Apr. 19th, 2006

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I saw a little Yorkie this morning whose machismo put even Kobe to shame. He wanted to mark a wall, probably over where another dog had, but he was too short. So he lifted up his whole back end, put his back paws - both of them - on the wall, and balanced on his front ones. His owner didn't even notice, but I was impressed.

In other news:
Two exams down, two to go. The "hard" one and the "easy" one are done; the "slightly difficult" and "not totally easy" ones remain.

Laurel: if you don't have a hotel booked for the 22nd, don't book one. In fact, if you do have one booked, cancel it. Turns out one of my roommates is leaving early - the one who sleeps in the room with the comfy couch. You are totally, totally welcome to kip there (or in her bed, if you're OK with that; up to you, doesn't bother me).

I have to go to the grocery store today. And at some point VERY SOON I need to do laundry - which means I have to be in my apartment long enough to A) wash everything and B) make sure it doesn't blow off the balcony while it's drying. Well, maybe I'll do it Friday after my roommate leaves.

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