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Yay awesome dreams!

I dreamed that my hometown was flooded (OK, yes, in reality that would be bad, but IT WAS NOT REALITY), and out the window I could see all these goldfish that had been swept out of people's backyard ponds, and there were tons of Bruce-sized fancy goldfish and foot-long comets, and they were all bright orange through the water. And then, rather less explicably, there were tons of awesome animals being "washed" into the yard, like a couple of bison.

Various other dream deets, of course (my mother rowing out in a bark canoe towards the bison, to the horrified nattering of the neighbors; inexplicable Very Large sturgeon in our flooded living room), but basically it was a me + fish = OTP dream. I APPROVE, BRAIN.
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Pippa drew me a birthday card based on our lunch conversation (which was in part about how smart octopi are and how they're going to take over and how I, for one, welcome our octopus overlords.

I am so totally, totally crushing on her, good freaking lord.


Jun. 11th, 2008 12:51 pm
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Went to the Toronto Zoo with Laura J. and her new belle Anna. It was lovely! We got to pet and feed stingrays (my fingers were in its mouth! And then it splashed me head to toe, whoops), talk to a very responsive elephant, and watch a rhinoceros roll around and cover itself head to toe in mud. I definitely want to go back--but on a much, much cooler day than the one we chose.
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Quote from a newbie on a fish board:

"Living things have always ascinated me and the idea of you practically being like a god, controlling an entire mini world is an amazing concept."

What an ... interesting reason for getting into a hobby. She wants to be a god, hmm?

Even weirder than the lady on the knitting board who says her stuffed animals are members of the family, wear clothing (in team colors, their "preference"), eat snacks, and have opinions.

OK, not weirder.
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That is to say, a baby one of these. )

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