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These are not much alike but Harry is the puppy in both, because, well. Harry was basically born for petplay, lbr.

Title: The One with the Waggley Tail
Pairing: Nick Grimshaw/Harry Styles
Rating: Teen
Word count: 3359
Summary: Harry wants to help Nick get over Lex, but this wasn't really how he'd meant to do it.
Notable content: No standard content notes apply. Contains non-sexual puppy play and reference to having to give up a pet for adoption.

Title: Put a Tag Around Your Neck and Keep You
Pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 3374
Summary: Louis sees something he likes. Luckily, Harry is up for it.
Notable content: No standard content notes apply. Contains sexual puppyplay, including breeding kink. Contains use of a gendered slur as dirty talk. Contains kink after limited explicit negotiation. Contains collar and leash corrections ("yanking"). Contains discussion of fantasized conception/pregnancy.
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