Jul. 14th, 2006

littlemousling: Yarn with a Canadian dime for scale (Default)
Items at my desk/Items at normal desk

10,000 binder clips/About 20 binder clips

6 empty banker's boxes/No boxes

8 boxes full of files/No boxes!

10 highliters, different colors/2 at most

20 stacks of Post-its/Half a stack

Three staplers/One stapler that actually works

Endless pile of removed staples/Only staples waiting to be used

Two cool stamp things ("CLOSED" and the Real Estate Tax stamp/No stamps

15 files waiting for prebills/I think everyone else gets prebills promptly

Drawers full of empty, unlabelled file folders/Drawers full of overflowing files

Did I mention all the binder clips? Paperclips, too, and rubberbands, and Post-it flags/Not much of the above

I think my job bears very little resemblance to the jobs of everyone else here.