Jun. 25th, 2006

littlemousling: Yarn with a Canadian dime for scale (Default)
Very vivid dreams last night. First, my family adopted a Rottweiler, a real sweetie (though in need of a bath) we called Puppy. Hopefully that wasn't its actual name, although, still better than "Aloysius." And we have yet to call a dog Cat, but we keep saying we will.

Anyway, Puppy really needed a leash and some time put into training, but instead we mostly ran around the Bryn Mawr campus losing track of one another. And Nala got jealous, as she is wont to do when I, say, pet the cat or, you know, feed the fish.

Then I was back in England with Laurel and Therasa and - possibly Dave? It definitely wasn't Daniel, but it was some guy, anyway. And I found out I was pregnant, which was as much an impossibility in the dream as in real life, so I was going to be retested, but then it wasn't clear whether I had *actually* gone to the hospital and been told that or if I'd just thought, "Huh, wouldn't it be weird if some test told me I was pregnant when I obviously couldn't be?" and then couldn't tell the fantasy from the reality.

I'm hoping this is the result of a Scrubs episode about chart screw-ups, NOT my brain warning me I'm going to go schizophrenic. Because that would SUCK. Although, less pressure, I suppose.