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Jan. 24th, 2012 10:07 pm
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Today I had the initial interview with my first real new client--not brought over from Evil Old Firm, but just mine. And apparently the referral to me, from a lawyer I know a little, was INCREDIBLY glowing; her exact phrase was "he went on for ten minutes about you!" which I'm certain is an exaggeration, but STILL. And then I got another call, ANOTHER new client--two in two days!--saying a different source had recommended me highly. You guys, I think this "owning my own firm" business is ... actually going to work.

On top of that, our landlord FINALLY came through with all the stuff he's been promising; he got the lights, electricity, and heat working in our fourth office, replaced all the office carpets with lovely new ones, and otherwise spruced up the place (or, okay, brought in workers to do those things). AND Bell and our phone guys came, and now we have phones and a fax line and internet that isn't stolen!

And even more than that, I had a wonderful last date with M., who again managed to make me smile even while she was telling me she's too busy to keep dating me. It's not my best break-up ever ([personal profile] mistresscurvy holds that title forever), but it was definitely the loveliest dumping I've ever had. And she's keeping me in her phone book--maybe someday!

And THEN I went on OKC and messaged a couple of cute girls, and one got right back to me and is a fangirl and totally spotted my ~subtle bandom references, and all my partners called me from our brand-new phone line and left an adorable message on my phone, and basically: life is wonderful.


Dec. 12th, 2011 08:20 pm
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I am still very very very caught up in planning the firm (oh my god I'm about to be a partner in a law firm, WHAT IS MY LIFE), but I couldn't let this pass me by, because it made me all heart-warmed and shit:

screenshot of AO3 showing 100 kudos on the story Follow My Lead

100 kudos on Follow My Lead! This is my first story to hit that milestone (although Breakfast Served All Day is getting close), and it's just an awesome awesome thing to see. I feel very Sally Fields right now.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful fandom Monday!
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This morning, three colleagues and I decided to form a Continental Congress and declare our intention to begin a revolution against our King George. We met in secret and signed our Declaration, and we presented it with every expectation that we would be, if not actually slaughtered on the battlefield, definitely fired on the spot.

Instead, King George ... was thrilled. And told us we could anticipate a cut-rate price for buying the colonies.

So. Sometime in the next few months, my name is going on the door of a law firm, along with my Madison, Adams, and Jefferson. We are so fucking baller.

(I fail at Canadian metaphors, but it was actually an entirely Canadian event.)

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So after three years of law school, two months of Bar studying, two days of testing, ten months of articling, and two hours of brain-melting ceremony, I became a lawyer in the Province of Ontario at about 10:28 this morning.

Emotions: mixed (one part "awesome," two parts "I basically already was, c'mon"). However, I put in an order after the ceremony for custom-tailored wool litigation robes, which only lawyers are allowed to wear at court, and about those I feel 100% positive and excited. So, on the whole, I'll take it.

ETA: omg awwwww. )

ETA 2: ALSO! Just remembered. I had to swear allegiance to the Queen, AGAIN. That's twice, Canada. I'm keeping track. #stupid #notourqueen #revolutiontime #iwillhappilysweartotheflag #orthenation #orbeaver #imeanbeavers


Jun. 3rd, 2011 07:36 pm
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My articling term is over! I have completed all of the requirements to be admitted to the Bar in Ontario! I just have to go in tomorrow to sign the rolls (apparently actually a binder--how déclassé!) and then show up in barrister's robes for the Call, and I'm a lawyer.*

*Arguably also I have to pay yet more fees and get insured to REALLY be a lawyer, but we're ignoring that part today.

Here is the utterly adorable gift my office gave each of the articling students at the not-very-surprising surprise party today:

Barrister's robes wine bottle

It's wine with barrister's robes! ADORABLE. Little things like this are such a wonderful part of working in an office full of women. I miss that already.


Feb. 21st, 2011 10:05 pm
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Sometimes--lots of the time, the last few years--I am so happy and fulfilled and overflowing with love that I can't stop smiling.
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I really hated law school. Like, a lot. I liked my life during law school, and I liked my clinic work, and my friends, and Toronto, and biking everywhere, but law school itself just absolutely blew. I mean, it sucked. The people were mostly assholes, almost everything we did was designed to train law professors rather than lawyers, and the stuff that was easy made me feel guilty (not smart) while the stuff that wasn't easy made me feel stupid (not challenged). For three years I organized my life around the concept of spending as little time in those two buildings as I could get away with.

So perhaps you will understand when I say I had some niggling concerns about The Law, as this thing I was planning to be in for the rest of my life.

I don't really have those anymore. At all. I had kind of a boring weekend--the kind of weekend that makes me go, "Oh, shit, I am a boring person, DO SOMETHING AWESOME ASAP" (knitting a Bohus is awesome, right? ... right? ::crickets::)--and I just kept thinking, Can it be Monday now? I get to go to court on Monday. I get to be in court all day on Monday. I don't know who the judge will be, that's exciting. Maybe it'll be one I like. Maybe it'll be someone new and I can try to impress them. Maybe it'll be one I don't like and I'll have to strategize to get the results I want.

And then Monday came and it was awesome and I drove home smiling, like I drive home smiling every Monday, and most Tuesdays, and some Thursdays--because those are my court days, and court makes me smile. I am *good* at court. I *win* at court. And I probably can't get hired back at this job because Dalton McGuinty thinks it sounds good to say you're not hiring any more government lawyers, but I am good at this and I am enthusiastic about this and I will get another job that will make me smile on my Monday commute.
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Graduated from law school

Studied for, took, and passed the Ontario Barrister and Solicitor examinations

Transitioned from my student permit to a brand-new work permit, gaining an entirely new status in Canada

Worked the first five months of my ten-month articling contract

Appeared in courts for four cities, including both Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice levels in one of those cities

Handled approximately 200 files in said courts, meaning dealing with about 160 individuals and about 40 "no-shows"

Drafted some cool affidavits, including one that resulted in a single mother receiving a cheque for more than $25,000 in back child support

Took a two-week driving trip across the Atlantic Provinces

Me in Cape Breton

Met and ensnared the delightful [personal profile] mistresscurvy, and am coming up on six months of wonderful long-distance romance with her

Made radical changes to my sexual self-image, holy fucking shit \o/

Saw Adam Lambert in concert three times, in three different cities: Toronto, Montreal (St-Jean), and New Orleans

Saw My Chemical Romance twice, in New York and Toronto

Saw Miike Snow in Toronto, Janelle Monae in Buffalo, and Catherine Russell in Rochester

Spent eight weekends in New York City

Attended an orgy, participated in a booty call, and got my nipples pierced

Volunteered for eight Saturdays filling out tax returns for low-income individuals

Appeared on the CBC, albeit as a background voice/audience member

Leased a car, and acquired car, renter's, and life insurance

Was stupendously happy
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So my post-law-school vacation was totally awesome. But I have to say, this employment thing? Is not half bad. And they PAY me to do it. I mean, that's just pretty damn cool, right there.

I mean, check back in twenty years and we'll see how I'm feeling about work, but right now this steady-predictable-schedule, paycheck-earning, colleague-camaraderie thing is pretty great.

(And it helps that I've made plans to spend every other weekend with my girlfriend, in my city or hers or a third. It's hard not to be pleased with a job that lets me jet off to New Orleans for a three-day weekend and fly to NYC a few weeks after that. Yay for not-working-through-the-weekends. Dear government service: you are awesome. So glad I didn't apply to Bay Street firms.)

Despite having to buy a car (bleah) and all that sort of real-life jazz, I am feeling pretty fucking set, here. ::squishes my job::
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Many things in my Bar materials flummox me (I'm reading the Business law section, so that's 250 pages of one part flummox, three parts RAGE over all the ways rich people are legally screwing Canadian society).

But this:
"LIBOR--this is the London Interbank Offered Rate, which is a rate of interest for U.S. dollars in the London Interbank Eurocurrency Market calculated on the basis of a 360-day year."

Calculated on the basis of a 360-day year. So, calculated on the basis of NONREALITY.


If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go set up a currency market that calculates the rate of interest for the Canadian dollar on the basis of its liquidity on Mars.
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I guess I shouldn't be surprised that an illustrated post about Adam Lambert's penis draws more comments than almost anything else I write about. Please know that you are welcome to talk about Adam Lambert's penis in the comments of anything I write, even if it's 100% off-topic. Adam Lambert's penis is welcome in my space, as long as "space" isn't a euphemism.

In other news, Bar prep has finally started in earnest. 115 pages today; about 75-100 planned each day for the next five. The exam is in ten, so I've got room for error.
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Of all the confused portrayals of lawyerly behaviour out there, the one that really makes me cringe is this: the lawyer, her client, and the other party all having a totally unstructured "mediation" in the lawyer's office, with no one else in attendance, and the lawyer advising both parties.

Not only is that a really sketchy ethical idea on about 14 levels, but IMO it would be absolute hell to try to manage emotionally, much less legally. How do you keep your client believing that you're on her side when you're advising the other side? Answer: you can't. She will sue you. And since it was all verbal and with no witnesses, good luck defending yourself.

I'd honestly take ten "sleeping with client/judge/juror/other lawyer" scenarios over one of these, because at least the general public comprehends sexual misconduct. They don't see the problem with Bette and Tina arguing in Joyce Wyshnia's office.
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Looooooong day in court. Main take-away lesson: you can get away with a truly vile display of smugness as long as you do it after the order has been made. Seriously, a high-five? A really loud, smacking high-five, in front of the judge? Who raised these people?

Oh, wait, I know who raised them. And that's why we think their access should be restricted. If only they'd high-fived before the order was made.

Ah, well. I have a coffee date on Thursday, so that's something, anyway.
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Sometimes you just get a jolt.

I was so not prepared to be reminded that people hate me and think I'm an inferior parent or a pedophile because I'm gay. )

It's a mark of my privilege--race, class, location, profession--that I can be brought up short by what's hardly the worst reminder of homophobia out there. But you know what? It still really fucking sucks.

It really fucking sucks that every other student just got on with class, and I sat there for two hours thinking about how many people would try to take a kid away from me, or try to prevent me from having one in the first place, or not let me around their kids.

And it really fucking sucks that none of them said a single fucking word to support me when I was shocked and fumbling.
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I know I'm the only one, but I just love when 100-graf decisions begin with the phrase, "This application came before me by way of a 14B motion."

14B motions are the one-page form used in Ontario family courts for matters which are "procedural, unopposed, or uncomplicated."

Obviously, someone thought wrong.
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The more research I do in my field, the more I suspect that keeping a copy of every single article my Evidence professor has ever written may actually be my best tack. I can't even keep track of how often she's been cited by the courts, and goodness knows I've used her stuff in pleadings many a time myself.

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