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-lived in Italy for four months
-lost 50 pounds
-was accepted to the only law school to which I applied
-worked full-time for three months and part-time for one month
-opened a retirement account
-knit one sweater, one lace shawl, one pair of thrummed mittens, one pair of camel mittens, two pairs of convertible mittens, two lace scarves, one wrap, one pair of fingerless mittens, and nineteen pairs of socks
-bought a wheel and learned to spin
-won a blue ribbon for some orange three-ply yarn
-took classes on Italian art history, Latin writers, Greco-Roman mythology, modern Italian history, work/family issues, modern Middle Eastern history, Petrarch and Boccaccio, and a senior seminar in Classics
-visited London and York (and De Gaulle airport, three times)
-visited Ostia Antica, Nettuno, Tivoli, Titignano, Todi, Torino (Turin), Naples, Pompeii, Florence, etc
-took 3000 photos
-got to see Olympic hockey and ice dancing
-apparently had the following conversation (in York):
Laurel: "Watch that step, it's slippery."
Me: "You're like my sherpa. We should get you a yak!"
Laurel: "No one's ever told me I needed a yak before."
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Sometimes I really miss Rome.

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Somehow, in the course of being abroad and mostly reading the sections of the Italian papers that dealt with crime in Naples (let me tell you - that's a big chunk of the paper), I've become one of those people who gets most of her news from The Daily Show.

Apparently Mexico has just legalized drugs. All of them.

It's a funny ol' world, innit?
ETA: According to Google news, V. Fox flip-flopped on the drug thing. I won't say I'm upset - but it really would've been amusing. Almost as funny as Cheney shooting another old guy in the face.

PS for Laurel and Daniel: he made a D&D joke. You probably would have appreciated it more than I did.
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although in fact I'm on a train in Yorkshire.

G'bye, York! For those who've never had the chance to visit Daniel (or, limited one-semester package offer, Laurel), it's a wonderful city, surprisingly packed with museums and sites worth seeing, lovely gardens, and good eats.

I had a wonderful time; I won't get to see Laurel again until mid-summer, and I may not see Daniel for quite a while. I hope I thanked them both profusely enough for a really, really wonderful trip.

I'll be back in London by 19:30 (2:30pm EST) and on my way to a hotel in the Kensigton District that's giving me a room that's pretty cheap even by American standards (England: v. v. v. expensive. Two dollars to the pound ... but nothing's "half-price," believe me!).

Fingers crossed, I'll be home tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, and ... I'm a senior now, baby.
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It's day 110 of my time in Rome and I leave in half an hour.

Number of lines I stood in at Fiumicino airport today: 7 (and one for the train to the plane)
Number of cancellations, gate changes, flight changes, delays etc: 5 (one was my fault)
Approximate hours spent in lines: 2 (maybe 3)
Time difference between planned flight and actual: 1 hour
Time difference between earliest flight I was booked on and actual: 3 hours
Time already spent in transit by the time I was on a plane: 4.5 hours
Chances I'll miss my connection and end up standing in many, many more lines at De Gaulle: 1 in 1

G'bye, Rome. When a 4am wake-up is the best part of the day, it's been a terrible, awful, horrible, no-good day.

(This was posted three days later, thanks to Internet availability)
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My favorite professor bought me sock yarn.

I mean, yes, I gave her sock yarn, but still. Totally unexpected, totally cool. I'm so glad the Myth class is making her a necklace.

And she's agreed to write recommendations for me when the time comes.

And none of this raises my opinion of her becuase there's NOWHERE TO GO FROM HERE. She was already the best.
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Italian cable socks
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Maybe I should give up and just make this an all-photo journal.

Finished another pair of socks. This is, in fact, pair #10. I only have 6, because I'm too damn generous.

Apparently I missed a partial eclipse yesterday. How many of you remember that one from - what was it, fourth grade? Thaat was AMAZING.
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I ask you - is this not the most perfect fried egg EVER?

That skillet was totally worth the 7 Euros. And I'm taking it home with me, even if I have to leave other things behind.
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Hmm. My Accidental Job has one very big drawback. )

Also, anyone know why there were fireworks last night? I'm fairly certain it wasn't an Italian holiday, and they weren't over the Vatican so not religious either ....
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Didn't we all know it would come to this? I'm a librarian.

My Accidental Job starts today. )

Miss y'all!


Mar. 2nd, 2006 01:53 am
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Is it just me, or has the artist dressed Petrarch like the nurse from Romeo and Juliet?

Show some respect, people!

Went to Florence yesterday (and Monday, too); this is outside the Uffizzi Gallery.

Ask me about my run-in with bird flu!


Feb. 20th, 2006 09:58 am
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I'm back!

I'm not sure whether to lean on super-super-happy-excitement so as to avoid seeming to take the trip for granted, or tend toward a quick "Oh-it-was-lovely-how-was-your-weekend?" so as to avoid putting out anyone who wanted to go but couldn't/didn't.

Hmm, I think I'll go with the former.


I just bought the pattern for the Torino sweater. I'm totally making one for myself.


Feb. 18th, 2006 05:58 pm
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I leave for the train station in two hours.

Here's hoping I don't get lost, get robbed, miss a train (and, therefore, either an event or a midterm), or freeze to death.

Someone convince my stomach that stress pains AREN'T HELPFUL.

Wonder why I'm so freaked? Oh, well.

Update on Monday about how cool the ice dancing, if perhaps not the hockey, will have been.
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What the hell is wrong with the world that Monaco sent as many athletes to the Olympics as India? I mean, I get that India has nothing to prove - and that it's, you know, hot there - but still. Come on.

Follow-up: OK, those opening ceremonies were pretty damned cool. That dove thing is sticking with me. And Yoko Ono, too. Maybe not the car, though.

Teensy jug

Feb. 9th, 2006 05:18 pm
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Teensy jug
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I'm celebrating having all my photos and files back where they belong by forcing a photo on my friends. Hmm.

Anyway, this is one of about a hundred billion cool things I saw in three hours at the Vatican Museums yesterday.
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I actually don't hope to remember everything from this trip. I certainly want to remember my classes, my visits to amazing monuments and historic towns, my gained Italian, the nice people I've met, etc.

However, I'd like to start forgetting that I know the meaning of the word "pregaming" any time now.
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Well, gee, I can now say I've been to a party with drugs and that I've been propositioned (to be fair, I think the latter was because he'd run out of conversation).

The roommates had four Italian boys over for dinner. It was fun being the most bilingual person at the table (forget what everyone says about all Europeans learning English early!) and hearing both sides of all the confused conversations, and kind of fun being the on-call translator, but actually spending time with these somewhat slimy Italian guys, who spent the whole meal trying to convince my roommates to visit their houses (Italian code for "sleep with me")? Not so fun. Blissfully short, though; the building has a curfew, and although Marcella convinced the porter to give them an extra half hour, they were still gone by 11:30.

If you think drug laws in the US are strict, you should see the ones here. So it freaks the hell out of me that they had something out on the balcony. I'm going to be VERY CLEAR to the roommates about my feelings. I think Krissy's on my side, especially once I filled her in about the laws; Marcella brushed it off like an alcoholic being told he's had too much (she's been arrested for driving under that influence - you know, if I'd been ARRESTED I wouldn't TELL people about it!).

All in all, a stressful evening. But I enjoyed the Italian practice.
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This is from the last "school trip," to Todi, a beautiful medieval hill town in Umbria. Tomorrow is the next trip, to Hadrian's Villa and the Villa d'Este. I can't wait!

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