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Fourth year running (with partners) my law firm!

Lots of fun travel this year:
--MJ2015 in Boston was absolutely wonderful
--Visited my sister in Manhattan feat. some chemical-enhanced Magic Mike XXL viewing
--Saw TSwift in Jersey with her and @eloiserummaging \o/
--Visited Daufuskie Island with my bff, her husband, and some of their friends
--Lots of time with my parents and my sisters in my hometown

Great concerts, too:
--TSwift in Toronto with @eloiserummaging as well as the Jersey one
--One Direction in Toronto with @cantarina and in Buffalo with my sisters
--Tove Lo in Toronto with my friend A.
--Years & Years in Toronto with @cantarina, where I actually got to meet and chat with the band and be front and centre for the show :D

Lost Reggie, who was my first "adult" pet--I moved in 2008 so I could get a cat. He was a really good cat, y'all
Lucy, my dog, keeps getting better and better with time and work <333
Grimmy, the kitten (now probably to be referred to as "the cat") gets fuzzier and calmer every day

Knit less than in many prior years, but still a round half-dozen pairs of socks and some accessories
Managed one of my smoothest Christmas seasons ever, early gift-buying and all
Still on and off with guitar but still motivated to learn

Started a tumblr about Clean Bandit's violinist, because no one else had and that was a tragedy ;)
Wrote 150K of fic, including my longest one ever (54k)
Generally an up-and-down fandom year, but Star Wars (TFA) and Hamilton are new and exciting to watch develop

Intentionally slowed down my reading but still read 112 new books (and a lot of rereads)--found four new all-time favourites, my best year ever. Quality over quantity worked!
83 of them were library books (BLESS OVERDRIVE) and my year-on-year book spending dropped by 87%!
In fact, my year-on-year "shopping" spending dropped 71%, and I managed to save 56% of my take-home income. :D

Biked to work at least three or four days a week all through the warm season, which was awesome and had a remarkable and immediate impact on my gas consumption

Finally starting to get competent at some cooking in a way that lets me put together actual meals \o/ and sometimes even do mildly fancy things
Started writing down (in June) three "nice things" from each day ("took the dog to the park twice, had dinner with M., practiced guitar"), which has been lovely
In many ways felt like this was the year of establishing better habits and just inhabiting them: a half-hour dog walk first thing in the morning and first thing after work, bringing lunches to the office, making coffee, getting up at 5:30 on Sunday mornings to do laundry, etc

This is ridiculously long, considering I thought it was sort of a status-quo year! My status quo is getting better and better as I age <333333
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So [ profile] fictionalaspect, [personal profile] fifteendozentimes and I were talking on twitter about how fic that hits a sweet-spot for the audience--in pairing, in trope, in kink, in length, in presence in a challenge or prompt meme, etc--can garner feedback that vastly exceeds other fic by the same author. Sometimes, the author's favorites don't have the most adored pairing/trope/length/kink/etc, and for that reason have gone comparatively overlooked.

THUS, a comment meme!

Tell us: which are your favorite fics that you've written, or art/podfics/other fanworks you've created, that haven't garnered much attention? The fanworks you think people would like if they looked past the headers and started reading/listening to/etc? Or the fanworks that maybe other people won't love, but are forever near and dear to your heart?

Feel free to expound--this is a chance to collect recs, but it's also a good chance to hear what people think about the sweet spot concept, about what makes a fanwork you've created into a personal favorite, about what you've taken from the more overlooked fics that's been incorporated into later works. Bare your soul! Or just drop a couple of links, that's fine too.

If you don't have fanworks of your own that you want to include, feel free to suggest some overlooked works by other authors--that's a great way to broaden the discussion and suggestion pool!

When you post, consider specifying the fandom--and don't think you need to limit yourselves to certain fandoms! If you love it, it counts.


Sep. 18th, 2011 06:35 pm
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You guys YOU GUYS Brendon and Sarah are engaged!

SO EXCITING. There is something about bandom marriages that just makes my little heart flutter. I love me some MCR wives, and I am very very excited for a Urie/Orzechowski wedding. I hope we get to see at least a couple of photos from it, whenever it happens. (I even more hope that the photos we get to see will be photos they wanted to release.)

I think we should celebrate this in a classically fannish way: by reading porn about them. So here's the Brendon/Sarah tag on AO3, and the tag for Brendon in general and Sarah in general (all organized by most-recent-first; you can of course view by other criteria).
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This post contains a photo of me with America Ferrera. Steel yourselves against the unpreventable wave of lust before you click the cut-tag, is my advice.

Context )

First, despite my bzzzzing, the actual event was really wonderful; it was the culminating event of a summer-long mentoring program between established women in the area, working in nine different fields (business, entrepreneurship, arts/entertainment, science research, science teaching, medical/health, military, sports, and, uh, a ninth one). The mentees gave speeches introducing the mentor honorees, and it was a really beautiful evening featuring really delicious food.

BUT you guys don't care about that, so instead:

Seriously, a photo of me with America Ferrera. )

Just for fun )
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Okay I am going to do a full BBB wave 2 recs post soonest, but. Before I go to bed, here is the glorious reason I am still awake:

Let the Compass Point You Home, by [personal profile] mistresscurvy and [personal profile] amazonziti.

43K of epic fantasy-AU slavefic gloriousness, with trust-building and women wearing breeches and servants who are part of the family and Gerard and Lindsey and Frank and Jamia and LOVE and just all kinds of wonderful things. I think it will make you happy and warm your heart to read it, and I think it's got plenty to make you laugh, too. I've read it rather a lot of times by now, and I'm really really excited for people who get to read it for the first time.

Enjoy! \o/
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Today is my posting day for Bandom Big Bang (wave two), and I am so glad it’s here. I’m really proud of this story; I think it might be the best thing I’ve written, and I’m incredibly excited to get to release it out into the world.

I had help from a large and wonderful set of people. I especially want to thank my betas, [personal profile] rivers_bend, [personal profile] roga, [profile] 15dozentimes, and [personal profile] lalejandra, without whom this fic definitely wouldn’t be what it is. I'm also grateful to my early and late readers, including [personal profile] sassbandit, who gave me an early and vital suggestion, and [personal profile] mistresscurvy and [personal profile] amazonziti, who were, as always, incredibly encouraging.

This being a Big Bang, there are also some fantabulous extras, which you should definitely peruse over here, although the art comes with a spoiler warning.

With no further ado: if you want to read about Spencer the pro dom, Brendon the dance instructor, and their failboat romance, you can just Follow My Lead.

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Title: Linguistics Lessons
Pairing: Brendon/girl!Spencer, (Brendon/OFCs)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Brendon will be totally great at this oral sex thing, as soon as he finds a girl who will let him practice.
Word Count: 7500
Notable Content: No standard content notes apply. Contains teenage stupidity and band members having sex with fans.
Notes: The idea (girl!Spencer; Brendon learns how to go down on a girl) came from [ profile] bohemeyourself, and she also read it over. ♥

I think this is the longest fic I've written in a single day. Feels pretty nice.
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There are certain aspects of fannishness that don't lend themselves to excessive scrutiny. I, for one, will happily choose to believe that the photo of Mikeyway crossdressing is real, despite evidence to the contrary. And I'm more than happy to extrapolate from various rumours and interviews that Brendon is bi.

But, of course, much of the time the stuff we choose to assume because it's more fun/we like it will never, ever be proven, and we just have to live with that. We may think we have REALLY good reasons for our assumptions, but they're often still assumptions.

Here's something that's actually crossed over from fanon assumption to absolute, he-said-it-in-so-many-words canon:

So, just to be clear, when everyone says Gerard is making sex noises during certain songs? He is INTENTIONALLY MAKING SEX NOISES.
(I'm not saying it wasn't pretty clear before, but I like hearing him SAY IT. And maybe he's said it before, but this is the video I saw.)

Fuck, I love fandom.
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One Dog Night (Bandom (Panic! at the Disco), Spencer/Brendon/Sarah, animal play)
Summary: Sometimes, Brendon's a very good dog.
Content notes: No standard content notes apply.

I've been majorly failing to write ANYTHING while I wait (very, very eagerly) to post my BBB, but someone said something about petplay on Twitter and I suddenly thought that it would be nice to have a story in this universe that was nice and happy and sexy and pure puppyplay, so. Here it is!
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This has just been a week of happy fandom things, hasn't it?

I can't even remember all of the wonderful things, so I'm going to list what I can remember and you all can feel free to remind me of the other awesome things!

--MCR played with Brian May! And it was amazing!
--MCR headlined Leeds and Reading! And were amazing!
--Panic played Leeds and Reading, and Brendon stripped again!
--Spencer, Brendon, and Zack twitter-wished Ryan a happy 25th birthday!

... oh god so many other things and I am blanking on all of them now! I think I am distracted by this:


This is not fandom happiness but it makes me very, very, very happy. I've been looking for a Canadian Production Wheel with a 30" drive wheel for two years now, and I finally found one, in great condition and spinning beautifully. I'm just over the moon about it.

ETA oh right! And Panic/Neon Trees/Black Cards in Central Park, two sleeps from now! I cannot tell y'all how excited I am. Six-hour drive to NYC, here I come!
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Shiny and New (Bandom (Panic! at the Disco), Brendon/Spencer/Ian, roleplay)
Summary: It takes Ian a while to realize that Spencer and Brendon aren't just messing with him when they call him a virgin.
Content notes: No standard content notes apply.

Written for the Pan-Bandom Virginfest! Y'all should check it out--there are some GREAT prompts and GREAT fills over there already.
virginfest banner, spencer & haley version
Pan-Bandom Virginfest!
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My interpretation of the gif's meaning: I love you, brother! Isn't our life grand! Aren't we the luckiest bastards in the fucking world? Also, dude, I still can't believe how amazing our wives are.

Today, this gif represents: Fandom joy! On a sad day (Jack Layton is definitely in my thoughts), twitter has been ably distracting me with fic ideas. I love how giving fandom is--ask a plot question or raise a possibility, and someone is always there to help prop the thought up. IT MAKES ME GRIN AND SPIN MY GUITAR AROUND, BASICALLY.

What even

Aug. 22nd, 2011 02:34 am
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Behind this cut is a gif of Dallon whipping Brendon's ass while Brendon humps Ian's guitar. No, but really. )


I just. I can't even. Let's just assume that my TL;DR on this subject is expressed in the form of every dirty Panic fic I have ever written.


MOVING ON, it is 2:36am and I have just settled in, and I am going to be SORE tomorrow. Had a lovely lunch with a friend I've been missing and her new wife, then did half an hour on the rowing machine and baked banana bread to bring to the home of another friend. I biked to the friend's house--so nice to be back on my bike!--and then we all worked in shifts on a wool-cotton baby blanket for a friend who's due very, very soon. The last four of us stayed up until 2:00 to get it just about done (casting off is a one-person job, so we left it at that point), having a riotous good time.

Between the rowing, the biking, the walking, and especially the cotton-blend yarn on metal needles, let's hope I feel up to getting out of bed tomorrow!
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If you like Brendon Urie's dorkishness, you may want to open this cut tag. )

The first photo is Brendon making faces at Zack during a dinner they had in China; the second is a promotional photo of the main swan from Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake; and the last is a gif created by [ profile] twentysomething (predates the China photo and, as far as I know, has nothing to do with Swan Lake and a lot to do with Brendon's habit of doing duck-face in photos).

ETA: No swans, but I think this is my new favorite gif. Ever. )
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Breakfast Served All Day (Bandom (Panic! at the Disco), Brendon/Spencer, food)
Summary: After years of having to deal with Ryan's one-night stands, Spencer meets one who doesn't want to leave.
Content notes: No standard content notes apply.

[ profile] hermette laid out the basic idea for this on Twitter a while ago, and it just stuck in my brain. The new KB card finally got me writing it, and then [personal profile] isweedan went in and made it better!
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Okay, so! The sleepy/unconscious category is one of the few that squicks me. I thought about writing a wake-up-blowjob sort of story, but I just couldn’t get up the desire to do so in the face of my surrounding discomfort. So, instead, I’ve compiled a short reclist of fics that definitely fall under this heading but which have the kind of unmistakable consent that allows me to enjoy reading them.

(This IS NOT to say that there’s anything wrong with writing other versions of this kink, because there absolutely isn’t. It’s just a personal dislike.)

Consensual sleepy/unconscious fics ahoy! )
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It's my own fault for hanging out on tumblr, where the average age is about 14. But.

The tumblr branch of bandom? Is full of people who think that it's A) okay, and B) hilarious to call each other (and everyone else) "faggot." They see absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, a number of them have decided that people in Panic fandom should be referred to collectively as "faggots." Because ... well, their logic isn't exactly sound, but take stage gay and add teenage idiocy and you come up with that basic result, apparently.

One particular individual created a really quite lovely set of gifs of Spencer Smith drumming ... and then titled it something like "here's a bunch of Spencer drumming gifs, so now you can calm down, fags!" Someone told her off; a bunch of other people agreed with that person (though I can't say the numbers were with the side of good, here); and then she started talking about it on her blog. And a group of us were horrified together on Twitter and then tried to talk some sense into her and, to be honest, miserably failed. She was absolutely unwilling to consider changing her ways.

Anyway. I know she's a teenager and she'll be less stupid eventually; I know I can take myself off tumblr; I know it's--actually, fuck this whole list. We know that whatever her age, she's contributing to an atmosphere of casual homophobia. We know that hate speech shouldn't be allowed to drive people away from public spaces (and yes, I and several others reported her to tumblr for said hate speech--especially after she laughed at a number of "asks" that used the n word). It's wrong, and I don't really care if we failed to have an effect on her, because it still all needed to be said, and I know that there were other people out there, watching, who weren't so resistant to change.

I don't really have a conclusion. It didn't conclude. Probably she'll get shut down but all the other ones will keep calling everyone "faggots" and thinking that's just normal and acceptable behaviour, because in most places it is, because in most places we actually really haven't won. I wish that weren't the case.
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Okay, I've been absolutely glued to my FOB albums since I bought them in, like, May. Here's the basic thematic gists I get from them:

Take This To Your Grave: We are in no way famous, but we have friends! And we are scene kids! And we would kind of like to be famous! And we have many many song ideas! About our friends! And being scene kids!

From Under the Cork Tree: Pete :( :( :( :( but music :) :) :) :) and groupies :D :D :D. Also, still not famous. Getting a little irritated about that now.


Folie a Deux: Okay, we can stop being famous any time now. No, seriously. Cut that shit out.

What are y'all's impressions of the albums? Also, FOB: best or BEST EVER?

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