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Opened the doors of my (shared) law firm
Turned a consistent profit from three months in
Successfully handled a series of nasty attempts by our former employer to lie to our clients about us
Handled having to fire a partner without hurting ourselves too much in the process
Bonded deeply with my partners (<333)

Prepped, argued, and won my first trial
Prepped, argued, and lost my second trial
Prepped, argued, and had various outcomes on many motions and conferences
Acquired quite a number of clients
Played with lots of clients' children
Received compliments from several judges, including the unmatched "your lawyer is very well-regarded at this court, and you should listen to her advice."

Got a dog(!), my lovely Lucy
Started doing drinking-games nights with two law-school friends
Walked 1300km (808 miles) between August 1 and Dec. 31--an average of 8.5km (5.3mi) per day
Attended and had a VERY good time at an orgy
Picked up a girl at a party for the first time ever (admittedly after being introduced by mutual friends)
Casually dated someone lovely for almost the whole year (and still going!)
Saw a play of Terry Pratchett's Mort
Saw a play called "44 Plays for 44 Presidents" and actually volunteered to help by jumping rope onstage--in heels
Read 108 books, and discovered a few new favourites
Didn't take a vacation in the summer, but did walk down to the lakeshore every afternoon for weeks to simulate one

Wrote 21 stories (hugely less writing than last year, but I was unemployed for half of 2011)
Got obsessed with One Direction
Had a brief fling with Teen Wolf
Listened to Ed Sheeran's + on repeat for about five months (seriously)
Listened to all of Nick Grimshaw's 2012 Breakfast Show except for one lost week
Kept up with fandom as much on tumblr as on twitter
Remained exceedingly glad that fandom is always boisterous and full of life, even when I have less time and energy to contribute to it

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Date: 2012-12-31 11:43 pm (UTC)
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2012 was a BIG YEAR for you, bb. I'm so glad that you achieved so much and just generally kicked ass. ♥