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Birthdate:Oct 22
Location:Toronto, Canada
Website:All of my fic, at the Archive of Our Own
I'm a young Ontario lawyer keeping myself busy with RPF. Fic, opinions, and TMI herein.

You are more than welcome to subscribe, and more than welcome to comment on any entry, no matter how old. C'mon in--the water's fine!

Additionally, anyone is welcome, without prior permission, to remix, podfic, create art for, translate, or otherwise transform any work I've created. In my opinion, you don't need my permission for any of that, but if you'd rather have it: you do! (I'd love it if you drop me a link, and I do ask that you credit me where appropriate.)

Warnings policy: I attach content notes to my stories and attempt to warn for anything I can think of in the story that may be triggering or even just unpleasant. If you think there's something I should warn for or note that I haven't, please let me know.
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