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The author of that Haiti J2 fic took it down, thank fuck. She's still not getting it, per her latest apology, but at least she took it down.

Did y'all see what the Big Bang mods said, though? They "don't want to censor" (paraphrase). THE FUCK. As [personal profile] torachan pointed out, they already censor by length, fandom, deadline, characters, and a half-dozen other restrictions. Is "no incredibly blatant racism" REALLY that much more censorship-y? Really?

Fail, warnings, and the combination thereof )

... OK that was supposed to be way less heavy and end in "Yay! I am now writing Talia and Snow gen for the Racebending Revenge Challenge so y'all should A) read the Princess Series, and B) write for that challenge if you aren't already!" ... but then it went other places.
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Oh, Bones, why must you always do these things to me?

Me: Wow, they are totally treating fibromyalgia respectfully. Not a hint of a 'fake disease' message at all. Go Bones!

Me 30 seconds later: Oh no you didn't.
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So Kris Allen, who I honestly like and who has a great album and who has done some really good things but who also needs some serious, serious time considering his privilege as a white cis-gendered conventionally attractive TAB celebrity dude, ::deep breath::

Just posted a video to his twitter. This video is thirty seconds of an overweight white woman, seated in a wheelchair, repeatedly pressing a button on a slot machine. In the background of the video, someone near the camera is laughing. The video is called "Gambling at it's finest" (sic).

So, to recap, white cis-gendered TAB thin celebrity dude films overweight white woman with disability and stereotypical attributes of poverty and then shows the video to his 170,000 Twitter followers, presumably for their amusement.

All of that? I was willing to seethe about and then forget. It was stupid and classist and probably ableist (would he have thought it was funny if she wasn't in a wheelchair? I can't say), but no more so than about a billion other things I see all day.

And then someone started a post about it on ONTD_AI. )

I comfort myself with the fact that many of these women are in high school and have had very limited opportunities to experience the world and see the effects of classism. But it's pretty cold comfort.