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This post contains a photo of me with America Ferrera. Steel yourselves against the unpreventable wave of lust before you click the cut-tag, is my advice.

Context )

First, despite my bzzzzing, the actual event was really wonderful; it was the culminating event of a summer-long mentoring program between established women in the area, working in nine different fields (business, entrepreneurship, arts/entertainment, science research, science teaching, medical/health, military, sports, and, uh, a ninth one). The mentees gave speeches introducing the mentor honorees, and it was a really beautiful evening featuring really delicious food.

BUT you guys don't care about that, so instead:

Seriously, a photo of me with America Ferrera. )

Just for fun )
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Okay I am going to do a full BBB wave 2 recs post soonest, but. Before I go to bed, here is the glorious reason I am still awake:

Let the Compass Point You Home, by [personal profile] mistresscurvy and [personal profile] amazonziti.

43K of epic fantasy-AU slavefic gloriousness, with trust-building and women wearing breeches and servants who are part of the family and Gerard and Lindsey and Frank and Jamia and LOVE and just all kinds of wonderful things. I think it will make you happy and warm your heart to read it, and I think it's got plenty to make you laugh, too. I've read it rather a lot of times by now, and I'm really really excited for people who get to read it for the first time.

Enjoy! \o/


Aug. 8th, 2011 12:53 am
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You guys!

Okay, I know people like Brendon/Spencer (because BEST) and I know people like pretend boyfriends (because BEST) and I know people like prompt memes (because BEST) and I know people like five-times fic (because BEST) and I know people like 5K+ fic (because yay!), but.

I really did not know that a combination of these factors could garner quite this reaction.

I am like seriously doing a little dance of joy )

50 kudos (and seven lovely comments!) in 24 hours? That is, like. I don't even know what to say about that. It is AMAZING, it feels AMAZING. For comparison? Cute Girls is the only fic I've got with more, at 75 kudos. And that, for a month's responses to a BBB, I am super super enormously pleased with. Like, I am and was IN NO WAY feeling under-feedbacked; you guys are all AMAZING. But you can see why 50 in 24 hours is just, like, completely blowing me away!

So just--yay. I am really really happy that people like the fic, and I am really really happy to be writing in this fandom.

(PS have you guys read [ profile] fictionalaspect's new pretend-boyfriends fic? It's AMAZEBALLS.)
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It is that time again! These are all widely available as ebooks, as well as in paper.

The Hakawati, by Rabih Alameddine
This is a reread for me; this book is just phenomenally good and I've been meaning to reread it, and then I was trapped in a small restaurant with some very loud Islamophobes and that pretty much made my decision for me.

This is a book about storytelling, and--rightly so--it's told in stories. )

I really can't recommend this one enough; it's a captivating read that has the cred of literary fiction without actually being it (thank goodness ;).

The first four books of the Parasol Protectorate series, by Gail Carriger
These are SO FUNNY. Really, above all else, they're hysterical. The publisher describes them as "novels of manners with werewolves" or something like that, but if you don't read a lot of romance or historical fiction and that means nothing to you (as it didn't for me), it's this: Victorian zom-rom-com.

Seriously--it's like Shaun of the Dead in Victorian London, starring a fabulous woman. )

If you like the Amelia Peabody books, you will love these, even if you never want to see the word "vampire" again in your life.
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Yayyy you guys, LJ is sort of back up!

This is particularly yay because now I can link y'all to the fantabulous fanart that [ profile] fanplankton drew for my Wave One Bandom Big Bang story, Cute Girls.

It's just fabulous--a "before" and "after" of Brendon and a group sketch modeled on a particular Panic 1.0 photoshoot--and you should go tell [ profile] fanplankton how great it is!

(I'm still over the moon about [personal profile] saint_vee's Cute Girls art, so having more is just pretty overwhelming tbh. So much gorgeousness all over the place!)


Jul. 28th, 2011 02:09 pm
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As [ profile] ladyfoxxx put it, "Oh man, trust us to have our porn housed on 'Russia's last truly free and public space for political debate.'" For Russia's sake even more than ours I hope LJ comes back soon.

Right before LJ went down, a lovely LJer named [ profile] fanplankton messaged me there because she's done some really gorgeous art for Cute Girls--a couple of "before" and "after" portraits of Brendon, and a lovely group sketch.

I want to link to her post with them, but I can't get it to load (nor do I imagine y'all could even if I did) nor can I send her another message TELLING her I'm linking to them (she did, at least, receive my first OMG GORGEOUS THANK YOU message, phew). So, uh--[ profile] fanplankton, if by any chance you're out there, I look forward to getting to link to your post! Someday! When Russia's last truly free and public space for political debate is restored!

ETA: Ooh, hey, this is cool:
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Because I can't stop staring at this, and I think you should stare for a while, too:

These socks were knit by an online acquaintance of mine, out of her handspun yarn.

And now I'm going to talk about how awesome they are in the form of a rant about the ways people talk about handspinning, because apparently this is what looking at beautiful handspun makes me think about. )

So, anyway. I don't have much of a solution, except: we need to see photos like this, and we need to stop diminishing ourselves by suggesting that this is not achievable, or that it's not normal, or that it's not what handspun "is."
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On the one hand, we have this great article about how Terry Pratchett writes female characters, and how his writing of them has changed over the years.

Sample quote:
But only when listening to Nigel Planer read it to me over the last few weeks did I realise something I had never entirely noticed before: this is a fantasy novel in which all the important characters are women. This is a fantasy novel by a bestselling male author in which all the important characters are women.

On the other hand, we have this Mark Reads review of the first part of My Immortal, which you may recall as the horrendous badfic about Gerard Way's vampire daughter, "Ebony Dark’ness [WHY IS THERE AN APOSTROPHE THERE] Dementia Raven Way" going to Hogwarts.

Sample quote:
This entire fic is literally like a nightmare of my junior high and high school years. And this is not me trying to be serious about My Immortal because I refuse to dignify any of this with that sort of mental strain, but these were the douches who told me I didn’t listen to real punk because Simple Plan was truly where it was at.
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Title: Weekend at Brendon's
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Rating: Explicit
Summary: It's just a regular weekend off from the recording studio for Brendon and Spencer. (Part of the Figuring It Out universe.)
Word Count: 6718
Notable Content: Contains BDSM, including electrical play.

[personal profile] isweedan beta'd this and reminded me why she is absolutely my favorite person for the fics that just aren't working: she makes me fix them so that they do work.
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So I don't know if y'all know, but for the last while [personal profile] lalejandra has been adding parts to her AWESOME Spencer/Brendon BDSM series (the I want to choke (u) verse). And they have been ridiculously amazing.

And now she wrote a part for meeeeee! ::does a little dance:: And it features Brendon wearing Spencer's cutoff jean shorts (which look like they're gonna fall off his hips), steak, making out, a minor freak-out, and a lovely lovely lovely scene and lovely lovely lovely aftercare. Basically it is ridiculous levels of awesome.

You might be able to read it alone? But it is a hundred thousand times better with the series behind it (much like a Buffy episode!), so you should read the whole thing, starting with the first part, in which they are emotional failboats (BUT THEY LEARN).


Thing the second, I have been having ALL the fun on twitter talking to everyone and their mother about Panic and their crazy stagefey and all the various things we would like to see fic!them do, and I end up with some wild ideas in my projects folder.

So, because I am never actually going to write this, here is a snippet from the “Spencer is a pro dom and it’s killing his sex life until he meets therapist!Brendon who thinks outside the box” fic (IIRC, the idea was [personal profile] hermette's, almost certainly with an assist by [personal profile] fifteendozentimes):

Imagine Spencer Smith in leather pants with a flogger on his hip. GO ON, IMAGINE IT. )


Ooh, and third! Lev Grossman's article about fanfic for Time is out, and it's been given the enchanting title "The Boy Who Lived Forever," which is about as endearing as you can ask for. The article is similar: it's quite comprehensive for the length, and I found it very respectful. BRB, reading The Magicians.

So are y'all loving fandom today as much as I am?
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From the comments of the LOTRFF post on the OTW blog:

I hope it was clear that we at the OTW see social networks and online businesses as part of the ecology of the web and that we believe fanfiction or other fanworks posted to these sites are still fair uses.

That being said, we have seen negative outcomes from people viewing fandom as a business; for example, removing content that offends advertisers, removing content because of cease-and-desist letters regardless of the validity of the claim, or simply closing down entirely if they turn out not to be very profitable. To give just one example, the video streaming site iMeem closed after discovering that hosting fan video wasn't very profitable, and vidders lost their entire network as well as their videos. YouTube takes down many things that are fair use under pressure from its business partners. So we have reason to be wary that business interests and fandom interests may not always coincide.

Accurate. And definitely why I've stopped trusting LJ with my stuff, among other places. The next time they go through and delete everyone some religious group doesn't approve of, I could be on that chopping block.

(Also, the new funniest part of this fail? The business dude is of the opinion that offers a "better product" than the AO3. Does anyone, even the OTW haters, actually think that? You can't post RPF or porn and the format is downright shitastic, but okay, "better product.")
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So I have managed to be traveling or otherwise tied up (er ... not like that. Maybe next year!) for every single Pride in every city I've lived in since I've been an adult.

Last year I was in North Carolina, ffs, at the straightest wedding on the planet. The year before that I was in a car all day, and the year before that my parents were in town (and I accidentally ended up sitting with my mother inside a pub with the dyke march almost visible through the windows, which was ... slightly awkward. #nudity #andmymother #justsaying).


And I got to go with [personal profile] amazonziti and [personal profile] mistresscurvy, who are basically the best possible people to do anything at all with. This also meant that, yk, I was basically attending this gay event in the most lesbian way possible: with my ex-girlfriend. ::bows:: Oh, and she ran into an ex-girlfriend from college, because THAT IS HOW THE QUEER COMMUNITY ROLLS, MOTHERFUCKER. \o/

Okay, pictures! Just imagine 90% of these with "Born this Way" playing in the background, because holy shit did that terrible fucking song get played over. And over. And over. One of the times I did a little dance of joy because I thought they were playing Madonna, but, of course, it was not.



In conclusion:
BEST SIGN: "NY said Yes." Simple and lovely!
BEST T-SHIRTS: "Our next march is down the aisle"--there were a million of these, and they all said "Marriage Equality June 2011" on the back. Those were either printed in hope or very, very fast.
BEST FLOAT: Definitely the one for The Door, which had a phenomenal DJ and got the crowd dancing and going wild
BEST GROUP NAME: The Flaggots, an awesome flag-dancing troupe


Jun. 3rd, 2011 07:36 pm
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My articling term is over! I have completed all of the requirements to be admitted to the Bar in Ontario! I just have to go in tomorrow to sign the rolls (apparently actually a binder--how déclassé!) and then show up in barrister's robes for the Call, and I'm a lawyer.*

*Arguably also I have to pay yet more fees and get insured to REALLY be a lawyer, but we're ignoring that part today.

Here is the utterly adorable gift my office gave each of the articling students at the not-very-surprising surprise party today:

Barrister's robes wine bottle

It's wine with barrister's robes! ADORABLE. Little things like this are such a wonderful part of working in an office full of women. I miss that already.
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This mixtape from Angel Haze, a bi teenager who's basically singing all the things that I love from Young Money ("I'm the best, seriously though I'm the best, no really you can't believe how awesome I am") except it's a lot cooler from a young bi woman than from Weezy, ykwim? Try Fall For Your Type and Make It Raee'n!
NB: strong language, sexual content, etc. NSFW. Also, not background music, really--you probably want to listen to her.
("Bitches on my dick 'cause I'm also a bisexual! ... bitches on my dick 'cause I got game like Sega!" C'mon, that's just awesome.)

Graphic novels:
(sidenote: when did I become the kind of person who has a graphic novels section of ANYTHING? I blame Gerard for this.)

If you've read Umbrella Academy (and omg, it's amazing), here's part one of six of Gerard Way at Comic-Con talking about the next volume and about the upcoming Killjoys comic. Also, Mikey is there, being adorable. And he makes a slashfic joke that ISN'T ABOUT SLASHFIC BEING BAD OR EVIL.
Adorableness! )

Next, this kind of thing is half of why I read The Hairpin. (The other half is this--don't miss the comments, they're excellent.) Looks like a phenomenal graphic novel, but really, there's nothing I can say that sells it better than those excerpts--although the Amazon reviews sure try, wow.

ETA: lol, "Weezy" is the rapper, "Wheezy" is the Toy Story penguin with the broken squeaker. Sliiiightly confusing spelling error, there, me.
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SO! Today was this irritating emo day, where nothing was actually bad or different from any other day--if anything, things were kind of extra-nice (low workload, bunch of happy coworkers, chocolate-covered raisins--but I was still kinda bummed. (I am blaming the crappy, crappy, NOT SPRING-Y weather, and now I am in my apartment with the blinds closed and lots of bright lights on, huzzah!)

BUT ANYWAY, then this happened and it became basically impossible to be emo anymore. Because people are awesome. )

So! It's dark and gloomy outside, but I am very happy for her right now.

ETA: Additional yays! I called my bff, who lives in DC, and she'll be in our hometown for Memorial Day and with some additional effort, I can be too, which, WORTH IT. And a fun acquaintance recommended a summer knit-night to me, which means I'll get to see her AND hang out with cool people.
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Ahoy, a post that is incomprehensible to ... probably almost everyone who follows me. SORRY. I WILL INCLUDE A PRETTY PICTURE AT THE END.

My spinning mojo is back, thank fuck.

'Tis the season--that helps. It's soon going to be too warm to want half-knit sweaters on my lap, and just the right weather to sit on patios with a spindle and a can of cider.

More importantly, a friend of mine who is always an inspiration came to knit night yesterday with A) her brand-new custom-made Great Wheel, which will be living at Lettuce Knit for a while, and B) some gorgeous gorgeous chain-plied laceweight spun for her by the lovely Ms. Abby Franquemont (who turns out to be teaching at Rhinebeck this year--I am totally in, I haven't seen her since Sock Summit).

The latter was the main inspiration; it was just my speed, fine and strong and soft. I usually don't like chain-plying much, but she'd used it to make looooooooooong color transitions, purple-green-brown-green-purple. Now I find myself spinning two apes of that yarn (one in Sweet Georgia BFL with the same looooong, singles ongoing; one in Into the Whirlde Falklands, ply on the fly) plus two or three projects that had stalled out.

Basically: my mojo is in full spin! Woot. And good thing it's spindles I'm feeling the love for, as my production wheel is sure as hell not coming to New York with me in June.

Okay, now the pretty picture. (If you don't like yarn ... you are missing out, I guess. You probably wouldn't like the photo of the finished socks, either, you philistine!)
3-ply sock yarn
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So you know how [personal profile] astolat has that way of writing stuff, especially dubcon, where you're like "THIS SHOULD FEEL SO WRONG, SO VERY WRONG, BUT SOMEHOW IT DOESN'T BECAUSE SHE IS MAGIC"? Like. It should not work! Except that she is very deft and so it DOES.

So. Here is why having a fangirlfriend is awesome:

Me: [hilariously bad come-on]
Me: Whatever, baby, don't front, I am the astolat of dirty talk for you.

(This paraphrase brought to you by elderflower cocktails.)
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Muskrat was great! I really can't possibly describe the whole weekend, so I will follow [personal profile] merisunshine36's example and list some highlights:

--the crafts table, which I kind of thought was stupid and then discovered is AMAZING. The icon is a sample of my work. I HAVE EXPRESSED MY FEELINGS ABOUT JON WALKER IN THE FORM OF GOOGLY EYES AND STICKER LETTERS YOU GUYS.

--the anal panel, about which I mostly just want to set up an easy That's What He Said joke but I will refrain. It was excellent.

--the dance party! omg you guys, my calves hurt SO MUCH right now and it is SO WORTH IT. Being able to dance to Guilty Pleasure and If I Had You and (Planetary) Go with a room full of fangirls? EXCELLENT. Also the drinks were very good and the company was better, and I got to go home with the sexiest woman in the room.

--the bandom history panel was eye-opening. ALL OF THE DRAMAS and awesomeness! Is there a collection of wanks stored somewhere so that I can go gawk years after the fact?

--the panel on fandom outside of LJ really helped me solidify the content that I like from each of the outlets that I use (twitter, tumblr, here, delicious, etc). Very interesting.

--I got a shit-ton of knitting done.

--[personal profile] amazonziti gave me YET ANOTHER great fic idea that I kind of can't help wanting to write. This is basically her new goal in my life, I suspect. DAMMIT Z. ::writes::

--I was dubconned into watching Alias by [personal profile] mistresscurvy. It turns out to be fabulous, damn her.

--we somehow lucked into an INCREDIBLE hotel room, a big suite with a California King. This made the fact that she also got a bunch of other people* watching Alias easier, as we could sit four across and watch one laptop. Some cuddling was required to make it work, but I'm always happy to take that one for the team.
*like the lovely [personal profile] merisunshine36 and the fabulous [personal profile] desfinado!

Also I got to have a really lovely dinner and hang-out with my kid sister, and a really great phone call with my bff, some really fabulous time with my [personal profile] mistresscurvy, and a fun lunch with one of her brothers.


Feb. 21st, 2011 10:05 pm
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Sometimes--lots of the time, the last few years--I am so happy and fulfilled and overflowing with love that I can't stop smiling.

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