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1) I did not need to arrive 90 minutes early. Boy did I not. That said, I ended up with a fantastic seat.

2) There appeared, briefly, a very cute ferret.

3) There turns out to still be a poster of Gerard Way at 14th St station, at the 7th Ave&14th St entrance.

4) When the credits rolled, the twentysomething next to me turned to her friends and said, "my childhood is over!"

5) While waiting for the movie, I finished the audiobook of His Majesty's Dragon. On my way back from the movie, I finished reading Holding Still As Long As Possible. Combined with the movie, that was quite the emotional rollercoaster and I think I am going to drink some bourbon and watch sitcoms now.
ETA: instead I finished Soldiers of God (wrenching graphic novel) and am probably going to read all of Snow Queen's Shadow (the emotional rollercoaster started on page three). At least I'm drinking the bourbon?
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Current list 'o' creative uses of "The Boy Who Lived" in fanfic (someone please cover Kate's eyes).

The Boy Who Wouldn't Bloody Die
The Boy Who Lived to Annoy Him
The Boy Who Had Lived to Become an Insufferable Man
The Little Bastard Who Stood in his Way
The Boy Who Couldn't Walk in the Morning
The Boy Who Lived in Sublime Ignorance of the Rules
The Cake Boy Who Lived
The Boy Who Was So Busted
The Boy Who Got Pissed Under the Quidditch Bleachers
The Rather Dashing Young Man Who Lived
The Boy Who Lived to Be Too Good for His Friends
The Boy Who Hates Mornings
The Boy Who Stubbornly Refused to Die
The Boy Who Lived For Quidditch
The Boy Who Had Never Seen Something So Bloody Arousing
The Boy Who Loved His Potions Master
The Boy Who Can't Get It Up
The Queer Boy Who Lived
The Boy Who Lived With Death Eater Lover

I probably shouldn't taken down the names and titles when I collected them, but too late now ...

Ooh, I've never been, er, Snitched before - I wonder how they found me ....

Anyway, not mine - I've collected them from various sources (and now I'm *sure* I should've kept track of whose they were, these people deserve credit!)