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There are already a bunch of fabulous prompts and I've written one Brendon/Spencer fill here (or on AO3). Go have fun!


Nov. 5th, 2011 11:06 pm
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You know how [personal profile] isweedan recorded podfic of my silly Ryan Ross/Adam Lambert not!fic for my birthday?


[personal profile] bohemeyourself has just recorded Not Just Lashing Out for the Panic Pain Kink Pornathon!

SO VERY EXCITING ahhhhh oh man you guys. I am going to go listen to it right now. <3333
littlemousling: Photo of Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith with a heart drawn between them (Spencer/Brendon)
See, there is a REASON I usually wait a day to pimp ficathons: because I usually write something in the first day. But I was so sure I wasn't going to find the energy for this one until at least tomorrow! If ever!

Lol I was wrong. (SHOCKING. It's almost like there's something about a Panic Pain Kink Pornathon that speaks to me!)

Title: Asking for Forgiveness
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: Teen
Summary: Brendon asks Spencer for a cathartic punishment.
Word Count: 1195
Notable Content: No standard content notes apply. Contains non-sexual ageplay, daddykink, and spanking.

Notes: Written for this prompt at the The Panic Pain Kink Pornathon. Set in the same basic universe as Time to Play.

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The Panic! Pain Kink Pornathon (v2.0)!

Is that Brendon Urie with a badge clipped to his skin, you ask? Why yes, yes it is. And it happened right in front of me.

And as [personal profile] octette points out, the fact that he clipped it under--not onto--his nipple suggests that maybe he knows his own particular responses to different clip locations. Like, honestly, wouldn't you think he'd just go right for the nipple? But if he knows already that he A) loves that way too much for doing it onstage or B) hates that, and ALSO knows that right below the nipple is neither A nor B ... that does suggest a certain degree of comfort and familiarity. So please go and write alllllll the clothespin fic in the world now :D :D :D
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You guyssss, this is going to be so great!

A prompt-based challenge with a sick!Frank theme? BRING ME ALL OF THE HURT/COMFORT PLZ

I have ALL the AU prompt ideas. This is gonna be FUN, y'all.
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I've been having a slow writing week, but then a TFLN popped up in my twitter feed that just BEGGED to be written.

So, I wrote some incredibly ridiculous, but hopefully adorable, Brendon/Spencer fic-with-notfic for the prompt "(262): put me on a leash or i'm going to fuck someone !!!" (which is SUCH a good one, there should be a million fills for it).

Hope y'all enjoy!


Jul. 31st, 2011 10:04 pm
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Ooh, look, a fest on my all-time favorite fandom topic:

The Brendon Pain Kink Pornathon!

(My contribution--at least so far--is here.)

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