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Oct. 25th, 2011 11:13 am
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First up: Husbands is no longer a WIP! If you've been waiting to watch it, now's the time. All 11 2-minute episodes are up, and, as advertised, they slot together beautifully into one 22-minute pilot. I think it's hilarious, touching, and massively better acted than some other notable Cheeks projects (sorry, Front Men). And, as an "accidentally married" story, it's right up fandom's alley.
(Also, now I have a Cheeks tag. It seemed rather unfair to tag this "Bradam." On the other hand, one of the episodes has a set piece that gave me a nostalgic Bradam laugh!)

Here's episode one:

Next! DUDE YOU GUYS. [ profile] fictionalaspect and [ profile] sunsetmog have been working on some seriously epic Brendon/Spencer, and it's starting to be released into the wild! You can find the (12K!) prologue, as well as an FAQ about what's to come, at [ profile] twotinydragons. I'm partway through the prologue now, and it's just gorgeous and wonderful and all of the good things.

Also, here, have some fun kink blogs:
The Pervocracy, where a woman named Holly has smart and funny things to say about the nuances of consent, about communication, about the idiocies of mainstream culture's lessons about consent and communication and female desire (she analyzes Cosmo every month, which is always both hilarious and terrifying), and about her life as a poly kinkster. Definitely my top pick, if you're only going to try one.

Figleaf's has a terrible, awful, no-good URL that looks like a bad porn site, but the actual content is pretty great. It's got a news focus: sexual health, contraception, abortion, violence against women, and other sex/reproductive/misogynist news.

Quizzical Pussy--perhaps another bad URL, but this one makes me laugh. This blogger's a bi kinkster, and she does a regular Tuesday feature with anonymous reader confessions and stories. She's funny and thoughtful, and I've only just been introduced to her blog but I quite like it.

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