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Total number of fics: 23 (compared to 24 last year)

Total wordcount: 80,000 (compared to 146K last year)

Total number of fandoms: One: One Direction. Lots of "Radio 1 RPF" (eg Nick Grimshaw) and one 5SOS story (Harry/Michael) but let's be real here.

My favorite story of mine this year: Probably The Waiting and the Having (Harry/Nick). I really enjoyed subverting A/B/O a little bit before I dived headfirst into the central tropes of it.

My best story: I'd say What Happens in Ibiza (Harry/Nick future fic); I'm really pleased with it. Plot is far from my strong suit, and for this fic I had the lovely Fiddleyoumust essentially telling me all the plot details--that made for a much better story overall, and one I'm very proud of.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: As I said last year, I feel VERY appreciated. So instead, a random fic I like that doesn't fit anywhere below: Not a Bear in a Balloon, in which Nick and Harry do rough-trade roleplay. Still makes me smile.

Most fun story: I'd say Department of Corrections (Harry/security guard) was one of the most fun to write, and I think it's a fun read as well.

Most sexy story: Lol, all of them? But I love the Zayn/Harry/Louis series for that especially; Each One Teach One was published in 2012 but the three sequels were all this year.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: DEFINITELY Special Cuddles. The story it's a tag to, Take a Load Off, Colour on Some Blocks is non-sexual ageplay, but Special Cuddles is just really kinky porn.

Story with single sexiest moment: I'm not sure it's my strongest story--I think my, erm, personal interests may have led me astray from some realism in a first-time sex story--but I do find the sex in Unnecessary Secrets (knot-having!Liam/girl!Zayn) suuuuper hot.

Story with single sweetest moment: I think Harry's extremely sweet in The One with the Waggley Tail, and Nick returns his sweetness in full.

Most unintentionally *telling* story: I wrote like six or seven stories, almost in a row, which contained some interspection of breeding kink/petplay. So. Take from that what you will, I guess. It actually got to the point where I annoyed myself with the repetition. There's only so many ways for that kind of dirty talk to play out, it gets old.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Maybe Winter Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Nick/Harry)? I don't know about shifted, but I feel like that's the fic where I really solidified my idea of who Nick is as a character. It's sort of the baseline I play off.

Biggest disappointment: I continue to disappoint myself by not finishing (yet! I'm holding out hope!) my Notting Hill N/H AU. I've worked on it a bit this vacation and hopefully will keep working. Hopefully. Yeah.

Biggest surprise: I don't have a good one for this but I don't have anywhere good to mention A More Intimate Stage, the one where Nick used to host orgies and Harry finds out and wants in on it ... actually I just described that plot in a way that makes it sound like a first-time story and oh man, how great would that be as a first-time story???

Hardest story to write: Honestly, other than the Notting Hill AU in progress, I can't think of anything--but then, I didn't exactly challenge myself this year. (My job kept me plenty challenged, I stuck to fun in my free time.)

Easiest story to write: 40 Weeks to Go (Nick/Harry, fantasizing about mpreg) practically wrote itself. I enjoyed that one a lot.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: Oh god that breeding kink/petplay crossover theme mentioned above. I'd say either Put a Tag Around Your Neck and Keep You really shows both, and also demonstrates what apparently was my other trend this year: unnecessarily long titles. It's AO3, me, not a Fall Out Boy album.
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