Jan. 11th, 2006

littlemousling: Yarn with a Canadian dime for scale (Default)
Just realized I'm going to be crossing the Tiber every day while I'm here. Wow.

Today, in brief:
I bought veggies and bread. I tried to buy leeks but accidentally picked some kind of super-chives in their place (I think I was TOO ready to assume that less-processed produce will look different!), but luckily saw real leeks later; I'll get some tomorrow.
Also got a bag of little cauliflower for eating cold, cherry tomatoes on the vine, and too many cucumbers (un mezzo chilo is a LOT), so I guess we'll have cucumber sandwiches. Cream cheese, right?

Walked to school for lunch and a meeting (it's about a 45 minute walk - well, you could do it in 35 except for all the waiting around at intersections). That's when I cross the Tiber, BTW.

Guess what I passed in the market on the way there? Well, yes, actually, I did pass a pet-store stall, but it didn't have fish or live animals so I didn't care. But I passed a yarn-store stall! Crazy, eh?

Other interesting stalls:
LOTS of clothing, both new and vintage - including bras. You know you're in a foreign country when people are selling bras on the street.
Meat and fish, of course
CVS stall