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So after some, ahem, lively discussion over at [personal profile] bethbethbeth's awesome Kudos/comments poll, I decided we should all have a poll about the most common meaning(s) people assign to the Kudos they give.

When you click the Kudos button, what are you trying to express? Go click some ticky boxes about it! Let's de-murkify the average use of the button, shall we?

Also, since this is my journal and I can be opinionated here (I'm trying to be pretty neutral in the poll post):

FTR, I would way, way, way rather have a Kudos given in joy than a comment given in guilt or obligation. I want you guys to read happy!

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Queermosexuals for Spencer Smith image
Image by [personal profile] fictionalaspect

Poll #8533 Roll Call
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 24

Queermosexuals! for Spencer Smith

View Answers

17 (70.8%)

Straight ally auxiliary? :D :D
6 (25.0%)

1 (4.2%)

(Feel free to just walk on by if you're blinking at this and going "uhhhh?" NO WORRIES I WILL LOVE YOU ANYWAY. OR NOT IF THAT IS NOT THE RELATIONSHIP THAT WE HAVE. WHICHEVER.)
(Saying yes is not signing up for anything other than a declaration of your queermo love for Spencer Smith!)
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I started to create a poll for this, but it ended up with twenty options and I was still going. So I'm going to do a really simple version of the poll, and then you can all tell me all the possibilities I've left out. ;)

The poll is anonymous: even I can't see who voted.

Here's some questions to help you narrow down the issues: If someone causes someone else to orgasm by lightly stroking their arm, is that sex? If it's sex, is it sex for both people? If it isn't sex, what must the first person stroke instead (or will stroking never be enough)? If it IS sex, does lightly stroking the arm count as sex for someone who can't orgasm from that, but does get intense sexual pleasure from it? What about someone who just sort of likes it? What about sustained genital touching of someone who just sort of likes that? Intercourse where one or both people just sort of like it, and don't receive significant sexual pleasure from it?

(Obviously we can all say "if they say it's sex, it's sex!" and be done with the conversation, but let's put that aside for now--even if that's the eventual conclusion anyway, I think it'll be fun to see what ideas and definitions we can come up with.)

For the purposes of the poll, "significant sexual pleasure" means the kind of pleasure the person engaging in the activity would usually "top out" at--eg orgasm, a particular plateau level of pleasure, etc.

Poll #8511 What counts as sex?
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 43

NOT specifically for the purpose of determining "virginity," but generally, what constitutes "sex" to you? Please pick the closest answer

View Answers

1 (2.3%)

Genital touching (frot/scissoring, blowjobs/cunnilingus, and/or handjobs/fingerbanging)
4 (9.3%)

Genital or nipple touching with the intent of significant sexual pleasure
4 (9.3%)

Any touching with the intent of significant sexual pleasure
1 (2.3%)

Any act with the intent of significant sexual pleasure (eg flogging or feather-tickling to orgasm)
33 (76.7%)

None of these options are remotely like my definition
0 (0.0%)

(NB I am still not actually sure which answer to choose. So if you're having trouble, you are not alone! This is why I thought it would be interesting to talk about it.)
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My rampant curiosity about other people strikes again! (That is, I recently met a woman approximately my age who lives alone and sleeps in a twin bed, which is different from the bed choice that I have made. As always, I am fascinated by human variation, so. LET'S SEE HOW THIS GOES.)

Please feel free to comment to expand on your answers, especially since they won't be automatically collated (eg into "dorm --> twin bed"). What factors went into your bed choice, if you had a choice about your bed? If you didn't--what size bed do you think you'd like to have, and what factors would go into that decision?

Poll #8460 Living space and bed size
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 61

I live ... (please choose the answer that best fits)

View Answers

alone (no other humans)
20 (32.8%)

with romantic and/or sexual partner(s)
15 (24.6%)

with friend(s)
0 (0.0%)

with housemate(s)/roommate(s)
12 (19.7%)

in a dorm (single room)
0 (0.0%)

in a dorm (multiple occupancy)
1 (1.6%)

with my parent(s)/guardian(s)
10 (16.4%)

with family/relative(s) who were not my guardian(s)
1 (1.6%)

None of these apply (please feel free to explain!)
2 (3.3%)

My bed size is ... (uses N. American sizes; please pick closest)

View Answers

Twin (39in × 75in / .97 m × 1.91 m)
10 (16.4%)

Double (54in × 75in / 1.37 m × 1.91 m)
22 (36.1%)

Queen (60in × 80in / 1.52 m × 2.03 m)
22 (36.1%)

Olympic Queen (66in × 80in / 1.68 m × 2.03 m)
2 (3.3%)

King (76in × 80in / 1.93 m × 2.03 m)
3 (4.9%)

California King (72in × 84in / 1.83 m × 2.13 m)
2 (3.3%)

My primary considerations were ... (please feel free to skip if you would prefer not to answer)

View Answers

Room size
25 (41.0%)

Sleeping comfort
43 (70.5%)

9 (14.8%)

Body size
11 (18.0%)

Sex/sexual intimacy
21 (34.4%)

11 (18.0%)

Selection available at time of purchase
3 (4.9%)

Existing bedding
12 (19.7%)

9 (14.8%)

I did not choose this bed
9 (14.8%)

Ha, okay

Oct. 26th, 2011 08:57 am
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I keep meaning to ask this, and I keep failing to actually do so. Therefore, POLL TIME. \o/ \o/

In Breakfast Served All Day (which you may or may not remember as that fic where Ryan sleeps with a lot of people and then is a jerk about it but Spencer makes them breakfast and also Brendon is in his underwear a lot) one of Ryan's hookups is only described as being "a short dude with killer hip tattoos."
(Yes, this was on purpose. Because SOCIAL EXPERIMENT!!1!!)

Poll #8372 HIP TATTOOS
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 36

Who did/do you think the short dude with killer hip tattoos is?

View Answers

Frank Iero
22 (61.1%)

Pete Wentz
12 (33.3%)

Victoria Asher (hey, the author is dead, it's whoever I say it is)
2 (5.6%)

No one in bandom
1 (2.8%)

1 (2.8%)

10 (27.8%)


Jun. 22nd, 2010 01:11 am
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Cut for poll about fandom roleplaying. The in-bed kind. )
ETA: Oops, I just realized that protecting all y'all's stuff by setting the "individual answers" thing to the highest privacy DW would let me means none of you can see the fill-in answers at the end! So feel free to comment instead. Sorry, peeps!
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[Poll #841394]
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Woke up in the middle of the night, accidentally turned alarm off, and slept in until 6:30. Probably for the best, as on Sundays they don't serve breakfast until 10.

Finished the David Sedaris this morning and have gotten back to Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell. 130 pages in, and it's still as un-fucking-believably fantastic as I remembered it. It's like the very best of Jane Austen combined with my favorite kind of biography plus, you know, magic and British people.

[Poll #606351]

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