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And then we all waited long enough to see Mikey and Frank go by in golf carts, and then went back to our various digs. [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I ended up staying up for another hour or two just repeating the phrase "oh my God, that was so fucking amazing" over and over and over (technically there was more conversation than that, but I swear we must have each said that, like, a KABILLION times. Approximately). Because it WAS.

ALL THE FUZZY MCR FEELINGS. And now I'm going to go reread [ profile] brooklinegirl's Wave Two BBB and then, like, everything [ profile] desfinado has ever written. ALL THE MCR FIC SHALL BE BELONG TO ME.

(Also. Feel free to rec Ray porn and Ray fic in general to me. NOW IS THE TIME.)


BTW--today is the anniversary of the Art is the Weapon trailer, which also means it's the anniversary of [personal profile] mistresscurvy getting into bandom. As she was the one who dragged me in along with her (for which I am extremely grateful!), this is also a fairly great This Day in History for me, too. Yay bandom; I love all y'all. Let's keep doing this thing we do.
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This post contains a photo of me with America Ferrera. Steel yourselves against the unpreventable wave of lust before you click the cut-tag, is my advice.

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First, despite my bzzzzing, the actual event was really wonderful; it was the culminating event of a summer-long mentoring program between established women in the area, working in nine different fields (business, entrepreneurship, arts/entertainment, science research, science teaching, medical/health, military, sports, and, uh, a ninth one). The mentees gave speeches introducing the mentor honorees, and it was a really beautiful evening featuring really delicious food.

BUT you guys don't care about that, so instead:

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... gross

Sep. 8th, 2011 01:05 pm
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Dear NBC,

Stop making misogynist tripe and seducing my favorite websites into shilling, grossly, for it.

No love,

Seriously, though, what the actual fuck. Gross gross gross gross gross everything about that post is grossing me the fuck out.

ETA: And here's a great NPR piece about how "empowering" this show really, really, really isn't.


Sep. 3rd, 2011 12:28 am
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So MCR had to fire their current drummer after catching him stealing from the band. No details are given, but police involvement pretty much says it all.

And just, you know. It sucks. The idea that they had all this fun together, with Frank and said drummer messing around on Twitter and presumably the group of them doing stuff together, doing stuff with their families, and that now they feel betrayed and Frank's deleted all the photos of the drummer off his twitter--it just sucks.

He did a couple of not-apologetic-exactly tweets about it, and yeah, it's a shitty situation for all concerned and people steal because they're desperate and, as [personal profile] epershand put it, less because they need money than because they are too desperately ashamed to tell anyone why they need money. There are always reasons, and they are never, ever, ever happy reasons. But. It really sucks.

Of all the bands that would understand a terrible addiction, or a horrible family situation, or a terrible lapse in judgment, and would try to help if given the chance--given MCR's history, I really absolutely believe they would listen, no matter what the situation, and that they would at least try to help in some way. And it fucking sucks to think of that option being shoved off the table by whatever the drummer did. For all of them, it sucks.
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It's my own fault for hanging out on tumblr, where the average age is about 14. But.

The tumblr branch of bandom? Is full of people who think that it's A) okay, and B) hilarious to call each other (and everyone else) "faggot." They see absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, a number of them have decided that people in Panic fandom should be referred to collectively as "faggots." Because ... well, their logic isn't exactly sound, but take stage gay and add teenage idiocy and you come up with that basic result, apparently.

One particular individual created a really quite lovely set of gifs of Spencer Smith drumming ... and then titled it something like "here's a bunch of Spencer drumming gifs, so now you can calm down, fags!" Someone told her off; a bunch of other people agreed with that person (though I can't say the numbers were with the side of good, here); and then she started talking about it on her blog. And a group of us were horrified together on Twitter and then tried to talk some sense into her and, to be honest, miserably failed. She was absolutely unwilling to consider changing her ways.

Anyway. I know she's a teenager and she'll be less stupid eventually; I know I can take myself off tumblr; I know it's--actually, fuck this whole list. We know that whatever her age, she's contributing to an atmosphere of casual homophobia. We know that hate speech shouldn't be allowed to drive people away from public spaces (and yes, I and several others reported her to tumblr for said hate speech--especially after she laughed at a number of "asks" that used the n word). It's wrong, and I don't really care if we failed to have an effect on her, because it still all needed to be said, and I know that there were other people out there, watching, who weren't so resistant to change.

I don't really have a conclusion. It didn't conclude. Probably she'll get shut down but all the other ones will keep calling everyone "faggots" and thinking that's just normal and acceptable behaviour, because in most places it is, because in most places we actually really haven't won. I wish that weren't the case.
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So my kid sister has a cool work event tomorrow, and for that event she's baking delicious things at my apartment. Only I don't so much have baking things (of any kind), so we went to Gristedes.

And then this happened.

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