littlemousling: Black square with "DO IT NOW and DO IT LOUD" written in white (MCR)

My interpretation of the gif's meaning: I love you, brother! Isn't our life grand! Aren't we the luckiest bastards in the fucking world? Also, dude, I still can't believe how amazing our wives are.

Today, this gif represents: Fandom joy! On a sad day (Jack Layton is definitely in my thoughts), twitter has been ably distracting me with fic ideas. I love how giving fandom is--ask a plot question or raise a possibility, and someone is always there to help prop the thought up. IT MAKES ME GRIN AND SPIN MY GUITAR AROUND, BASICALLY.
littlemousling: A long joke about kiwis the bird and kiwis the fruit being the same thing. (kiwi)

My interpretation of the gif's meaning: Life is wonderful! Have fun with it! No fear!

Today, this gif represents: How great my day at an amusement park with my sisters was, even though there were no balloons filled with glitter (and indeed no Gerard Way).
littlemousling: Photo of my cat, looking kind of stoned (Reggie)
This right here? Is why the internet exists.

My interpretation of the gif's meaning: Be happy! Embrace your fellow creatures!

Today, this gif represents: How awesome the internet is and how glad I am to be living in this modern age.
littlemousling: Adam Lambert and a plant (plantbert)
Cut for AWESOME, but semi-flashing, gif )

My interpretation of the gif's meaning: SEX IS AWESOME. BEING ALIVE IS AWESOME. LOVE SOMEBODY TODAY. (This could also be, like, the message of all Adam Lambert gifs ever. Maybe add in a "MUSIC IS AWESOME" to round it out.)

Today, this gif represents: How fucking much I am loving this part of my life, and how fucking great I feel about the people I've met through being an obsessive Adam Lambert fan (YES I ADMIT TO IT), and how totally fucking much my Bradam tinhatting DOES NOT INTERFERE with my enjoying Adam/dudes. I SUPPORT ADAM/DUDES. Just putting that out there. #teamcockbert #adam/happinessOTP #plantberttoo
littlemousling: Street sign from Toronto's gay village (Church and Wellesley)

My interpretation of the gif's meaning: LOOK AT THE HAPPY DANCING MAN LOOK LOOK

Today, this gif represents: Just watched a livestream of Adam Lambert's first GlamNation tour concert. And it was this terrible-sound, incomprehensible-shaky-blurry-picture affair, and it was fucking amazing. This tour is going to be unbelievable.

The ONLY problem is that I had been planning to bring some yet-unknown date (I have a few first dates coming up, figured one would pan out). But it is very clear that I will be, like, sobbing at least once during this concert, which makes it not exactly a good second/third/fourth/pre-love date with a non-fan. So I have to seriously rethink my strategy there. WE SHALL SEE. In any case: Holy shitballs, this tour is going to be incredible.
littlemousling: Adam Lambert and a plant (plantbert)

My interpretation of the gif's meaning: "IT HAD TO BE DONE AND I FUCKING DID IT. NOW I AM GOING TO GO DRINK, DANCE, AND GET LAID."

This gif represents: My feeling on checking my grades and discovering I haven't failed anything and will, in ten days, be holding a law-school diploma in my hands.

So, um, here's a story: I have frequently been heard to mention that I have terrible, terrible romantic luck with people whose first initial is J. Seriously, I could list a half-dozen people, no problem, with whom everything that could go wrong, did. And a number of them--including the two worst offenders--had the last initial D. I basically, despite being superstitious about very little else*, harbour a belief that those initials spell out my, you know, humiliation and failure.

You have probably put these pieces together, but it took me until like a month ago: those initials are the initials for the degree I'm about to get. Right. So there's some twisted Freudian shit I should really get looked at by a qualified professional.

BUT FOR TODAY THERE IS ONLY SQUEE. I mean, objectively I knew I hadn't failed anything--I actually did very well throughout law school--but objectivity rarely enters into one's primal fears of failure and shame. SO: SQUEE!

*OK, that is a blatant lie and I apologize. ;)
littlemousling: Photo of Kalinda, character from The Good Wife, in front of books of statutes (law)

My interpretation of this gif's meaning: "Lol, whatever, this shit is whack but I'm putting up with it."

This gif represents: My thoughts about the seven-hour Barrister exam I took today.

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