Oct. 14th, 2011 06:44 am
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I'll be at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival until Tuesday, pretty much sans internet. Talk to y'all later!
littlemousling: Flyer of a spinning wheel with the phrase "spinning yarns" above it (spinning)
This has just been a week of happy fandom things, hasn't it?

I can't even remember all of the wonderful things, so I'm going to list what I can remember and you all can feel free to remind me of the other awesome things!

--MCR played with Brian May! And it was amazing!
--MCR headlined Leeds and Reading! And were amazing!
--Panic played Leeds and Reading, and Brendon stripped again!
--Spencer, Brendon, and Zack twitter-wished Ryan a happy 25th birthday!

... oh god so many other things and I am blanking on all of them now! I think I am distracted by this:


This is not fandom happiness but it makes me very, very, very happy. I've been looking for a Canadian Production Wheel with a 30" drive wheel for two years now, and I finally found one, in great condition and spinning beautifully. I'm just over the moon about it.

ETA oh right! And Panic/Neon Trees/Black Cards in Central Park, two sleeps from now! I cannot tell y'all how excited I am. Six-hour drive to NYC, here I come!
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To beat the heat, I am focusing on OTHER THINGS. Like rum and diet Sunkist (DON'T JUDGE ME).

Things wot are awesome:

--everyone on my twitter feed seems to be writing a BBB \o/

--after hearing it mentioned a bunch when it started and going, "well, I don't play online games, so I doubt I'd enjoy it," I finally clicked over to check out The Guild, and it's hilarious and awesome.

--I kept meaning to, kept meaning to, and FINALLY actually bought a Diva Cup. Had no trouble inserting or removing it (tbf, I wasn't expecting to, physiologically or otherwise), but the real surprise was how MASSIVELY less gross blood is when it's not soaked into some kind of fabric. Like. Liquid blood is how blood is supposed to be, at least in my head. I was never squicked much by tampons (though always by pads) but I might be now, because the comparison is stark. So yay cup.

--spinnnnnning, all the spinning! I wish I'd brought more fiber with me to NYC, but I'm having fun with what I did bring, at least. (I wonder if there's a place on the 1 with a good range of fiber? Heat is sapping my will to google, though.)

--Gail Carriger's steampunk-urban-fantasy-historical-fiction-with-a-lady-protagonist-and-lots-of-queers books (the series has a silly name, but anyway the first one is called Soulless and is available in paper, epub, mobi, etc), which are hilarious and enchanting and flirty. (Much like yours truly. ... okay, that was the rum.)

--probably many other things!

Hope y'all are beating the heat, or the cold if you're in that other hemisphere, or the whatever if it's just not that hot where you are, etc, etc.
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Because I can't stop staring at this, and I think you should stare for a while, too:

These socks were knit by an online acquaintance of mine, out of her handspun yarn.

And now I'm going to talk about how awesome they are in the form of a rant about the ways people talk about handspinning, because apparently this is what looking at beautiful handspun makes me think about. )

So, anyway. I don't have much of a solution, except: we need to see photos like this, and we need to stop diminishing ourselves by suggesting that this is not achievable, or that it's not normal, or that it's not what handspun "is."
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Ahoy, a post that is incomprehensible to ... probably almost everyone who follows me. SORRY. I WILL INCLUDE A PRETTY PICTURE AT THE END.

My spinning mojo is back, thank fuck.

'Tis the season--that helps. It's soon going to be too warm to want half-knit sweaters on my lap, and just the right weather to sit on patios with a spindle and a can of cider.

More importantly, a friend of mine who is always an inspiration came to knit night yesterday with A) her brand-new custom-made Great Wheel, which will be living at Lettuce Knit for a while, and B) some gorgeous gorgeous chain-plied laceweight spun for her by the lovely Ms. Abby Franquemont (who turns out to be teaching at Rhinebeck this year--I am totally in, I haven't seen her since Sock Summit).

The latter was the main inspiration; it was just my speed, fine and strong and soft. I usually don't like chain-plying much, but she'd used it to make looooooooooong color transitions, purple-green-brown-green-purple. Now I find myself spinning two apes of that yarn (one in Sweet Georgia BFL with the same looooong, singles ongoing; one in Into the Whirlde Falklands, ply on the fly) plus two or three projects that had stalled out.

Basically: my mojo is in full spin! Woot. And good thing it's spindles I'm feeling the love for, as my production wheel is sure as hell not coming to New York with me in June.

Okay, now the pretty picture. (If you don't like yarn ... you are missing out, I guess. You probably wouldn't like the photo of the finished socks, either, you philistine!)
3-ply sock yarn
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Using handspun leftovers as scrap yarn (for stitch holding, provisional cast-ons, tying up my ancient spinning wheel to keep it running) is the most decadent experience. I swear, it's the only kind of recycling that makes me feel sybaritic, and I love that feeling.

Besides which, when else does one get to appreciate one's best leftovers?*

For your time, video of a man teaching an alpaca to surf. Warning: it does not go that well, and I am imagining the sting of the salt water in the poor thing's eyes.

*Projects which call for combining them are not my bag.
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Getting a spindle (well ... four) has gotten me totally back into spinning. Because it's awesome. And although both my pairs of existing handspun socks haven't worn well, the ones I knit from this yarn should, because it's cabled (you spin a bunch of "singles"---thin strands---then ply (twist) them together, then ply two of those together in the other direction) and feels very taut and strong, yay.

Also, it is pretty. And I am super happy with how I managed to get four separate plies to line up such that the socks will stripe, instead of being all muddy and run together. AWESOMEPANTS, basically. I am sooooo doing this again, a lot.
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I am so, so, so, so in love with this wheel. )

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