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Oct. 21st, 2017 11:59 am
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] solariana I hope you have a great day with lots of rest!

We had a lovely time at the awards do last night. Sadly James' group didn't win, but even so, it was a good time. A nice meal, good company and dancing until after midnight. I got up to dance, too. I don't know myself any more!

So many awards to amazing people were given out. My favourite being to a man who'd been a paramedic for 50 years, that's just, wow. It looked like he's more on patient transport side now instead of being out in the thick of things, but even so, he's still out there working.

We had two paramedics on our table, a fabulous lady who was in the nominated group with James, and another man who I thought was also in that group. But turned out to be the head of cardiology for the whole of NE England.

The hotel itself was lovely and set in gorgeous grounds, we would have explored a bit more this morning but James had came off a night shift, had been given the night off for the awards, but then needs to do two more night shifts tonight and tomorrow. So he's crashed out on the couch getting some sleep now.

So, photos. I said I'd post some, then that'll be that. No more pictures of my face *g*

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Oct. 18th, 2017 10:04 am
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1. [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico has started auctions! I'm offering One Direction, My Chemical Romance, Dan and Phil, and Disney's Descendants fic here, but there's a bunch of different kinds of fandoms and types of things offered. Check more out here. Auction ends October 23rd.

Feel free to spread the Tumblr link too!

2. I felt very under the weather yesterday, and I'm not sure why? Maybe just a bad day. I can usually pick some kind of main cause or worsening factor, but I think yesterday was mostly just "you're chronically ill and you're going to have days like that sometimes". My planning format really came through, though - I did a couple of my most important things and let everything else go and went to bed early at least knowing that I did things to help myself long-term but that I was still listening to myself. Balance! It's a thing!

(Also working on forgiving myself when I don't do that, but that's what I'm in therapy for, in part.)

3. Wednesday Reading time!

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Oct. 17th, 2017 06:46 pm
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Thank you to everyone who commented and reached out after my last post. You're all very kind, and it was lovely to see some names I haven't seen post for a very long time. Seeing all the comments meant a lot and helped in what was a horrible day. And thank you to [personal profile] madam_beetroot for your card and lovely message that arrived this morning. I don't mind lurkers at all, but know I'm always here to talk to if you feel the need.

I've been to nanna's today to start help clear her house. I got to take a variety of things that meant a lot to me, nothing expensive or even useful in cases, but things that hold deep memories and I'll always treasure. I'm not going to lie, it was hard being there without her, but it has to be done. It's the first time I've helped break down a house, when dad died Pauline was obviously left behind, so it didn't have to be done. And 97 years of life leads to a lot of things to sort through.

Tomorrow it's my one year post op hospital appointment. So expect one final naval gazing post when I'm home from that.

Finally, [community profile] mini_wrimo is taking sign ups atm on both DW and LJ. I love that challenge a lot and I'll be signing up soon. It's very low key and you can set your daily word target as low or high as you like. As I have very little brain right now, I'm setting my bar low and going for 100 words a day. Who knows, I may even get a ficlet out of it somehow.


Oct. 17th, 2017 12:03 pm
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Holly_Poly Letter...

\o/ Poly \o/ I am pretty easy to please, I love characters falling in love, making mistakes, and getting though trouble together. A happy ending is an absolute must, but I don't mind if there are complications and angst along the way. I love all types of fanworks and am happy with all ratings, but particularly love fanworks that are character/relationship focused.

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"Wait, if you're here, where's our Frank?" Gerard interrupts.

"Isn't it like, a rule that you aren't supposed to go back in time and meet yourself?" Ray says. "Or forward, I guess."

They're both glaring at him suspiciously, like he somehow killed his future self. He can't do that, right? Unless he like, canceled his future self out by suddenly existing or something. He didn't see any other Frank around, unless he was like, hiding under the bed or something.

"He was only in there for a second!" Mikey says. "So how is he even here in the first place?"

"Yeah," Frank says wildly. "But you remember me coming back, and I'm still around, I mean, I was till now, so that means I'll go back soon and everything will be normal again. Right?"

- [archiveofourown.org profile] auctorial's Too bad I don't remember a thing
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Well, apart from the fact that everything is terrible I love this time of year so much. I have my favorite indie convention coming up this weekend, [community profile] femslashex stories and art have just been revealed, [community profile] yuletide assignments are out ... and of course there's Halloween and (theoretically, sometimes) cool, crisp weather and changing leaves, etc.

My [community profile] yuletide assignment is exciting and challenging and I am thrilled with it; I can hardly wait to start reviewing the source material! And check out the not one but two amazing femslash gift fics I found in my inbox this weekend ...! Both answering requests I've been stubbornly making for years, too. <3

Favors: Killjoys, Dutch/Delle Seyah Kendry, Explicit. The hot, aggressive but relatively light fake relationship/kinky sex story I've been dying for since season one!

Allegiances: Craft Sequence, Tara Abernathy/Catherine Elle(/Seril), Teen. One of my favorite pairings in one of my favorite series, brought together by an uneasy working relationship and an uncomfortable (but inexorable) divine connection. JFC, I'm delighted.

Sigh, I suppose I should get back to work, which is very boring today. Before I do, though ... I was poking around the [community profile] yuletide community for the first time in ages, and I came across something intriguing: a challenge for folks who would enjoy receiving art treats for their Yuletide requests. Be still my overambitious fanartist heart!

Basically, people are leaving comments if they'd welcome fanart treats, and you should all go add yourselves immediately to: the Wrapping Paper Challenge on dreamwidth or on LJ. YAY.

Pokemon Go post!

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:32 pm
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A month since my last post isn't so bad! I went to Disneyland at the tail end of an event and lucky egg'd while walking around in Downtown Disney, so I did a couple major evolutions. And then I leveled while I was there, and played in the gyms...really, I can't imagine I'll have so eventful a time by the end of the year as I did in the one week I was in SoCal.

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Oct. 15th, 2017 09:06 am
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Nanna isn't doing well at the moment.

cut for talk of imminent death )

ETA: I got a call and she's gone.

Nanna Rosie, I love you so so much.


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Oct. 14th, 2017 09:05 am
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I did get a dress, and we picked up James' tux the other day, so we're pretty much set now. If you're interested, I posted the dress on insta here. Not the best of photos, and I need to decide what to do in terms of hair styles, but you get the idea.

Kayleigh had a lovely birthday, but when she got there the staff told her the room was haunted, so her and her gf spent the night expecting to see ghosts and saying they were going to sleep in the car. Apparently the room we'd chosen for them has been featured on Most Haunted, and the hotel itself left an A4 sheet of paper talking about the supposed hauntings. But they did stay -- and slept in the bed -- so all was well.

We went to see The Snowman yesterday, and like many films lately, I enjoyed it much more than I expected.

Wednesday Reading!

Oct. 11th, 2017 12:23 pm
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Me before my vacation: I'll have so much time in the car to read! I'm so excited. Even if I don't read, I can watch a lot of TV. And even if nothing happens on the road, I can do some reading in line for rides.

Me on the road: [sleeps a lot because of medication, has to deal with screaming kids when awake]

Me at the park: [almost never alone, absolutely exhausted when I am]

Me after vacation: ...oh well.

I did still make some progress on books in the last couple weeks, though.

Books. Talk of fat shaming, rape. )

In other news, I'm going to try to put up a Pokemon Go post in the next couple days. I did a lot of playing on the trip, and it was a delight!

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Oct. 10th, 2017 04:33 pm
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I'm so glad James finishes his set of days today. Normally the early starts don't bother me, but I've been dragging the last two days. We were even in bed by 9 last night, and I had a good sleep, but still feel like I need more.

Tomorrow is, must buy a dress day, so we're off to Metrocentre first thing. I've tried some on, now it's making a decision and checking out underwear as it's pointless getting the strapless dress if I can't get a bra to go with it. We also need to pick up James' tux. We ended up just buying in the end as hiring would have only been a little cheaper, plus they couldn't adjust the arms. This way he's got a suit tailored to fit him, which will look so much better.

I often dream about Camp Sparkle people, and last nights merits a mention simply because dream!me asked dream!Sperrywink if she'd beta for me. Which isn't unusual, what was though was I'd apparently written something 500k long, and had given her the first half to beta, with the second half being sent the next day. I just wish I knew what fandom/story it was. It could have been a sign for the future!

It's Kayleigh's birthday on Thursday. It was also my nephews on Sunday and my other nephews on Friday -- stupid birthday clusters! Kayleigh loves animals and phoned to ask if on her birthday we could go on a family day out to a safari park where you can feed giraffes. Which would be great, but mam's booked her a surprise stay in Lumley Castle on her birthday. She's gone all out with extras to the room, but put Kayleigh off by saying she didn't want to go on her trip, couldn't sit that long, why would she want to feed a giraffe etc, which of course made Kayleigh angry as she thought mam was doing her usual thing of spoiling occasions. In the end mam had to tell her she'd arranged something, but not what. Surprises, they really have the potential to blow up in your face.

I need go start something for tea now, but tonight is about relaxing, a long bath while reading Musketeer fic, a face mask, hair washed and conditioned, and then Bake Off. I've also got my eye on the BBB posted stories but I suspect they'll be left for a bit later.

Burn it down.

Oct. 9th, 2017 11:04 pm
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1. Oof, I've felt terrible all day. I think most of it is because of choices I made that could have been less painful, and I got a couple things done anyway, but my sleep has been weird lately and I'm feeling it. I keep waking up for various reasons before I've gotten enough sleep - today was sinus pressure, joy of joys - and then I'm too tired to do much but too awake to go back to sleep until like noon, and then I go back to sleep for a couple hours, but it's not the same as getting a full night's sleep at once AND I feel frustrated that I don't feel up to doing much of anything.

Anyway, fingers crossed I actually sleep tonight and that I feel less frustrated tomorrow. If I don't, resting is a big priority.

2. I've only watched the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery because I'm busy and access to the episodes is hard. (THANKS FOR NOTHING CBS. Would it have been so hard to make the episodes to buy on Amazon, at least? Also looking at you, American Gods, although it looks like they have them now.) I'm very sad that there's new Star Trek people are watching and talking about and I'm already so behind! I'm going to try to catch up this week.

3. Because I contain multitudes and can have both Star Trek and Star Wars be big fandom pillars in my life, Last Jedi trailer is a thing!!! Wow. Have more thoughts than anyone needs as I rewatch the trailer.

Star Wars trailer spoilers/speculation. Also original trilogy spoilers. )
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"Mikey?" Gerard asks, and when he pries open his eyes all he sees are two tiny hands clutched over the side of the bunk. "The fuck?"

"I'm a kid," Mikey says, the hands disappearing from view. "A fucking kid."

"Language." It's an automatic response and Gerard's horrified at himself as he rolls over in his bunk, peering over the side at Mikey. Because, seriously, he's channelling their mom.

Except, this Mikey is tiny. His hair ruffled up in unruly spikes, and his feet bare, a ragged robot band-aid wrapped around one of his toes. Mikey's also staring at Gerard, and the soft roundness of his face does little to disguise his unimpressed look.

- [archiveofourown.org profile] turps' Four
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1. Ah, Yuletide season! When everyone posts on the journal sites more than usual. (I'm barely posting once a week, so I have no room to talk there, heh.) I'm not doing it formally this year; I only officially sign up if there's a fandom I absolutely need to request because the stress of writing to an assignment is a lot for me. I will likely treat, but I'm waiting until December to say for sure. I could use the word count, but I'm working on original work and writing longer, so...maybe I'll write a long treat? It wouldn't be my first time.

2. This past week was the yearly Disneyland trip for the niblings' birthdays, and it was great! It felt more like I was jumping between three group's vacations than doing one; I hung out with Older Sister, Team Sister, and Team BFF at different times, with some overlap (there was a lot of quality sibling time, which was a surprising delight). I think I weathered it pretty well considering how long and intense it was, but I'm having a hard time remembering it all/it all feeling real, so I think I'm more overwhelmed than I'm actively feeling. All worthwhile, though. It's amazing that I've been to the parks so many times but each trip still has such a unique feeling.

A trip highlight: we all went to one of the Mickey's Halloween Parties on Tuesday, and we took pictures in front of the giant Mickey pumpkin. And Dosling was asleep in the stroller, so we got to be silly with it and gesture and stuff. I want to wallpaper my room with the pictures.

3. Who all is doing NaNo this year? I'm going to start outlining my story this week. I like the idea of being super structured and prepared this time around - at most, I usually get the beginning sketched out, and by the time I hit the middle, it's pure messy chaos. I don't need a nearly-finished draft, but lessening the chaos by the end would be nice!

Dear Yuletide Author!

Oct. 8th, 2017 12:06 pm
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Dear Yuletide Author, thank you so much for writing for me! Mainly, write what comes to you, and I will be happy. Please no gore or horribly sad endings!

The Witcher, Geralt, Emhyr
Read more... )

Dracula: the Series, Alexander Lucard
Read more... )

Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon, Eric the Cavalier
Read more... )

Dragonriders of Pern, Menolly, Robinton
Read more... )

Dune, Paul Atreides, Feyd-Rautha, Stilgar
Read more... )

Rome, Octavian, Pullo, Vorenus
Read more... )

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Oct. 8th, 2017 11:34 am
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Nanna is still in the hospital. She's had a bad time of it, and in fact, after contacting sepsis we nearly lost her last week. Twice I visited and honestly thought I'd never see her again. The nurse even said no way should she have lasted the night, but she did.

She's a bit better now. Lucid again, but not eating and gets confused. Yesterday she kept saying she didn't know what she was supposed to be doing and had we ever gone through something like this. When her main heart doctor found out the treatment she'd had he wasn't pleased and has said if she goes downhill again she's to have no treatment except things to make her comfortable. No more x-rays or blood tests etc. He's said she'll never go home again, but I don't know if she'll end up in a nursing home, or stay in hospital, or just slip away. Any could happen. It doesn't help she's on a geriatric acute ward, so the ladies around her are seriously ill and keep dying.

She's always said she would go when she was 97, and it looks like she's going to get her wish. She's ready, and logically I know she's ready, but selfishly, I'm not at all. This photo was taken just two days after we thought we'd lose her, you can hardly believer she was at death's door so soon before.

But, things aren't all bad. It's Houghton Feast time, so I've been down to see the opening ceremony and to the parade. Sunderland illuminations have kicked off so I've been there on opening night, and went on the big wheel with James and my oldest nephew. If you're interested some photos of those are on my insta

I've seen Kingsman and Flatliners at the cinema. Been to see Hairspray at the theatre, been to Mog on the Tyne. Took mam out shopping where she actually managed to walk without her stick for a while and we had a lovely day together. And today I discovered my Durham Wasps jacket finally fits me \o/ Okay, so this jacket. For those who don't know the Wasps are my beloved hockey team that were ripped away from Durham and then eventually disbanded by the odious John Hall. Well before that I bought an official jacket, and could never fit into it. I'd bought the biggest size available, but it didn't even come close to zipping up, so I just shoved it in my wardrobe and forgot about it.

Today I tried it, and it fit nicely, which means I'm now a smaller size than I was when I was 19. It's also good as the other day I tried on my winter coats and they're both too big. One even fit over both me and James together and easily zipped up. I've a photo of that, not that it was easy, the both of us crab walking together to hit the button on the phone that was propped up on the mantle piece. But yeah, I can finally wear my Wasps jacket, which is bright blue and yellow, so I won't get missed in a crowd *g*

James also got his Christmas work rota today, and is off Christmas eve and Christmas day, days on Boxing day, and then nights over New Years eve and day, which is pretty much the best it could be. Well, obviously I'd like him to be off Boxing day too to hit the Lush sale but as rotas go it's a good one.

Dear Yuletide Author

Oct. 8th, 2017 04:14 am
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for having great taste ♥:D This year as last, the fandoms I requested are fandoms that I really enjoyed, and have almost no fic at all, and I just want... more of them.

This year I rambled on in my sign up, so I don't actually have anything to add to the prompts; I'll just paste them again here:

1. The West Wing Weekly (Podcast) - Josh & Hrishi

So I became addicted to this podcast over the summer, and I love Josh and Hrishi's dynamic - the banter and teasing, and the clearly very deep affection and appreciation they have for each other. They seem like the kind of internet-savvy who have a fairly high chance of stumbling across fic written about them, so I'm not shipping them, but I'd love reading something that just gives me a little more of their relationship that we see on the podcast :-) Potential prompts, if those help:
-magic crossover where Josh and Hrishi find themselves in the Sports Night universe (or The West Wing one)
-guests they've managed to book on the show (RL or fictional; Lin-Manuel Miranda? Leslie Knope?)
-recording snafus or pranks
-musicals Josh makes Hrishi see (Josh can be forced to consume some media in return)
-really though anything else :-)

2. Younger (TV) - Liza, Charles, Josh

I marathoned this entire show in less than a week and had so much fun, and kept changing who I wanted Liza to end up with when really the answer should be obvious: why should she have to choose? :D If you are into OT3s, I would love some Liza/Charles/Josh endgame here, whether seeing a scene from the road to that happening, or a scene from when it does. I also enjoy Liza/Josh and Liza/Charles separately, and while we've seen the former we haven't seen too much of the latter onscreen, so that would also be wonderful. And I didn't request her as one of the characters, but I LOVE Kelsey and her friendship with Liza, and also kind of ship her with Josh - so if that's a direction you want to go, go ahead :-) Basically - I really enjoy this show, but it's been like four seasons of UST, so any romantic resolutions* would be BLESSED. (*sex not mandatory)

Captain America (Movies) RPF - Anthony Mackie

After Civil War I fell down a youtube rabbit hole of cast interviews and PR that left me with an intense craving for Anthony Mackie/Sebastian Stan who have the most adorable chemistry between them - teasing, mutual appreciation, some actual competition I think, Team Cap solidarity. I love behind the scenes stuff, and in general find the setting of the Marvel films filming pretty fascinating - a project these people return to time after time, and especially Civil War when all of these different characters were brought together. So anything Mackie/Stan you want to write, or like, Mackie/Stan/Evans, will be cherished.

(*btw if you're worried - Stan/Evans aren't eligible in the nomination process, but you can definitely still write them either into the story or as part of a ship, so long as the fic isn't, like, only about them.)

If you are not into that ship or their relationship at all, I am very happy to read about Anthony Mackie on the set or press tour, interacting with RDJ, Chris Evans, Tom Holland, the rest of the actors, yay team.

4. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - Doreen Green | Squirrel Girl

I haven't read all of Squirrel Girl, but I've read a few issues and love Doreen, her spirit and her humor - TISG is one of the funniest comics I've read. My favorite parts are when she ties into the larger Marvel universe, specifically her relationships with the Avengers, on social media (her and Iron Man! <333) and off it, whether she's kicking their asses or saving them. So I'd love to read more of that. Or, if you prefer something else - Doreen's the kind of person who's going to be underestimated so much of the time, whether for her powers or her social skills or personality, and I love moments where people who underestimated you are proven wrong, or discover your secret skills/identity(/the fact that you're kind of BFFs with Iron Man). So any scenes along those lines would also be cool :-)

5. Gifted (2017) - Frank Adler

I just loved the movie, and want more; Frank and Mary, Frank and Roberta, Frank and Bonnie... just more scenes of *what happens next*. ALTERNATIVELY: look, I'm not saying I have a Chris Evans problem, but if you want to write some kind of Captain America crossover... I would not be against that.


And in the end, everything I wrote are just suggestions, and I am a very flexible reader who likes a WHOLE LOT OF STUFF so really, I'm just glad to be getting something in any of these fandoms, and I hope you enjoy the process of writing and participating. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to approach me via anonymous comment/the mods. Thank you and have a wonderful yuletide ♥

Dear Yuletide Author

Oct. 7th, 2017 10:17 pm
croissantkatie: (sherlock/tea)
[personal profile] croissantkatie
Dear Author,

Thank you so much for taking part in Yuletide! I hope you're happy with the fandom we matched on and that your yuletide goes as smoothly as possible.

In general, well. I love all sorts of things. I love characters and finding out more about them and how they think and act. I love little slices of life. I love AUs and fluff and angst (so long as there’s a happy ending!). I have a horrible love of puns and wordplay. I ship pretty much anything but also love gen. I am down with kink or no kink. I love sex and romance and friendship and fluff and all sorts of things. I also love poly fic. Poly fic is great. I am also a massive history nerd and all my requested fandoms are historical in some way so that could be fun to play with - slip in the odd period detail! Alternatively, I think they'd all be quite interesting in a modern AU!

A few hardcore do not wants: suicide, self-harm and mental health issues. These are triggers for me so I would really appreciate you steering clear of them.

If you feel like it might be helpful, you can also check out my pinboard and my tumblr.

Les Aventures Extraordinaire d'Adele Blanc-Sec
Characters: Adele Blanc-Sec, Agathe Blanc-Sec, Patmosis, Professor Espérandieu
There's something about the tone of this film that I absolutely love - how absurd it is and yet how Adele takes everything in stride so matter of factly. I love the two sisters and their relationship and how Adele portrays it and how it actually was and how she does love her sister. I love Adele and her penchant for ridiculoaus disguises. To be honest, I'd love to see anything set in this world but particular favourites of mine are the sisterly relationship, Adele going after what she wants with utter determination, and the blending of the historical time period with fantastical elements. Also, Patmosis and the mummies remain hilarious to me.

The Mrs Bradley Mysteries

Characters: Adela Bradley, George Moody, Inspector Christmas
This show is basically catnip for me. I adore it. I absolutely love murder mysteries, and period ones in particular, and fabulous ladies. What I really want is something that explores Adela and George's relationship. I am of the firm opinion that something is going on between them and would love to see something about that, porny or not. If you go down this route, it might also be interesting to look at the tension (or possibly lack of tension) Inspector Christmas and his interest in Adela causes. I'm also super interested in Adela's character and her interest in psychology and her progressive views, so something which looks into that would also be super interesting.

Albert Campion - Margery Allingham
Characters: Albert Campion, Magersfontein Lugg, Amanda Fitton, Stanislaus Oates
I love the tv series with Peter Davison, and came to the books that way. I'm particularly fond of the whimsy in the earlier books and the tv series. I enjoy the way it gentle mocks the trope of the gentleman detective. I love Lugg and his loyalty and his history and his gruffness. I love Amanda and her enthusiasm and her engines. I really enjoy the relationships between all the characters as well. Basically I love all of it and any fic would be amazing.

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