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Total number of fics: 24 posted

Total wordcount: 114,549 posted (I love the AO3 stats page for making that easy!)

Rest of the meme! )

BBB Ideas

Feb. 4th, 2012 12:11 pm
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So! My life this spring is going to be very different from last year. At the moment, I'm not writing much, and I'm not feeling particularly inspired to write--most of my spare socio-intellectual energy is going (very happily, I promise!) into my new law firm.

I WANT to want to write a BBB. But I don't know if I can find the energy both to write a big idea and to come up with a big idea--and the latter has never been my strength anyway. Most of my best fic has come from other people's brilliance--check out the notes section of most of my big-idea fics and you'll see someone else credited with the plot idea.

If you have a big idea you don't want to write but do want to read: I am super, super open to suggestions right now. I welcome all comers! Brendon- or Spencer-centric ideas are more likely to ping me, but goodness knows I've written other characters and will again, so, you know, feel free.

OR, if you don't have/don't want to drop off an idea, tell me about your BBB plans! Are you writing? Recording? (I super super want to participate in Wave Two.) Art-ing? Mixing? Are you looking forward to this year's challenge? COME, TALK AT ME. <333


Jan. 12th, 2012 05:32 pm
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My received gift was this awesome (don't let the formatting stop you) Mikey/Gabe/William--as I'd asked, among other possibilities, for "Mikey/anyone" and "threesomes more than welcome!" this was fantabulous. It definitely fit my request for "joyful promiscuity," too!

And I wrote this:
Title: BDSM 201: Practical Applications
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer, (Brendon/Other Male Character)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Brendon’s packed his clothes, his laptop, his guitar, and a calendar full of kinky gay events he wants to attend. College is going to be awesome.
Word Count: 32,191
Notable Content: No standard content notes apply. Contains misunderstandings; consensual BDSM; under-negotiated BDSM without negative outcomes; gossip; and minor references to teenage sexuality.
Notes: Beta'd by the awesome [personal profile] isweedan. Written for [personal profile] fictionalaspect and originally posted here.

SO, stuffsit was awesome. I had never participated before, and I mostly signed up because it looked really fun to fill out the request form (it was!). And then I got my recipient's requests, and I read them over and squinted at the page and went "... okay, there's no way this isn't [personal profile] fictionalaspect." I never actually asked the mod for the name, and I tried to stick within the bounds of the request as written, but it was definitely fun being pretty sure about who I was writing for--especially since we have rather a lot of tastes in common!

It was fun seeing just how easy it was for people to guess that I'd written it--I got several DMs almost as soon as it went up, all pretty much saying "oh that's definitely yours." They were right! And I only had one false positive (guessed a different fic was mine) the whole round.

I actually wrote about 5K each of two different stories before landing on this one; I might post them here at some point, because I doubt I'll finish them, but they have some fun bits. One's an office (record company) AU, and one's "Spencer sees Brendon's porn and Learns Things"--another kink-discovery fic. (I JUST LIKE KINK DISCOVERY OKAY.)

Anyway! Great exchange, super thrilled with the mod, would play again.


Dec. 12th, 2011 08:20 pm
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I am still very very very caught up in planning the firm (oh my god I'm about to be a partner in a law firm, WHAT IS MY LIFE), but I couldn't let this pass me by, because it made me all heart-warmed and shit:

screenshot of AO3 showing 100 kudos on the story Follow My Lead

100 kudos on Follow My Lead! This is my first story to hit that milestone (although Breakfast Served All Day is getting close), and it's just an awesome awesome thing to see. I feel very Sally Fields right now.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful fandom Monday!
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I'm kind of in the mood to write something in the Figuring It Out universe (Spencer/Brendon BDSM established relationship), but my ideas are all over the place and I don't love any of them enough to want to sit down and write.

So--is there anything you want to see in that universe? Or any established-relationship BDSM ideas you've been wanting to pass on in general?

♥ ♥ ♥
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You guyssss, this is going to be so great!

A prompt-based challenge with a sick!Frank theme? BRING ME ALL OF THE HURT/COMFORT PLZ

I have ALL the AU prompt ideas. This is gonna be FUN, y'all.
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Title: Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Us
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer (Brendon/OCs, Spencer/OCs)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Brendon is over the moon that Panic's on the road, playing for real audiences. Now if only he were as good in bed as he is on stage.
Word Count: 28,721
Notable Content: No standard content notes apply.
Notes: Beta'd by [personal profile] isweedan, [ profile] fictionalaspect, [personal profile] mistresscurvy, and [personal profile] rivers_bend. The idea was [ profile] fictionalaspect's, and [ profile] starafar did a canon-complicity check. I couldn't have written it without them!


Sep. 25th, 2011 09:19 pm
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Via a link via a comment via a whole series of links in comments (it's been a good day), I heard about how tag-nesting works on Dreamwidth, and now I have done it, and it is fabulous. I had to give up my favorite funny tags, admittedly, for length reasons, but I will eulogize them below and move on with my life.

How to nest: Go to this customization page and look for Main Module Section: Tags (there's a 6 in the box next to it, at least on mine). Choose multilevel view.

Then go into Manage Your Tags and rename as many or as few of your tags as you want. Colons create a new level. Go wild! I separated mine into four groups (fandom, RL, isms, and other), but you can do whatever.

And now the tag eulogizing )

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Title: Plus One
Pairing: Spencer/Ian, Brendon/Sarah
Rating: Explicit
Summary: When Spencer fills out Brendon and Sarah's wedding RSVP card, he marks that he'll be bringing a date. He doesn't write in a name.
Word Count: 8500
Notable Content: No standard content notes apply.
Notes: [personal profile] isweedan remains my favorite beta ♥

I love a good slow-build romance, and throwing in an established couple and their joyful wedding seemed like a happymaking combo. Hope y'all enjoy!

Oh boys

Sep. 23rd, 2011 04:50 pm
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Someone linked to this video on my twitter feed and now I am ~reliving the memories. Glad I was in Boston to see them talk at length about cutting off Brendon's toe.


Sep. 22nd, 2011 01:00 pm
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DUDE YOU GUYS MERCENARY! [personal profile] fifteendozentimes kindly cut the weird voiceover Batman thing out and created this song-only version for your listening pleasure.

And lyrics, crowdsourced via Knight_tracer:

Lyrics )

And THEN we all got giddy and decided to imagine how the tumblr teenies will find a Deep Hidden Ryden Meaning in the song, due entirely to [ profile] hermette's brilliant originating tweet: "I dodge a glass and apologize for not marrying Ryan Ross. #Rydenlives"

Subsequent Ryden Deep Meanings discussion )

That was SO MUCH FUN. We need to do this with the whole next Panic album, you guys.
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I've been having a slow writing week, but then a TFLN popped up in my twitter feed that just BEGGED to be written.

So, I wrote some incredibly ridiculous, but hopefully adorable, Brendon/Spencer fic-with-notfic for the prompt "(262): put me on a leash or i'm going to fuck someone !!!" (which is SUCH a good one, there should be a million fills for it).

Hope y'all enjoy!


Sep. 18th, 2011 06:35 pm
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You guys YOU GUYS Brendon and Sarah are engaged!

SO EXCITING. There is something about bandom marriages that just makes my little heart flutter. I love me some MCR wives, and I am very very excited for a Urie/Orzechowski wedding. I hope we get to see at least a couple of photos from it, whenever it happens. (I even more hope that the photos we get to see will be photos they wanted to release.)

I think we should celebrate this in a classically fannish way: by reading porn about them. So here's the Brendon/Sarah tag on AO3, and the tag for Brendon in general and Sarah in general (all organized by most-recent-first; you can of course view by other criteria).
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Getting there )


Matt & Kim )


We. Met. Ray. And he remembered us from the audience! )

And then we all waited long enough to see Mikey and Frank go by in golf carts, and then went back to our various digs. [personal profile] mistresscurvy and I ended up staying up for another hour or two just repeating the phrase "oh my God, that was so fucking amazing" over and over and over (technically there was more conversation than that, but I swear we must have each said that, like, a KABILLION times. Approximately). Because it WAS.

ALL THE FUZZY MCR FEELINGS. And now I'm going to go reread [ profile] brooklinegirl's Wave Two BBB and then, like, everything [ profile] desfinado has ever written. ALL THE MCR FIC SHALL BE BELONG TO ME.

(Also. Feel free to rec Ray porn and Ray fic in general to me. NOW IS THE TIME.)


BTW--today is the anniversary of the Art is the Weapon trailer, which also means it's the anniversary of [personal profile] mistresscurvy getting into bandom. As she was the one who dragged me in along with her (for which I am extremely grateful!), this is also a fairly great This Day in History for me, too. Yay bandom; I love all y'all. Let's keep doing this thing we do.
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Okay I am going to do a full BBB wave 2 recs post soonest, but. Before I go to bed, here is the glorious reason I am still awake:

Let the Compass Point You Home, by [personal profile] mistresscurvy and [personal profile] amazonziti.

43K of epic fantasy-AU slavefic gloriousness, with trust-building and women wearing breeches and servants who are part of the family and Gerard and Lindsey and Frank and Jamia and LOVE and just all kinds of wonderful things. I think it will make you happy and warm your heart to read it, and I think it's got plenty to make you laugh, too. I've read it rather a lot of times by now, and I'm really really excited for people who get to read it for the first time.

Enjoy! \o/
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Today is my posting day for Bandom Big Bang (wave two), and I am so glad it’s here. I’m really proud of this story; I think it might be the best thing I’ve written, and I’m incredibly excited to get to release it out into the world.

I had help from a large and wonderful set of people. I especially want to thank my betas, [personal profile] rivers_bend, [personal profile] roga, [profile] 15dozentimes, and [personal profile] lalejandra, without whom this fic definitely wouldn’t be what it is. I'm also grateful to my early and late readers, including [personal profile] sassbandit, who gave me an early and vital suggestion, and [personal profile] mistresscurvy and [personal profile] amazonziti, who were, as always, incredibly encouraging.

This being a Big Bang, there are also some fantabulous extras, which you should definitely peruse over here, although the art comes with a spoiler warning.

With no further ado: if you want to read about Spencer the pro dom, Brendon the dance instructor, and their failboat romance, you can just Follow My Lead.

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Title: Linguistics Lessons
Pairing: Brendon/girl!Spencer, (Brendon/OFCs)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Brendon will be totally great at this oral sex thing, as soon as he finds a girl who will let him practice.
Word Count: 7500
Notable Content: No standard content notes apply. Contains teenage stupidity and band members having sex with fans.
Notes: The idea (girl!Spencer; Brendon learns how to go down on a girl) came from [ profile] bohemeyourself, and she also read it over. ♥

I think this is the longest fic I've written in a single day. Feels pretty nice.
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There are certain aspects of fannishness that don't lend themselves to excessive scrutiny. I, for one, will happily choose to believe that the photo of Mikeyway crossdressing is real, despite evidence to the contrary. And I'm more than happy to extrapolate from various rumours and interviews that Brendon is bi.

But, of course, much of the time the stuff we choose to assume because it's more fun/we like it will never, ever be proven, and we just have to live with that. We may think we have REALLY good reasons for our assumptions, but they're often still assumptions.

Here's something that's actually crossed over from fanon assumption to absolute, he-said-it-in-so-many-words canon:

So, just to be clear, when everyone says Gerard is making sex noises during certain songs? He is INTENTIONALLY MAKING SEX NOISES.
(I'm not saying it wasn't pretty clear before, but I like hearing him SAY IT. And maybe he's said it before, but this is the video I saw.)

Fuck, I love fandom.

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