreement.)

ETA: And [personal profile] fictionalaspect points out that he also seems to be VERY manscaped. Just saying.

::does a little happy dance::

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So I have managed to be traveling or otherwise tied up (er ... not like that. Maybe next year!) for every single Pride in every city I've lived in since I've been an adult.

Last year I was in North Carolina, ffs, at the straightest wedding on the planet. The year before that I was in a car all day, and the year before that my parents were in town (and I accidentally ended up sitting with my mother inside a pub with the dyke march almost visible through the windows, which was ... slightly awkward. #nudity #andmymother #justsaying).


And I got to go with [personal profile] amazonziti and [personal profile] mistresscurvy, who are basically the best possible people to do anything at all with. This also meant that, yk, I was basically attending this gay event in the most lesbian way possible: with my ex-girlfriend. ::bows:: Oh, and she ran into an ex-girlfriend from college, because THAT IS HOW THE QUEER COMMUNITY ROLLS, MOTHERFUCKER. \o/

Okay, pictures! Just imagine 90% of these with "Born this Way" playing in the background, because holy shit did that terrible fucking song get played over. And over. And over. One of the times I did a little dance of joy because I thought they were playing Madonna, but, of course, it was not.



In conclusion:
BEST SIGN: "NY said Yes." Simple and lovely!
BEST T-SHIRTS: "Our next march is down the aisle"--there were a million of these, and they all said "Marriage Equality June 2011" on the back. Those were either printed in hope or very, very fast.
BEST FLOAT: Definitely the one for The Door, which had a phenomenal DJ and got the crowd dancing and going wild
BEST GROUP NAME: The Flaggots, an awesome flag-dancing troupe
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So, uh. It actually turned out not to be all that hard to find a nice woman (or in point of fact, two) to consensually hit me a little (lot) bit.

Bit weird, definitely--not sure play parties are really my thing? But for now, it hit the spot. Pun intended.
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THIS IS SUCH A HAPPY MOMENT TO BE A LESBIAN, I CAN'T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE TO POST MY BABY LESBIANS. Luckily it's pretty much midnight. And it TOTALLY is Saturday just one time zone over.

So. My bandom big bang, featuring the kind of high school baby lesbian I in no way was, but if I had been, I hope I would have been like Spencer and Brendon. <33333333 PS STILL CRYING ABOUT NEW YORK CAN YOU TELL <3333333

Bandom Big Bang site post

The fic, on AO3

And I am SO happy with the mixes and art, I can't even tell you.

Art )

First Mix: Echoes on and on )

Second Mix )


Jun. 24th, 2011 11:32 pm
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The last time a marriage equality bill came before the New York State Senate, the result made me cry.

They just made me cry again but this time I'm really, really fucking happy.

I even found out in a wonderful way: coming out of a 9pm movie, dropped my sister at her subway entrance and, just outside my own, overheard a couple of gay men saying it.
Me: "They passed it?!"
Them: "Yes!"
Me: ::incoherent squeal of joy:: ::worst attempt at a high-five ever::

I just. You guys. I know I don't live here anymore, but--but if I want to, I can get married in my parents' back yard some day. And that means so much to me.


And Pride is going to be fucking AMAZING now, holy shit.
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There now exists, in the world, a picture of my girlfriend standing with Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith.*

I will clearly never need porn again.

*Also Dallon and Ian and [personal profile] amazonziti, all of whom I love! ... but will not be jerking off to.
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This mixtape from Angel Haze, a bi teenager who's basically singing all the things that I love from Young Money ("I'm the best, seriously though I'm the best, no really you can't believe how awesome I am") except it's a lot cooler from a young bi woman than from Weezy, ykwim? Try Fall For Your Type and Make It Raee'n!
NB: strong language, sexual content, etc. NSFW. Also, not background music, really--you probably want to listen to her.
("Bitches on my dick 'cause I'm also a bisexual! ... bitches on my dick 'cause I got game like Sega!" C'mon, that's just awesome.)

Graphic novels:
(sidenote: when did I become the kind of person who has a graphic novels section of ANYTHING? I blame Gerard for this.)

If you've read Umbrella Academy (and omg, it's amazing), here's part one of six of Gerard Way at Comic-Con talking about the next volume and about the upcoming Killjoys comic. Also, Mikey is there, being adorable. And he makes a slashfic joke that ISN'T ABOUT SLASHFIC BEING BAD OR EVIL.
Adorableness! )

Next, this kind of thing is half of why I read The Hairpin. (The other half is this--don't miss the comments, they're excellent.) Looks like a phenomenal graphic novel, but really, there's nothing I can say that sells it better than those excerpts--although the Amazon reviews sure try, wow.

ETA: lol, "Weezy" is the rapper, "Wheezy" is the Toy Story penguin with the broken squeaker. Sliiiightly confusing spelling error, there, me.
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So! I went to Toronto's sixth annual Feminist Porn Awards on Friday night, with a friend who loved last year's (she very much enjoys mingling with porn stars).

The crowd was awesome--it boasted the most queer women, and definitely the most genderqueer people, that I've seen in a long time. Most everyone had dressed for the event, one way or another, and it was basically a big feast for the eyes.

The awards ceremony, though, was ... weird.

Preface and description part. )

The weirdness part. )

Anyway. Those are my best theories, but I am kind of fascinated by my reaction, now. Anyone else have the experience of being seriously turned off by porn featuring things they love in fic and/or real life? What do you think makes the difference?

(PS I also find the production values a huge distraction and omfg do I ever wish they'd shoot on film instead of video. This is also why I can't watch Doctor Who. So there you go: the intersection of Doctor Who and porn. You're welcome. ;)

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Muskrat was great! I really can't possibly describe the whole weekend, so I will follow [personal profile] merisunshine36's example and list some highlights:

--the crafts table, which I kind of thought was stupid and then discovered is AMAZING. The icon is a sample of my work. I HAVE EXPRESSED MY FEELINGS ABOUT JON WALKER IN THE FORM OF GOOGLY EYES AND STICKER LETTERS YOU GUYS.

--the anal panel, about which I mostly just want to set up an easy That's What He Said joke but I will refrain. It was excellent.

--the dance party! omg you guys, my calves hurt SO MUCH right now and it is SO WORTH IT. Being able to dance to Guilty Pleasure and If I Had You and (Planetary) Go with a room full of fangirls? EXCELLENT. Also the drinks were very good and the company was better, and I got to go home with the sexiest woman in the room.

--the bandom history panel was eye-opening. ALL OF THE DRAMAS and awesomeness! Is there a collection of wanks stored somewhere so that I can go gawk years after the fact?

--the panel on fandom outside of LJ really helped me solidify the content that I like from each of the outlets that I use (twitter, tumblr, here, delicious, etc). Very interesting.

--I got a shit-ton of knitting done.

--[personal profile] amazonziti gave me YET ANOTHER great fic idea that I kind of can't help wanting to write. This is basically her new goal in my life, I suspect. DAMMIT Z. ::writes::

--I was dubconned into watching Alias by [personal profile] mistresscurvy. It turns out to be fabulous, damn her.

--we somehow lucked into an INCREDIBLE hotel room, a big suite with a California King. This made the fact that she also got a bunch of other people* watching Alias easier, as we could sit four across and watch one laptop. Some cuddling was required to make it work, but I'm always happy to take that one for the team.
*like the lovely [personal profile] merisunshine36 and the fabulous [personal profile] desfinado!

Also I got to have a really lovely dinner and hang-out with my kid sister, and a really great phone call with my bff, some really fabulous time with my [personal profile] mistresscurvy, and a fun lunch with one of her brothers.
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So I'm in this cab coming home (drunk) from knit night, and the cabbie and I are talking about differences between American and Canadian culture, infrastructure, and laws, with an emphasis on New York and Toronto.

I, like I do*, make it clear in the course of this conversation that the person I'm always traveling to NYC to see is my girlfriend, yes like that.
*All the time. I make no bones about it, I totally DO rub my sexuality in people's faces, and I will continue to do so as long as straight is the automatic assumption.

I don't, of course, know how the cabbie will react. I know he's a very recent immigrant (September 2008) from Pakistan; I know that we've been talking about the feeling of community and about public transit, not about social politics.

Then he says, hesitantly: "The laws here in Canada are very good for--for people like us."

That's why I come out to everyone. Because I don't always know that other people are like us, and they don't always know I'm like us, and we need that us.

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