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So for those of you who know we were dating, [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I broke up; it's totally amicable and a good decision, and--not that any of y'all would do this--I absolutely won't countenance any disparaging talk about her, now or in the future.

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Thursday: Waited on two techs from Time Warner; one was to fix the internet (down, along with the phone and TV, but I care not at all about those), and the other to install wireless because this apartment is living in the 90s.

Wireless tech arrives first, because Time Warner is not the smartest operation on the planet. HOWEVER, he proceeds to spend ninety minutes finding and fixing the source of the outage (a clipped wire way up in the ceiling, out in the hall), such that I can go ahead and cancel the other tech appointment. I've never tipped someone that much in my life, and it still felt like too little. &tech guy;

(Random: in the course of cancelling the appointment, the customer-service rep asked some technical questions I couldn't answer, so I handed the phone to the tech. She mistakenly thought he was my father for a minute. Upon getting the phone back, she said, "I heard you say father, but with your last name, I was kind of surprised that your dad would have a Jamaican accent." Trufax.)

Friday: (anyone else have the song stuck in your head now? Okay.) Dinner with my kid sister! We're both in NYC all summer, which is awesome because we've really never had that much time together as adults (or when we have it's been TOO MUCH time, like 24/7 during the holidays). Being able to hang out once or twice a week as adult women? I am really really happy about it.

We went for tapas (delicious--on 95th juuuust west of Broadway, great little red-painted place, hip but not exclusive) and then walked to where the Pinkberry website swore we would find one of their stores. Actually in that location: Morningside Park, on one side, and huge, fantastic cathedrals on the other. Definitely no Pinkberry in either. We got Ben&Jerry's and called it good.

Sister with one of the cathedrals! Not a Pinkberry )

Saturday: Yummy lunch with my [personal profile] mistresscurvy, the new X-Men movie with her and eight other fangirls, drinks with same, and then an awesome Jay Brannan concert.

The X-Men movie is very entertaining, which is not to say that it's good. But it KNOWS it isn't good, and doesn't take itself seriously, and that's plenty good enough for me for a franchise flick. On the scale of reboots, it's definitely not Star Trek 11*, but it's cute and fun and engaging and definitely worth going to see with a big group of fangirls, because I really am not a slashgoggles person as a general rule? But they were really painting it on thick.
*Speaking of which, when is the next Star Trek coming out, ffs? It's been WAY too long. I need some Pine and Quinto and Saldana in my life.

Jay Brannan is awesome; video evidence below )

And tomorrow I am seeing Super 8 with my kid sister, catching up on my Bar class, and reading some more BBB (best so far, highly recommended: the rugby AU sequel; the girl!Mikey fic; the trans Jon fic; the elf AU sequel. Possibly others but those one jump to mind first).
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There now exists, in the world, a picture of my girlfriend standing with Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith.*

I will clearly never need porn again.

*Also Dallon and Ian and [personal profile] amazonziti, all of whom I love! ... but will not be jerking off to.
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So this morning was what you might call a clusterfuck.

So. I have been in this long-distance relationship since July. And among other things, it has brought me a more-than-passing acquaintance with 4:30 alarms and 6:30 flights--yes, those are a.m.

This morning's was my last such absurdly scheduled flight (I'll actually be in the same city as [personal profile] mistresscurvy all summer, \o/).

Let me start by saying I did make it onto the plane. )
Now we get to the crying in the airport part )

So … yeah, idk. Suck on that, cab driver I deeply resent! I made it despite all of your efforts! Or something. Whatever, there is no lesson, I made it, yay.

(Actually, possibly the lesson is, crying is a very effective form of manipulation in certain circumstances? Wow, that sounds bad. It was a purely unanticipated and undesired method for me. Given my druthers, I would have gone with "asking nicely." My tear ducts just had other plans.)
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Okay, so, first of all, jam-packed weekend. After a lovely quiet Saturday of internet-surfing and philosophy with [personal profile] mistresscurvy, we took off for Boston by train (also lovely, go Amtrak) and met up in time for late drinks with [personal profile] amazonziti.

(These drinks were at a sports bar. Somehow I actually ended up getting caught up in the Red Sox game. I HAVE NO EXPLANATION, except that it was actually a pretty exciting inning--the Cubs scored eight runs, changing the score from 3-1 to 3-9.)

The next morning we had a little bit of scheduling confusion but more or less ended up with this:
1) a lovely brunch at S&S with [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] mrsronweasley;
2) Rock Band at [personal profile] mistresscurvy's brother's place (they're great at it and [personal profile] amazonziti is clearly going to be; I ... homg, I am not. It is like my kryptonite. I didn't even like holding the guitar or the microphone. (Inside of my head: "look away! oh god look away! I am not here! You see nothing!") When Gerard Way says that everyone would be a performer if they could? LOL NO.
3) Lining up with [personal profile] fictionalaspect and her friend K. We actually split up into different lines, because ...

Then the concert! )
Foxy Shazam, or, That ... Happened? )
fun. )

I ... feel like there is more to say? But I have run out of recollections. It was amazing! I am so glad I got to go! I am so glad it all went down the way it went down! I am sad that I don't get to see them again this tour! I am happy for those of you who will! I am happy they exist in the world! I have all of the feelings! Etc!
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Just finished Ken Follett's Fall of Giants and started Tina Fey's BossyPants. I cannot possibly overstress how different these two books are. Basically, each features a mostly-white set of characters and each is written in English. That's about it. They're both absolutely riveting and I highly recommend them.


The older I get, the more I like my tits. I do understand that there's usually a point past which that starts to proceed in the other direction. I would make a "the other direction" pun now, except mine never pointed up to begin with (and honestly I've rarely met a pair that did, outside of magazine retouching and preteens and some porn. So really--is that a standard thing? I think we should stop pretending that's a standard thing).


I recently saw on my tumblr that someone of my internet acquaintance had posted a personal photo that was very like one that I have taken but would never post, for TMI reasons. I really liked seeing hers, mostly for the "me too!" feeling rather than any particular quality of the photo. It strikes me that I may not have the most common reaction to people telling/showing me intimate (eg sexual) details about their lives, because I just find sex really fascinating.


[personal profile] mistresscurvy and [personal profile] amazonziti are on an epic bandom concert roadtrip right now, and I can't join them until Saturday. I am 95% happy for them and only 5% jealous. Well, maybe 85/15.


I am really not at all a porn watcher; I've tried, but I just can't get into it (cf my recent outing to the Feminist Porn Awards). However, I ran across this post by [personal profile] marina and was curious enough to try the movie out, and I actually ended up watching the whole thing! That is super super weird for me. But it had a distinct narrative arc and I wanted to see what would happen. I even found it kind of a turn on in parts, so that was cool. Basically, if you like BDSM meta and you don't revile porn, you may enjoy it or at least find it interesting.


Taking Umbrella Academy Vol. 2 on the plane with me tomorrow, for the part when they make me put away my ereader. Which--come on. That is the most brick-like electronic device imaginable. And even if their actual reasoning is "nothing in the way if we have to flee the plane," I can drop that shit in an instant. My knitting, otoh, I am sure to get tangled in and die in the flaming wreckage, but do they stop me from working on a sweater? N they do not. Harrumph.


75/25. But I'm sure I'll be back up to at least 90/10 after a good night's sleep.
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So you know how [personal profile] astolat has that way of writing stuff, especially dubcon, where you're like "THIS SHOULD FEEL SO WRONG, SO VERY WRONG, BUT SOMEHOW IT DOESN'T BECAUSE SHE IS MAGIC"? Like. It should not work! Except that she is very deft and so it DOES.

So. Here is why having a fangirlfriend is awesome:

Me: [hilariously bad come-on]
Me: Whatever, baby, don't front, I am the astolat of dirty talk for you.

(This paraphrase brought to you by elderflower cocktails.)
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Title: Two-Act Performance Art
Pairings: Gerard/Frank; Lindsey/Jamia
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Gerard likes Frank's girlfriends, but he really wants to stop hearing about how perfect they are.
Word Count: 9468
Notable Content: Crossdressing; drag performance; one of many possible kinds of gender expression and gender performance in the context of a drag show
Notes: For my darling [personal profile] mistresscurvy, who has Very Strong Views on Gerard characterization, so ::crosses fingers::. Beta'd by the incomparable [personal profile] amazonziti, plus it was all her fault idea. ♥
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Muskrat was great! I really can't possibly describe the whole weekend, so I will follow [personal profile] merisunshine36's example and list some highlights:

--the crafts table, which I kind of thought was stupid and then discovered is AMAZING. The icon is a sample of my work. I HAVE EXPRESSED MY FEELINGS ABOUT JON WALKER IN THE FORM OF GOOGLY EYES AND STICKER LETTERS YOU GUYS.

--the anal panel, about which I mostly just want to set up an easy That's What He Said joke but I will refrain. It was excellent.

--the dance party! omg you guys, my calves hurt SO MUCH right now and it is SO WORTH IT. Being able to dance to Guilty Pleasure and If I Had You and (Planetary) Go with a room full of fangirls? EXCELLENT. Also the drinks were very good and the company was better, and I got to go home with the sexiest woman in the room.

--the bandom history panel was eye-opening. ALL OF THE DRAMAS and awesomeness! Is there a collection of wanks stored somewhere so that I can go gawk years after the fact?

--the panel on fandom outside of LJ really helped me solidify the content that I like from each of the outlets that I use (twitter, tumblr, here, delicious, etc). Very interesting.

--I got a shit-ton of knitting done.

--[personal profile] amazonziti gave me YET ANOTHER great fic idea that I kind of can't help wanting to write. This is basically her new goal in my life, I suspect. DAMMIT Z. ::writes::

--I was dubconned into watching Alias by [personal profile] mistresscurvy. It turns out to be fabulous, damn her.

--we somehow lucked into an INCREDIBLE hotel room, a big suite with a California King. This made the fact that she also got a bunch of other people* watching Alias easier, as we could sit four across and watch one laptop. Some cuddling was required to make it work, but I'm always happy to take that one for the team.
*like the lovely [personal profile] merisunshine36 and the fabulous [personal profile] desfinado!

Also I got to have a really lovely dinner and hang-out with my kid sister, and a really great phone call with my bff, some really fabulous time with my [personal profile] mistresscurvy, and a fun lunch with one of her brothers.
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You guys. I really, really, really love the fuck out of Vices & Virtues. Like. I expected to enjoy it? But I feel like a heroin addict. I NEVER WANT IT OFF REPEAT YOU GUYS.

Semi-related whining )

Seriously, though. SUCH a good album. And one of the few I enjoy more in order than shuffled; the songs fade into each other so well that I keep thinking "I know I just heard the track switch, why is that song starting again--OH!" It's faboo. BRENDON AND SPENCER YOU LITTLE MUSICAL GENIUSES, YOU. ::squishes them::


Mar. 14th, 2011 06:41 pm
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I was in NYC this weekend, like I do, and the weather touched 14C. And now I'm back in Toronto where my weather widget is completely lying by saying it hit 5C today (I'd bet on 2C tops), so I think I shall write about how nice it was to get a taste of spring.

[personal profile] mistresscurvy and I did a lot of walking, because I'll look for excuses to walk at the best of times but it's a million-billion times better when I get to do it arm-in-arm with my girl.

We walked up to Central Park on Saturday afternoon and wandered the trails idly, me talking incessantly about dogs and horses and sometimes dolphins (I am a woman of many mammalian interests). We took a turn around the Jackie O. reservoir, which I think would be gorgeous to ride a horse around, but they're officially banned from that particular roundabout.

We eventually popped out of the park to look for a cafe with an open patio, but neither of us actually really wanted food or drink, so we ended up just sort of walking until we were 40-odd blocks from the apartment and then coming back up. We talked, the way we always do, about absolutely everything, and we loosened our scarves in the sunlight.

On Sunday we walked from a movie in much the same place, forty or so blocks from home base, back. It was early evening and DST meant it was still light, only dimming towards dark as we stepped over the lobby threshold. I don't spend enough time in Manhattan to know what normal Sunday crowds look like, but it felt as though the masses on the street represented the whole body of city-dwellers, stepping outside to take a deep breath and admire the green shoots in their planters.

There are really no seasons and no weather phenomena that I can't find a way to enjoy, but it's nice when it's easy.


Feb. 21st, 2011 10:05 pm
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Sometimes--lots of the time, the last few years--I am so happy and fulfilled and overflowing with love that I can't stop smiling.
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Can I just say that having a girlfriend who insists that I be MORE of a pillow queen, else suffer the (awesome, consensual) consequences? Is awesome.

There's my happy goat-carcass day thought.

(Also she liked the flowers. \o/)
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Sweetheart: you live your life so fully, and you've put so much experience into your years.
You rock the fuck out of both vitality and wisdom; you've got the best of the whole spectrum.

I'm sometimes awed by the richness of your day-to-day existence: your million amazing friends, and your crazy-awesome analytical meanderings, and your drive to create. This next year is going to be spectacular, because you won't let it be anything less.

And, on a more serious note, this.

Happy birthday, love. I'll see you at the airport.

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