Nov. 19th, 2006

littlemousling: Yarn with a Canadian dime for scale (Default)
Come sleep with me and be my love,
And we will all the theorems prove,
That wormholes, jumpers, Genii fields,
Or that the Lantean life yields

And we will fly above the rocks,
Seeing the Wraith cull their flocks,
By rippling Stargates to whose rings,
The 'jumper program knows to sing,

And I will make thee gifts of coffee,
Brewed up with a hint of toffee,
A ZPM to boost our power,
And shielding for the highest tower,


And Sheppard's grunts shall dance and sing
For thy delight each (late) morning
If these ideas thy great mind move,
Come sleep with me and be my love.

And the reply is awesome. It's "The Brilliant Astrophysicist's Reply to the Sheppard (verbose ranty version)."