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Third year of running (with partners) my law firm
Hired a fantastic law clerk--we're about to make her full-time
Expanding to a much larger office where we can add up to three new associates
Managed the office when Partner S took a three-week trip
Got all my shit DONE for our holiday closure despite trial pressures

Argued two and a half trials totalling 15 days
Won the two complete ones
Won an order that still makes other family lawyers say "wait, WHAT?" from one trial
Innumerable motions and conferences as ever
Took on my first Hague Convention case
Filled in as staff family lawyer at my old clinic for most of the summer
Improved my efforts to bond with local lawyers--even got a holiday-party invite from one

Took a three-month part-time course in Dispute Resolution
Took a two-week course in Family Mediation
(Spent a goddamn fortune on the above)

Spent some fantastic time with my wonderful kid sister
Great family time in general: long weekend in a cottage near Kingston, Saturday in a hammock in my parents' backyard, wonderful Christmas break

Started seriously saving for retirement
Got serious disability insurance
Changed car insurance companies
Bought a dining table and chairs
Generally did a bunch of "aw shit I'm a real adult" things

Made another attempt at learning guitar (well, two more attempts) (I think it might stick this time)
Had a burst of sweater-finishing energy and can now wear several former WIPs
Managed the awards and trophies for the dog club
Volunteered with the literacy program for a spring and a fall session
Assisted a few dog classes

Read 175 new-to-me books and reread a few favourites
Attended my best friend's wedding
Spent a lovely weekend with her and her new husband in DC
Dated a dude for a while O_O that was a strange interlude in my life
Saw a Nine Inch Nails concert (did I mention the strange interlude?)

Saw One Direction two nights in a row ... again
Stayed obsessed with Nick
And with Harry and Zayn
Kiiinda dropped the other three
Developed a truly glorious love for Taylor Swift and her harem of pretty, pretty ladyfriends

Best day

Jan. 24th, 2012 10:07 pm
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Today I had the initial interview with my first real new client--not brought over from Evil Old Firm, but just mine. And apparently the referral to me, from a lawyer I know a little, was INCREDIBLY glowing; her exact phrase was "he went on for ten minutes about you!" which I'm certain is an exaggeration, but STILL. And then I got another call, ANOTHER new client--two in two days!--saying a different source had recommended me highly. You guys, I think this "owning my own firm" business is ... actually going to work.

On top of that, our landlord FINALLY came through with all the stuff he's been promising; he got the lights, electricity, and heat working in our fourth office, replaced all the office carpets with lovely new ones, and otherwise spruced up the place (or, okay, brought in workers to do those things). AND Bell and our phone guys came, and now we have phones and a fax line and internet that isn't stolen!

And even more than that, I had a wonderful last date with M., who again managed to make me smile even while she was telling me she's too busy to keep dating me. It's not my best break-up ever ([personal profile] mistresscurvy holds that title forever), but it was definitely the loveliest dumping I've ever had. And she's keeping me in her phone book--maybe someday!

And THEN I went on OKC and messaged a couple of cute girls, and one got right back to me and is a fangirl and totally spotted my ~subtle bandom references, and all my partners called me from our brand-new phone line and left an adorable message on my phone, and basically: life is wonderful.
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So the fabulous [personal profile] mistresscurvy has a birthday today! My original plan was to record some podfic for her and to write something for her, but my writing mojo is basically dead right now, so only one of those things happened. STILL THOUGH.

I don't know if y'all have read Eleven Hipsters Playing? But you SHOULD, oh man. It's one of the lovelier AUs I've had the pleasure to read, and even if you don't know the canon (2011's The Eagle movie), you won't be lost. I love the way Marcus and Esca just slot into the Brooklyn scene, and the way their canonical power dynamics play out in the fic. It's not, at 3K, an epic, but there's a lot there.

ALSO, [personal profile] mistresscurvy is a trained theatre actor, and she gave me lots and lots and lots and lots of incredibly useful podfic-performance advice recently, SO. I think this one's an improvement on the last. (Plus my editing skills are getting better--there's a couple of bits in here where I cut two versions together in the middle of a WORD, and I can't, on repeated listens, detect the seam. Yay Audacity!)

Title: Eleven Hipsters Playing (or on DW, or on AO3)
Author: [personal profile] mistresscurvy
Reader: [personal profile] littlemousling
Fandom/Pairing: The Eagle (2011), Marcus/Esca
Summary: Marcus doesn't usually go for hipster musician types, but he's about to make an exception. A Brooklyn music scene AU.
Length: 3200 words, 20 minutes
DL link: Mediafire link
Notes: For [personal profile] mistresscurvy, on her birthday. (Also, apparently the beer is pronounced "ying-ling." OH WELL. #notabeerdrinker)


Nov. 27th, 2011 02:58 pm
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Soooo, I recorded a podfic! [personal profile] mistresscurvy wrote this hot&hilarious sick!Frank fic, and I kind of love it, and I thought it would be fun to record. Hopefully it's as fun to listen to!

Title: Silent Treatment (or on DW)
Author: [personal profile] mistresscurvy
Reader: [personal profile] littlemousling
Fandom/Pairing: My Chemical Romance, Frank/Gerard
Summary: Gerard gets a ridiculous amount of head when they're working on an album.
Length: ~2700 words, about 13 minutes
DL link: Mediafire link
Notes: My first podfic! Let me know if I really screwed something up, y'all.
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SUCH a lovely lovely birthday. It's a bit too easy to get down at the mouth while I'm jobhunting, but today was a great reminder that I have wonderful, fun, supportive friends and family, and that makes all the difference in the world.

I met my mother in Niagara Falls (splitting the distance between us, although she had to go through customs), and we had a lovely lunch, a great walk around, and then some decadent desserts. It was just the kind of simple, relaxing day we both needed, and I'm so glad she suggested it.

And we took lots and lots of photos, of which I will only subject y'all to this one, in which my most-recently knit Bohus sweater makes an appearance (I'm rather proud of it, and it kept me nice and warm). Photo! )

I also had a nice long phone chat with my best friend, and I'm sure I'm about to have some sister phone calls as well.

And all of that was MORE than enough happiness for one day, but then on my way back to Toronto I got a notification in my email that a certain awesome ex of mine had sent me a gift story (yay AO3!), based on a conversation we had the other day about how awesome a story about non-sexual Frank puppyplay, where Jamia takes care of him alongside the (other) dogs, would be. SPOILER ALERT: IT IS INDEED AWESOME. Here it is: Dog Days, by the always-fantastic [personal profile] mistresscurvy. <33333 You're the best, bb.
ETA: aww and she posted this, too. BEST.

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You guys YOU GUYS. You remember that time I met Ray Toro, and he said he recognized us from the barrier?

Well NO WONDER. Because we were ridiculous(ly awesome).

This video (well--better to think of it as audio, really) is us reacting to the FIRST FREAKING NOTE of Scarecrow* (and to the lyrics being brought out to Gerard).

(*yeah, yeah, insert all-caps and slashes here)

I'm told (I was watching Gerard) that Ray gave us a fairly incredulous "who ARE you people?" look, which, you know, I believe, because WHO ARE WE INDEED.
(Answer: awesome)

ETA: Today is a day for paretheses. Many, many, many parentheses.
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Getting there )


Matt & Kim )


We. Met. Ray. And he remembered us from the audience! )

And then we all waited long enough to see Mikey and Frank go by in golf carts, and then went back to our various digs. [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I ended up staying up for another hour or two just repeating the phrase "oh my God, that was so fucking amazing" over and over and over (technically there was more conversation than that, but I swear we must have each said that, like, a KABILLION times. Approximately). Because it WAS.

ALL THE FUZZY MCR FEELINGS. And now I'm going to go reread [ profile] brooklinegirl's Wave Two BBB and then, like, everything [ profile] desfinado has ever written. ALL THE MCR FIC SHALL BE BELONG TO ME.

(Also. Feel free to rec Ray porn and Ray fic in general to me. NOW IS THE TIME.)


BTW--today is the anniversary of the Art is the Weapon trailer, which also means it's the anniversary of [personal profile] mistresscurvy getting into bandom. As she was the one who dragged me in along with her (for which I am extremely grateful!), this is also a fairly great This Day in History for me, too. Yay bandom; I love all y'all. Let's keep doing this thing we do.
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Okay I am going to do a full BBB wave 2 recs post soonest, but. Before I go to bed, here is the glorious reason I am still awake:

Let the Compass Point You Home, by [personal profile] mistresscurvy and [personal profile] amazonziti.

43K of epic fantasy-AU slavefic gloriousness, with trust-building and women wearing breeches and servants who are part of the family and Gerard and Lindsey and Frank and Jamia and LOVE and just all kinds of wonderful things. I think it will make you happy and warm your heart to read it, and I think it's got plenty to make you laugh, too. I've read it rather a lot of times by now, and I'm really really excited for people who get to read it for the first time.

Enjoy! \o/
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Today is my posting day for Bandom Big Bang (wave two), and I am so glad it’s here. I’m really proud of this story; I think it might be the best thing I’ve written, and I’m incredibly excited to get to release it out into the world.

I had help from a large and wonderful set of people. I especially want to thank my betas, [personal profile] rivers_bend, [personal profile] roga, [profile] 15dozentimes, and [personal profile] lalejandra, without whom this fic definitely wouldn’t be what it is. I'm also grateful to my early and late readers, including [personal profile] sassbandit, who gave me an early and vital suggestion, and [personal profile] mistresscurvy and [personal profile] amazonziti, who were, as always, incredibly encouraging.

This being a Big Bang, there are also some fantabulous extras, which you should definitely peruse over here, although the art comes with a spoiler warning.

With no further ado: if you want to read about Spencer the pro dom, Brendon the dance instructor, and their failboat romance, you can just Follow My Lead.

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That. Was. Fantastic.

Arrival: so many teenagers )

Black Cards: Pete is a ridiculous human being )

Overall review: Pete needs to drop the t-shirt gun and maybe pick up his bass (just to give him more to do!) but it said everything when [personal profile] amazonziti, who had only heard Curtain Call (awful, awful song, not representative of them at all!) was totally blown away by Bebe. Because, dude. BEBE. They were hugely more polished than when I saw them in Toronto opening for Travie, although I don't love their new stuff as much as Dominos/Club Called Heaven/Baby Blackout.

Neon Trees: I could actually see Tyler! AND ELAINE )

Overall review: great set, and you gotta love a band that has, hair-wise, a Spencer, a Patrick Stump, a JTT, and ... a swan. Oh Tyler. What is your hair.


ETA: Ohh, and Merelyn25 hit a bunch of the points I had forgotten in her fabulous recap. SILLY STRING.
ETA2: And another great write-up by [ profile] fictionalaspect here!

And then a whole big group of us ([personal profile] amazonziti, [personal profile] mistresscurvy, [ profile] fictionalaspect, [personal profile] lilac_one, and a couple of other people who were lovely but whose names I didn't retain) went out to a diner and had milkshakes and a little bit of food and a hell of a lot of water, and talked for two hours. Like you do.

Now I'm sore as hell, and on Sunday I have to drive the six+ hours back to my parents' house, but it was worth it. It was so. Completely. Worth it.
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My interpretation of the gif's meaning: Life is wonderful! Have fun with it! No fear!

Today, this gif represents: How great my day at an amusement park with my sisters was, even though there were no balloons filled with glitter (and indeed no Gerard Way).
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There now exists, in the world, a picture of my girlfriend standing with Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith.*

I will clearly never need porn again.

*Also Dallon and Ian and [personal profile] amazonziti, all of whom I love! ... but will not be jerking off to.
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Okay, so, first of all, jam-packed weekend. After a lovely quiet Saturday of internet-surfing and philosophy with [personal profile] mistresscurvy, we took off for Boston by train (also lovely, go Amtrak) and met up in time for late drinks with [personal profile] amazonziti.

(These drinks were at a sports bar. Somehow I actually ended up getting caught up in the Red Sox game. I HAVE NO EXPLANATION, except that it was actually a pretty exciting inning--the Cubs scored eight runs, changing the score from 3-1 to 3-9.)

The next morning we had a little bit of scheduling confusion but more or less ended up with this:
1) a lovely brunch at S&S with [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] mrsronweasley;
2) Rock Band at [personal profile] mistresscurvy's brother's place (they're great at it and [personal profile] amazonziti is clearly going to be; I ... homg, I am not. It is like my kryptonite. I didn't even like holding the guitar or the microphone. (Inside of my head: "look away! oh god look away! I am not here! You see nothing!") When Gerard Way says that everyone would be a performer if they could? LOL NO.
3) Lining up with [personal profile] fictionalaspect and her friend K. We actually split up into different lines, because ...

Then the concert! )
Foxy Shazam, or, That ... Happened? )
fun. )

I ... feel like there is more to say? But I have run out of recollections. It was amazing! I am so glad I got to go! I am so glad it all went down the way it went down! I am sad that I don't get to see them again this tour! I am happy for those of you who will! I am happy they exist in the world! I have all of the feelings! Etc!
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Just finished Ken Follett's Fall of Giants and started Tina Fey's BossyPants. I cannot possibly overstress how different these two books are. Basically, each features a mostly-white set of characters and each is written in English. That's about it. They're both absolutely riveting and I highly recommend them.


The older I get, the more I like my tits. I do understand that there's usually a point past which that starts to proceed in the other direction. I would make a "the other direction" pun now, except mine never pointed up to begin with (and honestly I've rarely met a pair that did, outside of magazine retouching and preteens and some porn. So really--is that a standard thing? I think we should stop pretending that's a standard thing).


I recently saw on my tumblr that someone of my internet acquaintance had posted a personal photo that was very like one that I have taken but would never post, for TMI reasons. I really liked seeing hers, mostly for the "me too!" feeling rather than any particular quality of the photo. It strikes me that I may not have the most common reaction to people telling/showing me intimate (eg sexual) details about their lives, because I just find sex really fascinating.


[personal profile] mistresscurvy and [personal profile] amazonziti are on an epic bandom concert roadtrip right now, and I can't join them until Saturday. I am 95% happy for them and only 5% jealous. Well, maybe 85/15.


I am really not at all a porn watcher; I've tried, but I just can't get into it (cf my recent outing to the Feminist Porn Awards). However, I ran across this post by [personal profile] marina and was curious enough to try the movie out, and I actually ended up watching the whole thing! That is super super weird for me. But it had a distinct narrative arc and I wanted to see what would happen. I even found it kind of a turn on in parts, so that was cool. Basically, if you like BDSM meta and you don't revile porn, you may enjoy it or at least find it interesting.


Taking Umbrella Academy Vol. 2 on the plane with me tomorrow, for the part when they make me put away my ereader. Which--come on. That is the most brick-like electronic device imaginable. And even if their actual reasoning is "nothing in the way if we have to flee the plane," I can drop that shit in an instant. My knitting, otoh, I am sure to get tangled in and die in the flaming wreckage, but do they stop me from working on a sweater? N they do not. Harrumph.


75/25. But I'm sure I'll be back up to at least 90/10 after a good night's sleep.
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Title: Two-Act Performance Art
Pairings: Gerard/Frank; Lindsey/Jamia
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Gerard likes Frank's girlfriends, but he really wants to stop hearing about how perfect they are.
Word Count: 9468
Notable Content: Crossdressing; drag performance; one of many possible kinds of gender expression and gender performance in the context of a drag show
Notes: For my darling [personal profile] mistresscurvy, who has Very Strong Views on Gerard characterization, so ::crosses fingers::. Beta'd by the incomparable [personal profile] amazonziti, plus it was all her fault idea. ♥
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Muskrat was great! I really can't possibly describe the whole weekend, so I will follow [personal profile] merisunshine36's example and list some highlights:

--the crafts table, which I kind of thought was stupid and then discovered is AMAZING. The icon is a sample of my work. I HAVE EXPRESSED MY FEELINGS ABOUT JON WALKER IN THE FORM OF GOOGLY EYES AND STICKER LETTERS YOU GUYS.

--the anal panel, about which I mostly just want to set up an easy That's What He Said joke but I will refrain. It was excellent.

--the dance party! omg you guys, my calves hurt SO MUCH right now and it is SO WORTH IT. Being able to dance to Guilty Pleasure and If I Had You and (Planetary) Go with a room full of fangirls? EXCELLENT. Also the drinks were very good and the company was better, and I got to go home with the sexiest woman in the room.

--the bandom history panel was eye-opening. ALL OF THE DRAMAS and awesomeness! Is there a collection of wanks stored somewhere so that I can go gawk years after the fact?

--the panel on fandom outside of LJ really helped me solidify the content that I like from each of the outlets that I use (twitter, tumblr, here, delicious, etc). Very interesting.

--I got a shit-ton of knitting done.

--[personal profile] amazonziti gave me YET ANOTHER great fic idea that I kind of can't help wanting to write. This is basically her new goal in my life, I suspect. DAMMIT Z. ::writes::

--I was dubconned into watching Alias by [personal profile] mistresscurvy. It turns out to be fabulous, damn her.

--we somehow lucked into an INCREDIBLE hotel room, a big suite with a California King. This made the fact that she also got a bunch of other people* watching Alias easier, as we could sit four across and watch one laptop. Some cuddling was required to make it work, but I'm always happy to take that one for the team.
*like the lovely [personal profile] merisunshine36 and the fabulous [personal profile] desfinado!

Also I got to have a really lovely dinner and hang-out with my kid sister, and a really great phone call with my bff, some really fabulous time with my [personal profile] mistresscurvy, and a fun lunch with one of her brothers.
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It was awesome, basically.

I mean, combining subtropical weather, Adam Lambert, and a minibreak with my [personal profile] mistresscurvy was never going to end any other way, but seriously, y'all: fabulous.

The lovely and fun [personal profile] no_detective was with us the whole weekend; she and [personal profile] mistresscurvy arrived together from their homeland, and I from mine, at about the same time, which was handy for getting to the B&B, and getting the whistle-stop tour from the owner, Dave (who runs it with his partner, Dale).

On his recommendation we went for late-night tapas and discovered that we were in a place where people can, and do, smoke indoors. CULTURE SHOCK AHOY.

The next morning (well ... afternoon. But it was a lovely morning indoors) we went walking around the French Quarter, which was pretty awesome. The plants down there are AWESOME, and the bugs! We saw a gorgeous butterfly, really cool huge cockroaches, tiny little geckos, and about a billion beautiful plants. [personal profile] mistresscurvy was terribly, terribly amused at my, shall we say, bubbly enjoyment of these things.


We also ate, like, everything in the city. And drank up a storm. That was all pretty marvelous, although my stomach's not super thrilled with me today.

Sunday also started late (I'm being subtle, right? Totes subtle), and we went out and did a little more shopping; [personal profile] mistresscurvy got some earrings and a really, really hot hat (I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT HOW HOT THE HAT IS, YOU GUYS), and we saw the Mississippi because that's important.


Oh, and we also were totally among the many people who walked over to Cafe du Monde after Adam tweeted about it. We had only been about a block away, so we were there within five minutes, but the glamtroupe was nowhere in evidence. So, we had some beignets, we took some photos (like the one above), and we left satisfied.

Back at the B&B I managed to lose a ball off of one of my nipple piercings, and intense searching did not turn it up. I have my own theory as to what might have happened. BUT ANYWAY, we got ready for the concert, had a quick dinner, and got to the venue, where we met up with several fangirls I'd been looking forward to meeting, yay! And we caught most of Alli's performance (SO SORRY, Alli--we misunderstood the time!); she was fantastic as always, and having fun with the crowd.

Also [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I long-distance danced. I can't really explain it adequately? But it was AWESOME.

Adam was, of course, spectacular. You could tell the whole group was having a great time; there was a lot of giggling and fun onstage, and a lot of ad-libbing, including Adam miming popping LSD during Down the Rabbit Hole and ecstasy during IIHY ("Life would be a party, it'd be ecstasy"), and sneaking up behind Tommy during his intro solo and then being all, "Wait where'd he go?" when Tommy didn't notice and retreated for Monte's intro, lol.

Cut for awesome but flashing gif of Adam getting ~down during the concert )

So, yes--fantastic. And then we all went dancing! (Well, OK, first we went to the barricades--weird bad setup, but we were close enough to shout encouragement at Adam. Well, I shouted "Great show, man!" and [personal profile] mistresscurvy shouted "Thanks for my girlfriend!" but encouragement is close enough, right?)

DANCING. So much fun! [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I clearly have to go dancing again. Often. And the guys at the club were all lovely; one did this hilarious campy number in a windowsill and cracked us all up. The DJ announced $3 Long Island Iced Teas and we all had one, which was great except I'm a total lightweight and the group (totally reasonably) assumed I knew JUST how alcoholic those things are. BOY DID I NOT. Oops.

We danced our way over to the club across the street when Adam turned up there, and that move means that now Drake (yes, Drake) has seen me making out with my girlfriend in a club. Now there's a trippy thought, since I've seen him making out with his then-boyfriend in a car. IT'S ALL A GIANT CIRCLE. WITH TONGUE. ... I should have a Lambry icon, clearly.

We didn't get in the group around the VIP door to see Adam, and we left before he came out into the crowd, but frankly, I don't really care--it was a fantastic, fantastic night and none of it required close contact with Adam, ykwim? There was dancing and kissing and ~dancing and singing and dancing and people and dancing and alcohol and dancing. It was pretty perfect.

... of course, if we HAD met Adam, I'd be singing a different tune. ;) But as is--perfect weekend. Wouldn't change a thing.
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(Warnings: strong language, sarcasm, terms I see as reclaiming but you may reasonably see as offensive (eg dyke), inebriation, nationalism, sexual content, innuendo, a general lack of filters or boundaries. And you should see the unedited version.)

Toronto, Ontario )

Montreal, Quebec )

En route to Miramishi )

Miramishi, New Brunswick )

En route to Moncton, New Brunswick )

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick )

From Maritimes Trip 2010

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island )

Other parts of Prince Edward Island )

Ferry to the mainland )

Driving the Nova Scotia coast )

Cabot Trail )

From Maritimes Trip 2010

East side of Cape Breton and mainland NS )


Fredericton, New Brunswick )

Maine )

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut )


Rochester, NY )

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