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Total number of fics: 23 (compared to 24 last year)

Total wordcount: 80,000 (compared to 146K last year)

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Total number of fics: 24 posted

Total wordcount: 114,549 posted (I love the AO3 stats page for making that easy!)

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I super enjoyed the bandom version of this, so, here!

(or here if you can't see the embedded soundcloud thing)

You can find the meme and the questions here!
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So after some, ahem, lively discussion over at [personal profile] bethbethbeth's awesome Kudos/comments poll, I decided we should all have a poll about the most common meaning(s) people assign to the Kudos they give.

When you click the Kudos button, what are you trying to express? Go click some ticky boxes about it! Let's de-murkify the average use of the button, shall we?

Also, since this is my journal and I can be opinionated here (I'm trying to be pretty neutral in the poll post):

FTR, I would way, way, way rather have a Kudos given in joy than a comment given in guilt or obligation. I want you guys to read happy!

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(Nothing Jan-March)

Red Like Roses (Panic, Brendon/Spencer)
Three Methods for Relaxing a Rock Star (Panic, Brendon/Spencer/Sarah)
Two-Act Performance Art (MCR, Frank/Gerard, Lindsey/Jamia)
Patter (Panic, Brendon/Spencer)

Admissions (Panic, Brendon/Spencer)

Not Just Lashing Out (Panic, Brendon/Spencer)
Tickled Pink (Panic, Brendon/Ryan)
Flow Through Me (Merlin, Merlin/Arthur)
Thank You For the Silence (Panic, Spencer/Ian)
Don't Throw Away the Key (Panic+, Ryan/unnamed female character)
Doctor Feelgood (SGA, John/Rodney)
More, Gimme More (Panic, Brendon/everyone)
Akidagain (Bandom, Travie/Gabe)
Compromise Positions (Panic, Brendon/Spencer)
Hardly the Brat Pack (Panic, Brendon/Spencer/Sarah)
Pole Smoking (MCR, Frank/Gerard(/Lindsey/Jamia))
Cute Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun) (Panic, girl!Brendon/girl!Spencer)
In the Future Everyone Will Have a Sexbot (Community, Troy/Abed)
Wet Hot Las Vegas Summer (Panic, Spencer/Ryan)
Take Only Pictures (Panic, Spencer/Ian)
Isadora Duncan Style (Bandom, Pete)
More Than a Mere Interest (Bandom, Pete/Patrick)
Then Again, Maybe Not (Panic, Brendon/Spencer)

July-December )

If I've counted correctly, that's 65 fics. And yes, some of them are comment fics/notfics, and a bunch are quite short. But four are 28K+ each, and a bunch are in the 5-10K range. (I think I calculated at one point that I'd written juuuust under 250,000 words in one six-month period--and actually, I think if I count from early June, I probably surpassed that April-September calculation. But I'm not getting out the calculator again!)
ETA: Thank you, [profile] annemaris! The total word count for the year is 312,288. OH MAN.

So, uh. That happened.

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Dec. 17th, 2011 04:00 pm
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What's your favorite long(er) fic you've written? What's your favorite short(er) fic you've written?

Feel free to expound upon any of the following, or anything else your heart desires:
1) What do you think makes for a better long fic (from your brain)?
2) What do you think makes for a better short fic (from your brain)?
3) Which length do you think you're better at overall (in terms of producing a better finished product, rather than in terms of which is easier)? What do you think makes that difference?
4) What do you like best about that particular long story?
5) What do you like best about that particular short story?

And, GO. \o/

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