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From the kink/BDSM FONSAQ, prompt: What does 'headspace' refer to? I've seen it in some prompts above and it's not the first time I hear about it, but I don't really have a clue about what it means.

Now there's a meaty question! Luckily, someone else also claimed it, so I'm mostly going to ramble about what it can feel like, in two different situations. And because I am a long-winded person, four different posts.

Okay! So this won't cover everyone, and especially won't cover topping. But here are two possible headspaces, and what they feel like for me. I'll note that it's generally been my impression that my experiences with these are not (at all!) unique, but that nonetheless, this isn't meant to be a description of What Headspace Is For Everyone.

Type One: Flying
This one's simpler, so I'm going to start with it. "Flying" is the descriptor I find most useful to describe the endorphin rush that can be produced by painplay. It's probably also something you can get to via other activities within BDSM, but I wouldn't know because dude, why would I do any physical-endurance stuff that doesn't include painplay. Um. Anyway.

So that's the science: your body goes "fuck, protect her brain from these painful sensations!" regardless of the fact that I'm enjoying them quite a bit, thanks, and it shoots out endorphins. (My science is the science-iest, right? So precise.)

How it feels is: high. Giggling, everything-is-hilarious high. I typically start to feel it some time afterward, but in a long scene it can definitely be during. The main thing there is that I won't notice it at all if I'm in D/s headspace (see Part Two). So unless that's turned off, I'm not going to be aware of the endorphin rush until I've come out of that.

Basically, this is a high created by your brain--like a runner's high, but you don't have to, you know, go for a long run. You just have to get somebody to rough you up in a way you like.

Click for part two (intro to D/s bottom headspace, aka “subspace”)!

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Date: 2011-04-30 05:53 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] lilmoka
I'm definitely bookmarking your 'sex rocks' tag, it's full of interesting stuff ;)

Thank you for this, I'm looking forward to the second part!

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