Feb. 3rd, 2013

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Dear techy people on my dwircle, I have a question!

I just bought a bluetooth keyboard to use with my phone. I turned on bluetooth, typed in a number code as instucted by my phone, and then started typing. And it worked beautifully!

... WHICH IT SHOULD NOT HAVE. Why? Because I type Dvorak, not Qwerty. Which I had completely forgotten when I decided to buy a keyboard. The iPhone doesn't have a Dvorak setting, last I checked, and I certainly don't have one set up.

So. HOW DID IT KNOW. I just typed this whole post on the keyboard, and believe you me, I am not accidentally typing Qwerty. Surely this keyboard is not programmed for a keyboard layout that very very few people use? I AM SO CONFUSED. HELP ME. It's kind of scaring me a little tbqh, so some explanation other than "it read your mind" or "the salesperson has been stalking you" would be GREAT.

... on the plus side I bet I'll write way more fic now.
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Title: Patience is a Virtue and Sometimes a Vice
Pairing: Nick Grimshaw/Harry Styles
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 2456
Summary: Harry's welcome at Radio One, but sometimes he's a little too distracting. Nick has a solution in mind.
Notable content: No standard content notes apply. Contains orgasm delay, light bondage, and light BDSM.