Jan. 6th, 2006

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Posting from JFK! I made it here and I'm now checked in through to Rome - by the way, it turns out I remembered the trip wrong; I go from here to Paris and then to Rome. London's only on the way back. That'll teach me to skim the itinerary more than once before I leave Rachacha!

Had to pay a small fee to use the wireless here but it's worth it. Still scared/excited, but mostly just tired and BORED. Beeen here for, let's see, nearly five hours (one and a large bit to go) - couldn't even check my bags for the first FOUR HOURS. Ah, well. Listened to Brokeback Mtn. and part of Going Postal (audiobooks) and some music - my ears hurt now, from the ear buds. Anyway. Everything's going pretty well, really. I plan to sleep on the next flight segment, and I've bought and stored some food to tide me over (I'm only in Paris an hour; I definitely won't have time to eat, and there's (weirdly enough) no food on the loooong flight).

OK. I'll stop babbling. Miss y'all.

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