Jul. 18th, 2006

littlemousling: Yarn with a Canadian dime for scale (Default)
OK, whoa! I just alienated a couple of coworkers so fast it made my head spin.

I suppose that maybe, possibly, I could've predicted it, but it happened so fast! We were all talking about what they did before they worked here, that kind of thing, and one asked me if this had helped me prep for law school at all. I said yes, it helped me settle on really wanting to go into Immigration law.

Suddenly everyone at the table was ice-cold.

Now, even if they were Pat Buchanan-ites (I don't think so), the kind of Immigration work they do here is bringing in REALLY skilled workers, researchers, and special cases (musicians and the like). People who, in many cases, literally have skills no American has. They're the cream of the crop, and there are very, very few of them, compared to, say, people who marry into green-card status.

I tried to explain that - no dice. Even when I explained about the credentials you need for an "Outstanding Worker" visa (basically: you have to be outstanding), they were still talking about people coming in and taking jobs at lower wages.