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Oct. 7th, 2011 03:08 pm
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Because I keep seeing this, and it keeps pissing me off, here's what Maurice Sendak said about ebooks in a recent Guardian interview:

"I hate them. It's like making believe there's another kind of sex. There isn't another kind of sex. There isn't another kind of book! A book is a book is a book.

1. There isn't another kind of sex?
So ... what defines this singular kind of sex, then? Here's a guess: [redacted because [personal profile] sara pointed out in the comments that Sendak is openly gay--awesome, did not know that!]

Now that [personal profile] sara's pointed it out, however, I am about a thousand times more curious about what the actual fuck he thinks the "one kind of sex" is. Penetration? Two people having orgasms? Kissing and genital contact? No matter what, I'm still going with "uh, no, dude. Way more than one."

2. If there isn't another kind of book ... then ebooks are the same as paper books.
Logic fail much, dude? If there's only one kind of book, then ta-da, ebooks are that kind of book. Guess that was easy.

3. So what does he think about audiobooks? Books printed in Braille? Graphic novels?
Even leaving aside the enormous accessibility advantages ebooks can provide (ereader font size can be dialed up to "enormous"; the average ereader is much lighter than a hardcover and many are lighter than the average mmpb; they can be easily operated one-handed; etc), there have been lots of kinds of books for a very long time. His own most famous work isn't what most of us think of when we think about paper books: it's an oversized format, and notable for its images as much as for its words. So why exactly is he throwing stones, here?

4. Seriously, though, about that sex thing.
Just--no. No. No. No. No. No. As a dyke and a BDSM enthusiast and just as a person who likes experimenting with sex or even knowing that other people experiment with sex--there are unlimited kinds of sex, actually. Sorry about your life, Sendak, if you've only ever experienced one.

... gross

Sep. 8th, 2011 01:05 pm
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Dear NBC,

Stop making misogynist tripe and seducing my favorite websites into shilling, grossly, for it.

No love,

Seriously, though, what the actual fuck. Gross gross gross gross gross everything about that post is grossing me the fuck out.

ETA: And here's a great NPR piece about how "empowering" this show really, really, really isn't.
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Being relatively new to bandom (thank you, Danger Days, for improving my life so immeasurably), there is always stuff that is new to me, even though it's old news to the world.

Yesterday I hit a real treasure trove of new-to-me old stuff (and I don't mean [livejournal.com profile] bexless putting all her fic up at AO3, although THAT TOO).

If you already knew that Spencer and Jon, and Spencer by himself, have given interviews to Out Magazine, then you can skip this cut tag. If not, AWESOMENESS AWAITS. )

In conclusion, ugh, I love them. They don't always say everything exactly right, but I very much like the way that Spencer tries to convey "men should be allowed to do things like what we do without being assumed to be gay," and at the same time, "SO WHAT IF WE ARE." Because yes, to both of those things.

Spencer Smith appreciation life, y'all.


Jul. 28th, 2011 02:09 pm
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As [livejournal.com profile] ladyfoxxx put it, "Oh man, trust us to have our porn housed on 'Russia's last truly free and public space for political debate.'" For Russia's sake even more than ours I hope LJ comes back soon.

Right before LJ went down, a lovely LJer named [livejournal.com profile] fanplankton messaged me there because she's done some really gorgeous art for Cute Girls--a couple of "before" and "after" portraits of Brendon, and a lovely group sketch.

I want to link to her post with them, but I can't get it to load (nor do I imagine y'all could even if I did) nor can I send her another message TELLING her I'm linking to them (she did, at least, receive my first OMG GORGEOUS THANK YOU message, phew). So, uh--[livejournal.com profile] fanplankton, if by any chance you're out there, I look forward to getting to link to your post! Someday! When Russia's last truly free and public space for political debate is restored!

ETA: Ooh, hey, this is cool:
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So my kid sister has a cool work event tomorrow, and for that event she's baking delicious things at my apartment. Only I don't so much have baking things (of any kind), so we went to Gristedes.

And then this happened.

Cut for fat shaming and general WTF-ery )
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So I have managed to be traveling or otherwise tied up (er ... not like that. Maybe next year!) for every single Pride in every city I've lived in since I've been an adult.

Last year I was in North Carolina, ffs, at the straightest wedding on the planet. The year before that I was in a car all day, and the year before that my parents were in town (and I accidentally ended up sitting with my mother inside a pub with the dyke march almost visible through the windows, which was ... slightly awkward. #nudity #andmymother #justsaying).


And I got to go with [personal profile] amazonziti and [personal profile] mistresscurvy, who are basically the best possible people to do anything at all with. This also meant that, yk, I was basically attending this gay event in the most lesbian way possible: with my ex-girlfriend. ::bows:: Oh, and she ran into an ex-girlfriend from college, because THAT IS HOW THE QUEER COMMUNITY ROLLS, MOTHERFUCKER. \o/

Okay, pictures! Just imagine 90% of these with "Born this Way" playing in the background, because holy shit did that terrible fucking song get played over. And over. And over. One of the times I did a little dance of joy because I thought they were playing Madonna, but, of course, it was not.



In conclusion:
BEST SIGN: "NY said Yes." Simple and lovely!
BEST T-SHIRTS: "Our next march is down the aisle"--there were a million of these, and they all said "Marriage Equality June 2011" on the back. Those were either printed in hope or very, very fast.
BEST FLOAT: Definitely the one for The Door, which had a phenomenal DJ and got the crowd dancing and going wild
BEST GROUP NAME: The Flaggots, an awesome flag-dancing troupe


Jun. 24th, 2011 11:32 pm
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The last time a marriage equality bill came before the New York State Senate, the result made me cry.

They just made me cry again but this time I'm really, really fucking happy.

I even found out in a wonderful way: coming out of a 9pm movie, dropped my sister at her subway entrance and, just outside my own, overheard a couple of gay men saying it.
Me: "They passed it?!"
Them: "Yes!"
Me: ::incoherent squeal of joy:: ::worst attempt at a high-five ever::

I just. You guys. I know I don't live here anymore, but--but if I want to, I can get married in my parents' back yard some day. And that means so much to me.


And Pride is going to be fucking AMAZING now, holy shit.


Mar. 27th, 2011 09:39 pm
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So, interesting.

I was just at the Cincinnati airport (which is actually in Kentucky, I guess in the way that the Newark, NJ airport is considered an NYC airport). I spent a good amount of time in the little airport Borders (and didn't end up getting anything because I do have SOME self control ... well, and I'd already bought a book earlier that day).

Anyway. The little airport Borders had the classic section divisions, and then had one I don't recall having seen before (but I don't go to Borders much*), labeled "African-American."

*I guess no one does, given their bankruptcy?

The thing that surprised me about that section was that it contained, basically, three things: romance novels, chick lit, and Toni Morrison.

What's weird to me is that they had a whole bunch of fantastic African-American fiction throughout the fiction section, none of which was also stocked in that section (and lest you think everything only goes in one place, they've shelved Water for Elephants in approximately EVERY section). They had, for instance, Octavia Butler, who deserves double billing, and Malcolm Gladwell's latest, and probably a whole bunch more I didn't see.

Presumably they have chosen the selection of that section for a reason? But it kind of made me look at it and go, If I didn't already know, this would give me the impression that Toni Morrison is the only black writer who's doing literature--and non-fiction by as well as about African-Americans is either non-existent or unpopular.

Anyway. Hopefully the average Borders shopper doesn't come away with that impression? But I'm not sure the selection there is helping.
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So I'm in this cab coming home (drunk) from knit night, and the cabbie and I are talking about differences between American and Canadian culture, infrastructure, and laws, with an emphasis on New York and Toronto.

I, like I do*, make it clear in the course of this conversation that the person I'm always traveling to NYC to see is my girlfriend, yes like that.
*All the time. I make no bones about it, I totally DO rub my sexuality in people's faces, and I will continue to do so as long as straight is the automatic assumption.

I don't, of course, know how the cabbie will react. I know he's a very recent immigrant (September 2008) from Pakistan; I know that we've been talking about the feeling of community and about public transit, not about social politics.

Then he says, hesitantly: "The laws here in Canada are very good for--for people like us."

That's why I come out to everyone. Because I don't always know that other people are like us, and they don't always know I'm like us, and we need that us.
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So [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I went to the ballet this weekend (and I totes made her dress up so that I could, hells yes*).

*My dress was awesome. Her dress, however, wins on so many levels. Mostly the level where it has a keyhole on the front. Like I don't have enough trouble keeping my eyes above her neck in public. Basically, my girlfriend is hot. BE JEALOUS. ;)
It was fab--Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (not to be confused with Jason Bourne's Swan Lake, in which all the swans are played by Italian sports cars), and we had AMAZING seats, like super super amazing.

We juuuust made it in time (thank you, Manhattan traffic and subway closures!) and slid past these two dudes into our seats before the lights went down. Then, naturally, we cuddled.

At intermission the guys turned to us and were all, "You are such a lovely couple! We were so pleased! When you came in we were wondering, and then she put her arm around you, and then we thought, 'awwww.'"

Then they asked how long we've been together, and we told them, and then one (Joe) said they were here for the other's (Frank's) 65th birthday. AND THAT THEY'VE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 42 YEARS. 42 YEARS YOU GUYS. THAT'S LIKE TWICE AS OLD AS MY KID SISTER.

And--I mean, 42 years ago? When they were a fresh, infatuated, hyper-cuddly couple? Their reality would have been really fucking different from ours, even in NYC. No wonder they're happy to see us out and about (and out and proud).

Good guys, Frank and Joe. I'm glad we got to meet them.
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First: I fully, 100% support choosing not to have kids.

(And I truly don't understand people who object--I mean, do they think people who don't want kids will make great parents, really? THINK YOUR ARGUMENTS THROUGH, PEOPLE. It's like when I hear people say, "inattentive parents shouldn't be allowed to use those child leashes!" Um, they're EXACTLY who should use them, unless you're seriously saying that the appropriate result of being inattentive is that your child should die. How can anyone be so against something that saves lives? I see a parent with a kid on a leash, I don't think, "bad parent," I think, "there's a kid who can't run out into the street, awesome.")

But. People (from my society--can't speak to other norms) who dislike all kids? Newborns right up through preteens or young teenagers? As a group?
THEY BOGGLE ME, and not in a neutral "buh-zah?" kind of way. In a, "do you see how totally illogical and pretty fucking appalling it is for you to dismiss a quarter of the human population--including a 14-year-old reading a book in Shanghai and a baby born this morning in Sydney," way.

I don't get it, and I don't like it, and I don't like that it's something that's relatively acceptable to claim as a badge of honor in parts of my society (and particularly online). Forget "but you were a child!" and "but what if your parents had hated children!"--how about just, those are fucking human beings, an enormous range of them, with radically different behaviours, personalities, and experiences, and to dismiss them all as a group is illogical at best, bigoted at worst. Have I met kids I didn't like? Sure. Maybe even a higher percentage than adults, IDK. But *all of them*? Seriously?

ETA: still fuming. Like, have you met every kid? Talk to me when you've met every kid. There are only like 1.5 billion of them, take your time. When you've met all of them and you still didn't like every single one, you're totally free to talk about hating all kids. Although, fyi, there were a couple hundred new ones born just now.

ETA 2: And now we're onto the "well, it would be better if there were no humans at all!" argument. First of all: symphonies and sex and Adam Lambert and justice and hugs and physics jokes. But also: there are about a kajillion un-human-ruined planets. At some point I think it's OK that humans have this ONE. I certainly hope we can stop fucking up quite so much, but total annihilation of our species seems maybe a little beyond what's necessary.

ETA 3: Reasonably good wrap-up with both people. Hope I expressed strongly enough to the anti-kid one that I really do support her decision to avoid childcare/interaction in a wide variety of situations (more importantly, I guess, hope I really do--could be kidding myself, I guess. But I don't think so?). I really couldn't care less if she avoids kids, I just don't like that she seems to me to be accepting her own ignorance of what they're like as a basis for dislike and fear.
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Repeated Charlotte Airport announcement: "We will be having an interfaith Sunday service at (such and such a time and place). All are welcome to attend."

Me: [sarcasm and bitterness]

Seriously. Don't say "all are welcome to attend"--or, for that matter, "interfaith"--when you're specifying it's a Sunday service. If the message was just "interfaith service," and by the way it's Sunday, fine. But "Sunday service" means Christian (and possibly a few smaller-population religions I'm not familiar with). It means "we're assuming there aren't any Jews or Muslims listening to this message, or if they are we don't care." So--you can't then pretend that "all are welcome to attend" after you've pretty much screamed "EXCEPT YOU" in the prior sentence.

Also, I'm just gonna go out on a limb and guess that Catholics, among others, won't find the offered service very "interfaith."
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Racialized police harassment at the G20. Of course. Newsflash: Canada is not actually perfect. Who knew, right?

It's a pretty classic kind of "Little Richard arrested getting his morning paper" kind of story (though this guy wasn't arrested--but we'll see what happens when all the attending world leaders arrive):

I can’t stand in front of the door to my own home because someone that “looks like me” can be considered suspicious. Sigh.

Full report is here.

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I was just alerted to the fact that when you google "lynch mob", with and without quotes, on Google.com (and Google.ca), most of the first-page results are about a rock band, a movie, and a design consultancy.

It seems to me this calls for Google bombing, if we can find links we want to promote. The Wikipedia page is an obvious choice; it's already on the front page and in Canada is the first result. Do we think that's a good one? What others should be considered?

NOTE: Some search results contain disturbing imagery.
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OK, this is kind of an I-told-(a handful of people)-so post, so I've cut it to spare y'all.

G20 authority fuckups begin )

Canada has plenty of human rights abuses under its belt. I love it here--I fucking moved here completely of my own free will--but it's not right to pretend it's not engaging in the same dangerous authoritarian-without-actual-authority actions just because you're talking to the American.

And I'll be first in line to say, "Please, please, please protect President Obama"--but that doesn't involve shutting down peaceful protests with methods that, if I used them on my neighbor, would be termed violent. It doesn't involve suspending civil liberties. It doesn't involve detaining journalists.

Do better, Canada. I didn't want to be right.

ETA: And on a lighter note, several LCBOs are being closed for the G20. Stock up on your booze now, people!
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Good: lovely day of reading (mostly meta about that Haiti fic, but still, reading) in the sun, really light cramps, and a fabulous second date with a beautiful woman who really seems to like me. That last one in particular pleases me. It's only the second date, but we've already spent nine hours together, and I've enjoyed the heck out of all of them.

It's basically been a great week for, like, human interaction: jazz fest with my mother, replica ships with my best friend, lunch with two of my favorite law school friends, dinner with Y., date tonight, crafts with Y. tomorrow, Adam Lambert with Y. on Saturday.

Bad: apparently competing in some kind of karmic race to the bottom with the Haiti-fic author, someone else decided to turn a Jewish musician into a Catholic priest. (No, not Adam Lambert. Though I've seen some real fuck-ups with him, too.) [personal profile] sohotrightnow explains it very, very well here.

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The author of that Haiti J2 fic took it down, thank fuck. She's still not getting it, per her latest apology, but at least she took it down.

Did y'all see what the Big Bang mods said, though? They "don't want to censor" (paraphrase). THE FUCK. As [personal profile] torachan pointed out, they already censor by length, fandom, deadline, characters, and a half-dozen other restrictions. Is "no incredibly blatant racism" REALLY that much more censorship-y? Really?

Fail, warnings, and the combination thereof )

... OK that was supposed to be way less heavy and end in "Yay! I am now writing Talia and Snow gen for the Racebending Revenge Challenge so y'all should A) read the Princess Series, and B) write for that challenge if you aren't already!" ... but then it went other places.
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NO NO NO NO NO OMFG NO (warning: racefail of epic proportions)

Worst of all, IMO, is that the author, AFTER making a half-assed apology Apology summary ), and after restoring all the hidden comments on the story notes page and saying she didn't mean to disable them, IS STILL DELETING CRITICAL COMMENTS ON THE master fic page, so that all that's left are happy-shiny "can't wait to read!" comments.


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Just watched the first ten seconds of the Alejandro video and ... um, no. IDC if they're not actually Nazis, they're clearly supposed to be Nazi-esque, and, well, veto. No thank you.

What is it this week with mixing NO STOP THAT SERIOUSLY NO in with what's meant to be fun? Lady Gaga's it's-going-to-be-the-next-gay-anthem-video! suddenly turns out to have Nazis, and David Hewlett's yay-he-has-a-role-in-a-real-movie! turns out to have everything bad ever in the history of bad things.

Why do you always have to go the Nazi route, people? STOP IT ALREADY. It's really not ~shocking or ~original. And it really doesn't belong in a fucking pop music video, 999 times out of 1000.

OK, going back to my happy place now.
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I have dates booked for tomorrow and Thursday. They both seem lovely; I'm looking forward to Thursday's in particular, but tomorrow's has more superficial markers of possible compatibility (closer to me in age, for instance).

Apparently I've picked my go-to first-date venue, as I'm taking them both there (and previously took Y-from-the-internet, who, by the way, is becoming a good friend. Yay for that!). Less good is that the cider I like that they have turns out to be just as appropriative as I'd suspected it might be; the website makes it clear it's produced by Whitey McWhiterson, and there's no explanation provided for the stereotypical First Nations man pictured on the label. Sigh. Maybe I'll learn to like Strongbow eventually.

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