Nov. 30th, 2011 09:13 pm
littlemousling: Crop from the infamous Pete Wentz noodz, with "the internet is for porn" written over it (Pete's dick)
So there apparently exists probably the closest thing we'll ever have to Pete Wentz porn. (NB: you probably don't want to watch past the sex scene. It gets weirddddd.)

It features, btw, Pete getting kind of turned on by a lion documentary. Something about that idea seems terribly familiar. ;)

Also, I am trying not to contrast this ... uh ... short film with Patrick's Moustachette, but. Um. Let's just say that Pete has many skills and talents and none of those skills or talents is acting. I still love him, though!
littlemousling: Photo of Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith with a heart drawn between them (Spencer/Brendon)
I have done victory arms with Panic! at the Disco. My whole life after this point is just a bonus. (KIDDING.)

Getting there )

Meet and Greet! )

Foxy )


Spencer Smith is a hotass )

Overall, it was just a fantastic show. As I found out in Saratoga Springs with MCR, being on the barrier makes shows feel MASSIVELY longer, in a good way, and this was a LONG show anyway (3.5h), so it was just absolutely wonderful. A+++, WOULD SEE AGAIN.
littlemousling: Still of Patrick Stump from the Spotlight music video (PStump)
Last night I saw Patrick Stump perform at the Mohawk in Buffalo, and it. Was. FABULOUS.

The Venue, Like the Man Himself, Is TINY. )

First Opener: Rocky Fresh )

Second Opener: Wynter Gordon )

PStump Performs! )

After they finished the encore he came through and HIGH-FIVED THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE. SERIOUSLY.

Post-show: Surprise Meet & Greet! )

Set List )

Seriously, y'all, if he's playing near you, GO. It will be AMAZING.
littlemousling: Still from a Cobra Starship video, shows Vicky-T with the caption "Feeling ... kinky" (kinky)
More Than a Mere Interest (Bandom (Fall Out Boy), Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, plushie or furry kink)
Summary: It's not like Patrick never noticed that Pete likes animal costumes. He just never realized quite how much Pete likes them.
Content notes: No standard content notes apply.

The furry square basically exists for Pete Wentz.
littlemousling: Yarn with a Canadian dime for scale (jon walker)
I love about bandom that where it would be awkward/distracting for eg Mulder and Scully to be in the background of a The Sentinel fic scene, it is totally reasonable for Pete and Patrick to be in the background of a Panic! at the Disco fic scene (canon or AU).

I have so far mostly failed at taking advantage of the giant "cast," but I love that it exists.

(PS. More Travie, please, universe. Also more Gabe.)

Also, have a gif of baby!lesbian!Spencer beating the fuck out of some drums. Seriously. Click through. )
littlemousling: Yarn with a Canadian dime for scale (Panic!)

* Panic! at the Disco stream most of their new album on Facebook, and it is GLORIOUS

* Patrick Stump tweets a sweet thing about Pete Wentz and also some other guys I've not personally heard of
*ETA And Pete replies with the same tweet, edited to say the sweet thing about Patrick and that band, instead!
*ETA II [personal profile] cesy has filled in that the band in question contains the other FOB members, so this is basically the sweetest cutest tweet exchange in the history of twitter, BASICALLY

* Some brilliant tumblr person made the connection between these two things:

But the best part, as always, is getting to squee the fuck out of all of it on Twitter with people who also think that stuff makes for a wonderful, happy day. <3

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