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Being relatively new to bandom (thank you, Danger Days, for improving my life so immeasurably), there is always stuff that is new to me, even though it's old news to the world.

Yesterday I hit a real treasure trove of new-to-me old stuff (and I don't mean [ profile] bexless putting all her fic up at AO3, although THAT TOO).

If you already knew that Spencer and Jon, and Spencer by himself, have given interviews to Out Magazine, then you can skip this cut tag. If not, AWESOMENESS AWAITS. )

In conclusion, ugh, I love them. They don't always say everything exactly right, but I very much like the way that Spencer tries to convey "men should be allowed to do things like what we do without being assumed to be gay," and at the same time, "SO WHAT IF WE ARE." Because yes, to both of those things.

Spencer Smith appreciation life, y'all.
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Okay, so Wave One is over and these are my favorites. I didn't read everything, but I did get a lot of "poison-tasting" help from friends, so I think I found most of the best ones. Feel free to recommend other faves to me, though!

So! In alphabetical order by title because that is how I roll:

The girl!Mikey AU:
Away With the Boys In the Band, by [personal profile] inlovewithnight: I am really bad about reading headers (as in, I usually don't), so I was very pleasantly surprised by the end pairing of this one. It covers Mikey's entire history with MCR up to December 2010, so there's some dark stuff (depression, the Paramour), but it doesn't needlessly linger, and it's just absolutely lovely, exactly what I want out of a genderswap fic. Girl!Mikey faces different challenges than boy!Mikey, but is still Mikey.

The Killjoys AU:
Draculoids Will Never Hurt You, by [personal profile] were_duck and [personal profile] sassbandit: okay, technically I am still reading this. But I can already tell it's fabulous--and I'm not really much for Killjoys AUs (because, SAD), so that's saying something.

The King of Ilyria AU:
King and Country, by [personal profile] tabula_x_rasa: SO SWEET. Instead of ending with Frank riding off in a carriage with the king, that's where it starts: Frank's lover, the exiled Prince, finds himself having to become King. Enchanting and a fun read.

The Elves AU:
More Than You Could Ever Know, by [profile] moku_youbi: Elves! This is the fourth in a bunch of stories in this universe, but you only need to have read the chronological third (the one about elf Brendon) to read this. It's clearly a Panic writer doing MCR, but as a Panic writer, that works fine for me.

The Train AU:
On the Midtown Direct, by [personal profile] mistresscurvy: Okay, I am slightly biased about this one, but seriously, it's just excellent. The tone is beautiful, and not the kind of thing you see in fic as much as I might like. It's a tight Gerard POV complete with very Gerard neuroses and considerations, great Mikey, and a Frank that you, too, will fall in love with.

The Trans Jon AU:
Recognize Myself, by [personal profile] fifteendozentimes: This is the one I was SO NERVOUS ABOUT when the summaries went up, and then it totally proved itself. It's an absolutely gorgeous picture of Jon coming to terms with himself, and Ryan helping (most of the time) with that process. Jon is kind of stupid and kind of messed up and very, very real.

The Rugby AU:
Running in Slow Motion, sequel to You Can Sit Beside Me (When The World Comes Down), by [ profile] sunsetmog_fics: If you haven't read the first rugby AU ... what have you been doing with your life, omg, go read it, it's wonderful. It diverges from the usual fanon portrayal of Brendon and Spencer in a really unusual way, but she sells it--the woman is a BNF of Brendon/Spencer for damned good reason. Spencer is the flyhalf, okay, bow down to his awesomeness.

The High School Het+Poly AU:
Where We Land, by [personal profile] fictionalaspect: Another one where I went, "uh ... maybe not" until it actually came out. I don't think I would have taken a chance on these pairings (Brendon/Z Berg, Spencer/Ryan/Tennessee) from another author, but [personal profile] fictionalaspect could write Brendon/birdseed and I would read it. I'm still lingering over the last part, but it's just gorgeous.


Also, I haven't yet read but have heard great great things about On the Getaway Mile, which is a sequel to the fabulous Shook-Up World, both by [personal profile] jezrana. (Prohibition-era crossdressing AU)

Ditto about James Cameron Got It Wrong, by [personal profile] ladyfoxxx. (Time-travel partial Killjoys AU)

Further ditto for Sing Me Something That I Can Understand, by [personal profile] arsenicjade. (Ryan and Jon drug abuse AU)
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More, Gimme More (Bandom (Panic! at the Disco, Cobra Starship, The Academy Is, The Young Veins), Brendon/everyone, bodily secretions)
Summary: This is what Brendon thinks about, when he has time.
Content notes: No standard content notes apply.

There can never be too many Brendon gangbangs. That's just plain unvarnished truth.

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