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It's my own fault for hanging out on tumblr, where the average age is about 14. But.

The tumblr branch of bandom? Is full of people who think that it's A) okay, and B) hilarious to call each other (and everyone else) "faggot." They see absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, a number of them have decided that people in Panic fandom should be referred to collectively as "faggots." Because ... well, their logic isn't exactly sound, but take stage gay and add teenage idiocy and you come up with that basic result, apparently.

One particular individual created a really quite lovely set of gifs of Spencer Smith drumming ... and then titled it something like "here's a bunch of Spencer drumming gifs, so now you can calm down, fags!" Someone told her off; a bunch of other people agreed with that person (though I can't say the numbers were with the side of good, here); and then she started talking about it on her blog. And a group of us were horrified together on Twitter and then tried to talk some sense into her and, to be honest, miserably failed. She was absolutely unwilling to consider changing her ways.

Anyway. I know she's a teenager and she'll be less stupid eventually; I know I can take myself off tumblr; I know it's--actually, fuck this whole list. We know that whatever her age, she's contributing to an atmosphere of casual homophobia. We know that hate speech shouldn't be allowed to drive people away from public spaces (and yes, I and several others reported her to tumblr for said hate speech--especially after she laughed at a number of "asks" that used the n word). It's wrong, and I don't really care if we failed to have an effect on her, because it still all needed to be said, and I know that there were other people out there, watching, who weren't so resistant to change.

I don't really have a conclusion. It didn't conclude. Probably she'll get shut down but all the other ones will keep calling everyone "faggots" and thinking that's just normal and acceptable behaviour, because in most places it is, because in most places we actually really haven't won. I wish that weren't the case.
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So to follow up on a fascinating Twitter conversation: as a reader or as a writer or both or other, how do you think you fall on the "canon <---> fanon" spectrum?

What aspects of canon are most important to you? Characters' personalities? Characters' relationships (platonic and familial as well as romantic)? Characters' defining statistics (age, height, detailed history)? Settings? Major events? Minor events? All of the above?

For instance, here's my response. )

So, basically, I operate both in reading and writing as a gleeful slacker on dates/ages/heights/settings/etc, but fixate instead on the conceptions I have of the characters and their relationships, especially the most prominent/clearest aspects of those personalities and interactions. I'm all fanon on the first, and more of a canon stickler for the second.

I would love to hear where y'all think you sit on the spectrum(s), whether you want to talk about it in the comments or take it up in your own journal.


Aug. 8th, 2011 12:53 am
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You guys!

Okay, I know people like Brendon/Spencer (because BEST) and I know people like pretend boyfriends (because BEST) and I know people like prompt memes (because BEST) and I know people like five-times fic (because BEST) and I know people like 5K+ fic (because yay!), but.

I really did not know that a combination of these factors could garner quite this reaction.

I am like seriously doing a little dance of joy )

50 kudos (and seven lovely comments!) in 24 hours? That is, like. I don't even know what to say about that. It is AMAZING, it feels AMAZING. For comparison? Cute Girls is the only fic I've got with more, at 75 kudos. And that, for a month's responses to a BBB, I am super super enormously pleased with. Like, I am and was IN NO WAY feeling under-feedbacked; you guys are all AMAZING. But you can see why 50 in 24 hours is just, like, completely blowing me away!

So just--yay. I am really really happy that people like the fic, and I am really really happy to be writing in this fandom.

(PS have you guys read [ profile] fictionalaspect's new pretend-boyfriends fic? It's AMAZEBALLS.)
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1) I did not need to arrive 90 minutes early. Boy did I not. That said, I ended up with a fantastic seat.

2) There appeared, briefly, a very cute ferret.

3) There turns out to still be a poster of Gerard Way at 14th St station, at the 7th Ave&14th St entrance.

4) When the credits rolled, the twentysomething next to me turned to her friends and said, "my childhood is over!"

5) While waiting for the movie, I finished the audiobook of His Majesty's Dragon. On my way back from the movie, I finished reading Holding Still As Long As Possible. Combined with the movie, that was quite the emotional rollercoaster and I think I am going to drink some bourbon and watch sitcoms now.
ETA: instead I finished Soldiers of God (wrenching graphic novel) and am probably going to read all of Snow Queen's Shadow (the emotional rollercoaster started on page three). At least I'm drinking the bourbon?
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Television: In my basement apartment in Toronto, my cat amuses himself by sitting on the windowsills, at sidewalk level, watching other cats and various small animals pass by.

Radio: Here in Manhattan, where the window points to a fire escape and an alley, my cat amuses himself by sitting in front of the door, listening to people moving around in the halls.

Reggie playing with his scratching post
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So after three years of law school, two months of Bar studying, two days of testing, ten months of articling, and two hours of brain-melting ceremony, I became a lawyer in the Province of Ontario at about 10:28 this morning.

Emotions: mixed (one part "awesome," two parts "I basically already was, c'mon"). However, I put in an order after the ceremony for custom-tailored wool litigation robes, which only lawyers are allowed to wear at court, and about those I feel 100% positive and excited. So, on the whole, I'll take it.

ETA: omg awwwww. )

ETA 2: ALSO! Just remembered. I had to swear allegiance to the Queen, AGAIN. That's twice, Canada. I'm keeping track. #stupid #notourqueen #revolutiontime #iwillhappilysweartotheflag #orthenation #orbeaver #imeanbeavers
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I have packed for many a thing (fun fact: since July, I've flown for 14 weekends away. We won't even talk about the number if you count driving). For short trips, I've got it down to the simplest possible: I always keep a toothbrush, comb, deodorant, and knitting notions bag in my backpack, and then all I really need to add are a few shirts, a bra, my computer&cord, and whatever I'm wearing already, pick up my purse, and go.

But long-term packing--like tonight, packing for my upcoming summer in NYC--requires a totally different strategy. After years of camp and school and vacations and so on and so forth, here's my method, which probably reveals too much about my psyche )

So! If there's stuff you always forget to pack that you think I will, too, I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to hear your advice.
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I had a ridiculously idyllic childhood. And all the spring and flowers and happiness everywhere today reminded me vividly of one of the best parts, which was playing in the buttercup fields that grew up around one of the elementary schools I attended in Pennsylvania.

I suppose the groundskeeper or whoever probably wasn't a fan of them, but the kids all were. They'd just arrive, right near the end of the school year, blanketing all the green spaces. There were thousands and thousands and thousands of them, an inexhaustible number.

We'd carry them and hold them under our chins and make chains out of them--mostly the last, because buttercups work terribly well for chains if you have patience and sharp fingernails. Slit the tiny stem and feed the next one through it. Sparse chains that went on for yards, tight chains that made wreaths of yellow with almost no green showing, chains that interlinked to make nets. I spent hours and hours on buttercup chains; they're probably responsible for a good chunk of my fine-motor-control development.

I haven't lived in anyplace since that had buttercups in that proportion, but I can still vividly remember how it feels to put a perfect slit in a buttercup stem and know it's strong enough to hold.

Did anyone else have a buttercup-filled youth? Or anyone else feeling a little nostalgic for the springs of your childhood?
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OK, so I know shit-all about music*, but is it just me or is there a number-of-guitars parallel with genres?

*Seriously. I can't even ask my music-theory-grounded friends QUESTIONS without them laughing at me, because apparently my premises are hilariously wrong. ... my music-theory-grounded friends are kind of patronizing assholes, though.

It seems like things mostly go: one guitar Folk, two guitars Pop, three guitars Rock (where "guitar" includes bass guitars--which apparently people object to, even though guitar is right there in the name? But whatever).

Is this just a bad sampling (lol, my examples are things like "Adam Lambert's band vs. David Cook's band" and "Panic!" and like, Dar Williams. They may not be representative, is what I'm saying), or is there actually some general guitar-number sorting going on?

(I also know shit-all about genres. My iTunes is full of "genres" called things like Bandom Adjacent and Christmas and Radio.)

... when you tell me I'm an idiot, please be gentle. I AM GOOD AT OTHER THINGS OKAY.
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So! I went to Toronto's sixth annual Feminist Porn Awards on Friday night, with a friend who loved last year's (she very much enjoys mingling with porn stars).

The crowd was awesome--it boasted the most queer women, and definitely the most genderqueer people, that I've seen in a long time. Most everyone had dressed for the event, one way or another, and it was basically a big feast for the eyes.

The awards ceremony, though, was ... weird.

Preface and description part. )

The weirdness part. )

Anyway. Those are my best theories, but I am kind of fascinated by my reaction, now. Anyone else have the experience of being seriously turned off by porn featuring things they love in fic and/or real life? What do you think makes the difference?

(PS I also find the production values a huge distraction and omfg do I ever wish they'd shoot on film instead of video. This is also why I can't watch Doctor Who. So there you go: the intersection of Doctor Who and porn. You're welcome. ;)

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So, OK. Category: random ruminations.

Patrick Stump recently released a video for his new single, Spotlight.

If you haven't seen it, seriously triangle down and watch, because it is ALL OF THE HAPPY THINGS )
(If the embed doesn't work, it's here.)

So this video is happy and fun and lively and I enjoy it.

AND, it gives me this itch I have often experienced, wherein I want to be magically good at some physical skill. All of these people are ridiculously good at the things they do (well. Not the little kids or the guy with the weird tongue, but you know what I mean). There is no physical talent into which I have put that kind of energy, therefore there is no physical talent that I rock.

There is, however, one physical talent that I have, through fairly significant effort, achieved minimal competency: juggling )

I'm probably never going to be a very good juggler. But this video has made me think I'd like to put the work into being not very good at some new tricks.


Feb. 21st, 2011 10:05 pm
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Sometimes--lots of the time, the last few years--I am so happy and fulfilled and overflowing with love that I can't stop smiling.
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I really hated law school. Like, a lot. I liked my life during law school, and I liked my clinic work, and my friends, and Toronto, and biking everywhere, but law school itself just absolutely blew. I mean, it sucked. The people were mostly assholes, almost everything we did was designed to train law professors rather than lawyers, and the stuff that was easy made me feel guilty (not smart) while the stuff that wasn't easy made me feel stupid (not challenged). For three years I organized my life around the concept of spending as little time in those two buildings as I could get away with.

So perhaps you will understand when I say I had some niggling concerns about The Law, as this thing I was planning to be in for the rest of my life.

I don't really have those anymore. At all. I had kind of a boring weekend--the kind of weekend that makes me go, "Oh, shit, I am a boring person, DO SOMETHING AWESOME ASAP" (knitting a Bohus is awesome, right? ... right? ::crickets::)--and I just kept thinking, Can it be Monday now? I get to go to court on Monday. I get to be in court all day on Monday. I don't know who the judge will be, that's exciting. Maybe it'll be one I like. Maybe it'll be someone new and I can try to impress them. Maybe it'll be one I don't like and I'll have to strategize to get the results I want.

And then Monday came and it was awesome and I drove home smiling, like I drive home smiling every Monday, and most Tuesdays, and some Thursdays--because those are my court days, and court makes me smile. I am *good* at court. I *win* at court. And I probably can't get hired back at this job because Dalton McGuinty thinks it sounds good to say you're not hiring any more government lawyers, but I am good at this and I am enthusiastic about this and I will get another job that will make me smile on my Monday commute.
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OK. Moving on from last post. I am lucky and privileged to be a happy person; as a result of that, I like people, pretty much all people who aren't actively hurting other people. Some people view the world differently. That's life. ::breathes:: ::...breathes more::
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My recent ten-day drive across the Maritimes was, not to put too fine a point on it, the best trip I've ever taken. I'm away from my camera cord, so I probably will never get around to posting a real recap? But it was amazing in every possible way, and my appreciation for Canada, and for the friend I was traveling with, and for singing Kesha at the top of our lungs in the car, has been increased a thousandfold.

Now I'm chilling at my parents' in the States (I came here to get my wisdom teeth out while I'm still under their dental insurance--mostly healed now!). Very relaxing, although I'm starting to fret a little about my articling job. Not the job itself, really, but lawyerly wardrobe requirements (THANK YOU, huge Macy's sale!), the unknown status of my work-permit application*, the chance that when I cross back into Canada the border guard is seriously concerned about the fact that my current residence permit expires at the end of August, the fact that I have to buy a car for the first time, etc, etc.

*OK. Realistically? Yes, I will receive a work permit, and I will receive it before my current permit runs out. But it would be so seriously, horrendously bad for me to NOT receive it that I think my level of concern over the matter is justified. Maybe.

So I am distracting myself with Twitter (thank you, Adam Lambert fandom, for bringing the best people into my life) and with new Jim Hines and Naomi Novik, and with the Kradam Big Bang, for which it's, ahem, possible that I may have written a little something.

Basically: sort of back, but mostly just lazing around reading fanfic and not engaging with the world on a DW-post-worthy level.
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Here is a list, in no way exhaustive, of feelings that are extremely common. In other words: you are not alone.

1) Feeling that you are a fraud

2) Feeling that you are lazier than everyone else

3) Feeling like people around you are noticing and remembering your minor embarrassments

4) Feeling that you are not a real adult, or that you are not handling adulthood when others are

5) Feeling overwhelmed by what others seem to manage easily (household financial tasks, for instance)

Feel free to submit other common feelings in the comments. If you can avoid the word "normal," I'd appreciate it. ("Common" should work just fine.)


Jun. 10th, 2010 04:04 pm
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My reading choices since quasi-vacation started (full vacation only started yesterday) are, um, showing a particular trend.

First up, lit: A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers (literature) and The Book of Negroes (historical fiction/literature).

Then, less so: The Stepsister Scheme (fantasy/fairy-tale reboot). I would be reading the sequel RN, but for some ebook problems (hey B&N, you suck!).

Just now, not at all: Not Quite a Lady (romance).

Next up, oh god: ... two more by the romance author.

So apparently I'm slowly turning my brain off. OTOH, I wholeheartedly recommend all four of these books, each for what it is. They're all simply wonderful reads, and the first three have enormous redeeming social qualities, as well. (The last is socially redeeming only when measured on the romance-novel scale.)


In other news, I applied for my post-graduation work permit today, w00t! I have a little leeway if they're slow to process it, because my study-permit-based work permit doesn't expire until a month after I start my job, but I'm crossing my fingers for a quicker turnaround, anyway.
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I was pretty blasé about the whole thing, wasn't a big deal, just a piece of paper, etc.

Until I actually got it. And then there was this instant of: "THEY CAN'T* TAKE THIS BACK."

And I do feel pretty fucking good about that, all things considered. Law school sucked, and I did it, and it's over, and now I get to be a lawyer.**

So. Mildly notable day.

**After taking the Solicitor's exam, passing both exams, getting my work permit, articling, paying my dues, etc. Still some semi-arbitrary hoops to jump through, as always. Adulthood, I've come to realize, resembles nothing so much as a series of variable-annoying hoops. At least the jogging between them is pretty fun.
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I got an ebook reader recently, for two basic reasons: I'd been wanting one and this one was comparatively cheap ($150CDN), and also it's not currently available in the States, just Canada. I admit the latter is a petty, petty reason, but sometimes I am a petty, petty person. And there are too damned many things I can't get without buying them in the States or having them shipped to my parents in NY.

Anyway. I shouldn't have bought it, hindsight aside, because I haven't been reading much offline for the last ... let's say, eight years. I read tons and tons and tons on the internet, of course, but books? I buy hundreds more than I read. I try, but I'll sit down with a paperback and half an hour later I'm frantic to check my e-mail.

Here's the funny thing: on the ebook reader? I don't feel cut off. I am, objectively; there's no browser, not even a wifi connection to get new books without hooking up to a computer. But I don't feel it. Call it the placebo effect, but it lets me read the way I did as a kid--for hours, without stopping except to grab an apple--and haven't since then.

Anyone else experience anything like this? Or feel free to rec ebooks, too. My device uses ePub, if the book you're thinking of is limited by format.

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