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So my kid sister has a cool work event tomorrow, and for that event she's baking delicious things at my apartment. Only I don't so much have baking things (of any kind), so we went to Gristedes.

And then this happened.

Cut for fat shaming and general WTF-ery )
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My recent ten-day drive across the Maritimes was, not to put too fine a point on it, the best trip I've ever taken. I'm away from my camera cord, so I probably will never get around to posting a real recap? But it was amazing in every possible way, and my appreciation for Canada, and for the friend I was traveling with, and for singing Kesha at the top of our lungs in the car, has been increased a thousandfold.

Now I'm chilling at my parents' in the States (I came here to get my wisdom teeth out while I'm still under their dental insurance--mostly healed now!). Very relaxing, although I'm starting to fret a little about my articling job. Not the job itself, really, but lawyerly wardrobe requirements (THANK YOU, huge Macy's sale!), the unknown status of my work-permit application*, the chance that when I cross back into Canada the border guard is seriously concerned about the fact that my current residence permit expires at the end of August, the fact that I have to buy a car for the first time, etc, etc.

*OK. Realistically? Yes, I will receive a work permit, and I will receive it before my current permit runs out. But it would be so seriously, horrendously bad for me to NOT receive it that I think my level of concern over the matter is justified. Maybe.

So I am distracting myself with Twitter (thank you, Adam Lambert fandom, for bringing the best people into my life) and with new Jim Hines and Naomi Novik, and with the Kradam Big Bang, for which it's, ahem, possible that I may have written a little something.

Basically: sort of back, but mostly just lazing around reading fanfic and not engaging with the world on a DW-post-worthy level.
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Had a pre-wisdom-teeth-removal information session slash exam this morning. Good news is I only have two wisdom teeth and they're ripe for removal. Bad news is, well, surgery, ugh, but I knew that was coming.

Cut for insurance company logic and mildly graphic description of surgery )

Insurance company logic: definitely an oxymoron.
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The problem with eating way better is that my body now angrily rejects stuff I used to have no trouble eating, like anything more than very small amounts of sugar.

If it's sugar plus fat (like cake--oh, god, cake, it has horrible associations now), the result is particularly unfortunate.

I swear, this time last year I could have eaten the whole freaking pan of baklava and felt fine. Now one leftover incomplete triangle has me groaning and clutching my poor beleaguered stomach.